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Tsadkan Gebretensae, General Tadesse Worede reportedly under siege

Tsadkan Gebretensae professed before the war as having no political affiliations with TPLF and was appearing several current affairs analyst panel

January 22, 2021 

Ethiopian Defense Force’s hunt for TPLF political and military leaders who are  believed to have initiated, planned and executed the attack on several bases of the northern command in Tigray region of Ethiopia is far from over. 

However, there are reports, which the Ethiopian Defense Force is yet to confirm, that the former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force — Tsadkan Gebretensae — is under siege in a location close to Ethiopia’s prominent monastery, Waldba. 

According to a report by Ethiopian Satellite Television — which is now said to be in good terms with the Ethiopian government unlike the TPLF era, said on Thursday that the Ethiopian Defense Force already made announcements for him and two others senior TPLF military and political leaders to surrender to the Ethiopian Force contingent that got them under siege. 

General Tadesse Worede, who was also a member of the Ethiopian Defense Force before he retired after Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister, and Tsegaye Berhe, one of the top TPLF political leaders who served as president of Tigray region ( and then as Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel)  are said to be with Tsadkan Gebretensae. 

Retired Chief of Staff Tsadkan Gebretensae played a political neutrality card during the political rancor between TPLF and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

According to a report from the Ethiopian government following the attack on Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4, Tsadkan Gebretensae is implicated in the planning and execution of a TPLF military attack on that day. Apart from political affiliation with TPLF, Tsadkan has a business interest. He was one of the 58 founding shareholders of Raya Brewery- which is located in Maychew — and was also on the board of governors. 

If Tsadkan (and his two TPLF comrades) declined to surrender, their fate is said to be annihilation — as reported by ESAT.   

It is however unclear if the three individuals are alone or if they have guards against TPLF special forces to defend them. 

So far at least five key TPLF leaders are reported killed ( and it is confirmed by the Ethiopian Defense Force) and dozens are captured including founder of the organization, Sebhat Nega. Former foreign affairs minister Seyoum Mesfin is among the dead. 

There are reported sporadic fighting in Tigray region but Maj. General Mohammed Tessema described it as something that will never succeed to make a military comeback for TPLF. 

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  1. For decades TPLF managed to stay in power because TPLF managed to turn Ethiopia into a lawless land with Ethiopians loosing their sanity as people , TPLF totally succeeded in making different ethnicities wage war against other ethnicities continuously for decades while weakening most Ethiopians by civil wars , providing below acceptable standard health care services also added with basic nutrition deprivation to Ethiopians which allowed TPLF to remain the sole powerfull entity in Ethiopia, a country full of weak and insane people who continued to do insanely criminal acts towards each other while TPLF continued to silence those who raised their voices about the realities in Ethiopia for thirty plus years.

    Now it is being said TPLF is fully lifeless with the most of TPLF’s Juntas unreformed top officials killed or captured, which raises the big question then who are those next year able to run for election against Prosperity Party in Tigray ? Obviously according to official reports from the ground currently TPLF is dismantled by TPLF’s attackers using deadly force to squash TPLF into broken pieces or ashes left in compromised position beyond repair with it’s economic and military power being taken over by whoever boldly demands to deserve it. TPLF’s military power is taken by Fano and Tigray’s local residents with no formal or official explanation to why the Southern , Middle and Eastern part of Ethiopia’s residents are not claiming to deserve some of the captured TPLF’s military weapons as well.

    Be it local , national or international entities are welcomed to take as much bite as they can chew from the TPLF’s economic assets. Surprisingly very few of the highly improvised Ethiopians claimed to deserve a piece of TPLF’s economic power so far , also what is very surprising is increasing number of Ethiopia born refugees in exile , DV winners in USA , business people residing outside Ethiopia , diaspora / returnees , foreign nationals who invested their knowledge to advise TPLF remain in power and many of the Derg’s or Hailesselasie’s regimes supporters are claiming in huge numbers to be deserving the TPLF’s economic power with most succeeding in getting their wishes filling their baskets with as much golds as they want , while those remaining silent getting none which clearly shows that the recent law enforcement operation in Tigray is not serving justice fairly .

