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Tigray People’s Liberation Front losses legal political party status

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia requested explanation from three other ethnic-based parties based in the Tigray region.

January 18, 2021 

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia announced on Monday that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is cancelled as a political party with a legal status with the Board. 

It was said that the Board  has been evaluating if political parties meet criteria or not to deliberate if parties could have a legal status. And the decision on TPLF came as part of that process. 

The Board said that it considered statements from the party and facts on the ground to determine if the party (TPLF) is engaged in armed rebellion, and has confirmed that it did so. 

Furthermore, the Board disclosed that it reached out to individuals who worked as a  middleman,between the party and the Board, who are based in Addis Ababa,but the former told the Election Board that they cannot represent the party.  However, the board did not specify about the individuals who were reportedly approached to see if they can represent the party. 

The Board also cited legislation 1162/2011 article 98, s1. ss. 4 to pass the decision that leaders of the party could not operate as a political party under the name TPLF.

Several Top TPLF leaders and executive committee members of the party, including deputy president of Tigray regional state, were captured during the law enforcement operation in Tigray and brought to the capital Addis Ababa as prisoners. The Federal police and the attorney general conducted an investigation on them. 

The Board requested the Federal Attorney General to share findings from the investigation of TPLF leaders with the board regarding assets of the party — fixed or otherwise. 

Three other regional parties (they are all ethnic based political parties) operating in Tigray have not lost their legal status. However, they are ordered to provide the Board with an explanation regarding the nature of their political activities in the region.  Assimba Democratic Party (ADP), National Baito Abay Tigray (Baitona) and Salsaye Woyane are the parties that are required to provide an explanation. 

While the parties were processing their legal status with the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, they took part in what the Board called illegal election in Tigray (it was held in August 2020 under the leadership of TPLF) — it was said. Baitona party and Salsay Woyane parties are  implicated in taking part in armed activity. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force and The Federal Police are still undertaking an operation to capture alive or eliminate them. TPLF chairman (Debretsion Gebremichael), Party spokesperson (Getache Reda) and former intelligence chief (Getachew Assefa) are still not captured or reported dead.  

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    This is Mekele Bob formerly known as Baghdad Ali reporting to you from the war front that has been raging in the country of Tigray. My report is eyewitness news as I have seen them with my own eyes as they unfolded. In one engagement with the indomitable forces of Chairman Mao Debre, I saw about 26,450 soldiers from Somalia(Formajo’s soldiers) and 36,650 soldiers from Djibouti and 43,450 soldiers from Chad fighting along with 580,350 soldiers of Abiy and doing the fighting together. That is right; I have pictures of Somalia’s Formajo soldiers fighting the gallant forces of Chairman Debre. It was sad for me to see 26,000 of them lying dead and 450 others taken prisoners. Don’t ask me the fate of the Djiboutian soldiers. They were all captured without firing a single shot after they were surprised by Tigrayan forces. Seeing this rout and killings both Abiy and Chadian forces ran for their lives all the way to South Sudan. I had seen that with my own eyes. Chairman Debre accomplished this entire feat on the battlefield after wiping out the entire Eritrean army last month. That is right. There isn’t a single Eritrean soldier left alive. If he wants Chairman Debre and his victorious army can march all the way to the capital of Eritrea unopposed. Asmara is Citta Aperta. But Chairman Debre is a man of principles and knows very well that Eritrea is a UN seating nation and does not want to violate its sovereignty. This shows Chairman Debre and his citizens are law abiding people.

    This is Mekele Bob reporting. Until next time, have a Gute Nacht!!!!

    • PP is the loser , but you can’t see it since you are blindfolded by its propaganda.
      we donot want you at all. Shame on you you claim you worship God and some claim to submit to Allah when you are disseminating hate against the entire tigray people , kill their children, mothers, elders and destroy their mosque and churches.

      woyanene megidel yatsedikal tebalelign. We will see if you are free from corruption, nepostims and all sorts of crime including prostitution. Woyane help you to preach the gospel and muslims were even degraded with so many nasty appellations during derge regime let alone protestans who were imprisoned and killed.
      keep on brain washing and telling fabricated stories of Adwa to your children. Amhara had never been will never be a victorious. However, amhara soldiers are known to be losers, coward killers of women and children in the churchyard.

