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Ethiopian Intelligence warn activists over fake news after report on safety of PM

Fake news from Ethiopian activists endangering national security and peace, says Ethiopia’s National Information and Intelligence Services.

January 25, 2021 

Last Saturday, Ethiopian blogger Seyoum Teshome,who was once close to the ruling Prosperity Party, published a rumor on his Facebook page saying that the Prime Minister was shot during an assassination attempt and flown overseas. 

The information was treated with concern so much so that Prime Minister’s fans on social media were so worried. As the information inundated social media, the office of the Prime Minister issued a statement dismissing the rumor as false and warning activists to exercise freedom of expression with caution.  

On Monday, Ethiopia’s  National Information and Intelligence Service (NISS) released a statement sending a stern warning to those whom it called “activists who are circulating fake news and creating confusion.” 

“Some activists need to stop their illegal activity on social media,” said the statement from NISS. It saw it as inappropriate use of the freedom of expression. 

Hereafter, said NISS, activists engaged in disseminating fake news that endangers national interest, and peace and security will be held accountable for it — as reported by state media — Ethiopian News Agency. 

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