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Tigray : Ethiopian Human Rights Council concerned over human rights

It also said that it has received reports that ethnic Tigreans are experiencing harassment in different parts of Ethiopia and killings of two journalists in Tigray

January 25, 2021

Ethiopian Human Rights Council said it is concerned about human rights violations and the conditions of Ethiopians who  need humanitarian aid, as reported by The Ethiopian Reporter. 

It said that human rights violations are committed on unarmed civilians.  It is accusing law enforcement bodies for the violation. 

The council noted that a six months state of emergency has been imposed in the region including curfew in connection with the law enforcement operation in Tigray which restricted human rights in the region. 

Law enforcement bodies are taking forceful measures on grounds of violation of curfew, it was said. 

The council cited, as an example, that it has received information about the killings of journalist Dawit Kebede and Bereket Berhe on January 19, 2021. They were killed by the security forces, it was said. 

Furthermore, the rights’ council said that rape, extrajudicial killing and illegal arrests have been happening in the region since the launch of law enforcement operation. Women, children and elders have been victims of the abuse. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Council also said that it has been receiving information about abuse of ethnic Tigreans  in other parts of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, a different human rights organization in the country, said that 90 ethnic Tigreans have been arrested in Gambella region of Ethiopia since November, but they did not appear in court, and police have not yet started an investigation on them. 

The council also sees gaps in terms of humanitarian aid delivery in the Tigray region. Security problems and lack of coordination between organizations that are delivering the humanitarian aid made residents in the region vulnerable to severe problems, said the statement.  

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