    The same political parties who run against TPLF in the 2020’s recent Tigray’s. election are expected
    to be running again at the upcoming election too. In the political arena within Tigray there were parties who won parliamentary seats along with TPLF such as the TIGRAY INDEPENDENCE PARTY , ASSIMBA DEMOCRATIC PARTY , NATIONAL CONGRESS OF GREATER TIGRAY and SALSAY WOYANE TIGRAY who participated in the 2020 election and won parliamentary seats in Tigray, claiming to be representatives of people of Tigray, including to the people of Wolqait and Raya. Their stands in the question of Wolqait and Raya being part of Tigray is said. to be not up for debate. Now when TPLF is revoked from it’s political party status, these other political parties remained registered as political parties in Tigray according the federal government’s election board . By the time the next election will be held almost all of the TPLF’s economic assets and military weapons will likely be in the hands of people who are not voted for by the Ethiopian people , which clearly shows that the recent law enforcement operation in Tigray, is not serving
    justices to the majority of Ethiopians as hoped. While all these is taking place no one is aware including Eritreans themselves of what kind of justice the Isayas Afeworki’s regime is getting or claiming to deserve . Even the Badme question is not being raised by the Eritrean diplomats in Ethiopia , which makes Shabiya’s ( Eritrea’s ) motives in
    Ethiopia highly worrisome .

  2. What happened to one of the former leaders of the TPLF who later had a falling out with the late PM? I am talking about Seye. What is he saying these days? The citizens of the Tigray region are coming around their Alula incarnate H.E. Mulu bin Nega and are pursuing those demons who were hounding and haunting them for more than four decades now. They are part of the search and apprehend mission. There is no woodwork for these ghouls to hide. Just keep hauling and busing these miscreants to the slammer. Let’s see if ‘the workers of the world unite’ thing will come and save/liberate them.

    Dear Editors and readers!!! Have you seen ‘Victory to the masses!’ being exacted against those despots(They used to call that Proletariat Dictatorship) who used to deafen us with it? You’re looking at it! You’re hearing of it!!! We’re living it!!!! Proletariat dictatorship? My foot!!!!

  3. I prefer all of them to eliminated, rather than captured. They were the real force behind what happened in that region for decades, not the civilians. It would take years before remnants of the cancer called TPLF are cleaned from the region (and even the rest of Ethiopia).

    Go the Prosperity Party led by Abiye Ahmed and similar like-minded leaders! Ethiopia would be in good hands with them.

  4. All that braggadocio, all that ‘come and try me if you dare’ battle cry ended up being the most embarrassing military defeat in the history of warfare. I have never read a story of military commander kissing the boots of his captors and begging for his life during an arrest. I never read a story of so-called ‘legendary’ guerilla army commanders trembling in fear during surrender and getting caught with stained underpants. I have read stories army commanders and officers taken captives by the ruthless Nazis and Tojo’s soldiers but not one of them was trembling in fear because he knew it already that death is part of his/her duty/profession. That was even when they were starved to death. They were threatening us all with a huge and well armed army of 250,000 men for crying out loud!!! This is so embarrassing that I have made a decision not to call these demised despots Ethiopians. No they are not!!! I and the entire people of the old country(albeit those who committed massacre in May-Kadra and now chilling with BBC, AFP, Reuters and Al-Gahba in Sudan) have disowned them. Ok bigots!!! One word out of you!! One word!!! You are talking to this nigga here with an attitude today!!!

  5. The evils of the world combined together, the woyanes! Must be destroyed with no chance to ever rise-up again, either in the ancient land of ETHIOPIA, nor elsewhere in the world including the once under the cover of the diaspora, we know them all. Without questions, they do not represent humanity, ETHIOPIA and the people of Tigray. If there’s any souls on this Earth that wants to be sympathetic to woyanes, we will do you a favor and here is what we can do for you. We will build a heavenly fortified Zoo in the Sahara desert and we will cage all woyanes in that zoo, that’s to say including their supporters in the diaspora and can be visited by appointments only, no water or feeding allowed to the two legged animals, end of the story.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  6. I said I’ve been down hearted, you ghouls!
    Ever since the day we met in 1975
    I said: Our relationship is nothing but the blues
    Goons, how blue
    Can you get?
    You’re evil when I’m with you
    And you’re murderous when we’re apart
    Yeah, I said “You’re evil”
    So evil!!!!
    But since you been gone
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so moving on, yeah, yeah
    Thanks to ENDF
    Now I get what I want
    Since you been gone
    You had your chance, you blew it
    Out of sight, out of mind
    Shut your mouth, I just can’t take it
    Again, and again, and again, and again
    And I’m already gone
    And I’m feelin’ strong
    I will sing this vict’ry song
    Woo hoo hoo, my my, woo hoo hoo
    Well, I know it was you who held me down
    Heaven knows it wasn’t you who set me free
    So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even knew we had the keys

    I am just passing along what they said! Don’t kill the messenger here!!!


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