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TPLF military generals who surrendered to Ethiopian Defense Force arrived in Addis Ababa

TPLF _ Military generals
Captured TPLF military generals after arrival at Bole International Airport (photo : EBC)

January 24, 2021 

Two TPLF military generals and two colonels who surrendered after losing the war during the ongoing operation to hunt TPLF leaders have arrived in the capital Addis Ababa on Sunday. 

A video released on state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation(EBC), showed the military officers hand-cuffed and getting off from a small passenger plane at Bole International Airport. 

The four TPLF military officers are Major General Mohammed Esha, Brigadier General Mulugeta Berhe, Colonel Gebrewahed Hailu and Colonel Gebreegziabhier Gebremichael. 

They are said to have taken part when the TPLF force attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force, and were later leading armies when the EDF launched a counter-offensive in the region. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force transferred them to the Federal Police in the capital which is expected to launch an investigation. 

So far, well over 20 top TPLF military and political leaders are in custody in the capital. At least six other Key TPLF political and military leaders, including former foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin,  are reportedly killed during the operation after they declined to surrender to the EDF. 

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