      • Hello Again! This is Mekele Bob reporting. Let me get that classic rock mega hit by Steam. Here it is!!

        Na Na Na Na!! Na Na Na Na!! Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!! Na Na Na Na! Na Na Na Na!!! Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!!!

        Goodbye is goodbye!! Hasta La Vista!!! Forever that is to the goons at the top shelf of the new defunct TPLF who stole the organization from the noble people of Tigray!!!!!

        I am just passing along what they said! Don’t kill the messenger!!!

  2. interesting how the only real opposition looses its license. This is definatley not because there an elected political party that opposes the non elected governments authoraterian policies vaeled as “unitary” policies.

  3. Ittu, LOL! Hilarious

    As for Mr. berhe, you changed your name?! Your assertion on other peoples views and comments are absolutely beyond realm and completely out of touch, idiomatic expressions, smugness, conceit and irreverences.
    You’re accusing Ittu of being hateful towards Tigress, disseminating falls information and or being propagandist oneway or another, fabricating the story of Adwa??, you are delusional to the core. Is someone writing your comments for you? are you writing them while you’re halfway asleep? Which one is it? You’re the one who is extremely hateful, it looked like, if you had powers, you will extinct the Amharas just like Adolf Hitler tried to instinct the Jews and massacred six million of innocent Jews.
    Amharas has never been known to be killers of children, women, men, rapist etc. neither Amhara soldiers are losers nor none victorious, that’s absolutely an audacious, preposterous lies made up in your hatful degenerating mind. Just because you hate Amharas, and throw mud at them, it does not mean the name calling and the accusations by your evil ugliness is true. You’re a horrible person, I wouldn’t won’t be your neighbor or seat on a chair you have been sitting, you’re a sorry guy, a looser at best and the mother of all the Hippocrates on this Earth.
    Good day!

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: እደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  4. Woyanes are terrorists, always have been since their inception and therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in ETHIOPIA’s democratic process, as well as recognized as a party. Woyanes must be disseminated and destroyed from the land of ETHIOPIA.

  5. berhe, your Woyane terrorist uncles shouldn’t have woken up sleeping Lions, the gallant Amharas berried alive and broke the back of your shentam Woyane ባንዳ, ሌባ : አጎትህን: never to be heard of again, you woyanes knows how to run your big mouse and insult people, that’s what you’re good at doing, as far as standing up and fighting like a man, you haven’t got it, leave that to Amharas, Oromos, Hadya, Gurages and so forth.,
    Now I know why you are wining about Amharas, you terrorist Woyanes should stop messing around with ETHIOPIA, if you don’t The galant Amharas, Oromos will kick your a$$

  6. Patriot ዝነኛው: ኢትዮጵያዊ:

    Tell him! Keep telling him until it penetrated his/her bigoted thick skull. You see, persistent false accusation of innocent others had worked for those despots the entire time they were riding on the backs of those glorious people who produced us all. They even charged the ever peaceful daughter/sister of ours Birtukan bint Mideksa of terrorism. I heard that she was/is a devout follower of The Holy Scriptures. Her only ‘crime’ was to tell the result of the 2005 election for what it was; Rigged election! Those goons used that and the protest that followed to mow down more than 200 peaceful demonstrators. They told O Susannah that Patriot Birtukan and others were preaching terrorism. The West still edgy from what happened on that saddest day September 11, 2001 they bought into it and did not do anything except to grumble behind the closed doors about the massacre and the incarcerations. So for those demised goons and their running dogs these days, slapping false accusation on innocent other had stuck for them then and they still think it is going to work. Before it was terrorism and now is ‘genocide’ which those haters of Ethiopia, that gem of the colored, that nightmare of the White Citizens Council, Neo-Nazis, KKK and all other racist groups would like to hear all the time. It seems Ethiopia hater media outlets such as the BBC have bought into this evil misinformation spewed around by these rabid dogs. BBC seems to be content in portraying the current administration intentionally starving more than 4 million citizens in Tigray to an inevitable death. It is also telling the world that those boogie men Amharas and their Oromo collaborators are the ones creating a war scenario at the border areas with Sudan. In one of its reports the BBC is telling the world that PM Abiy is pressured to start a war with Sudan just to please his Amhara friends. It is portraying our noble neighbor Amharas as those who instigated the border issues with Sudan and the war in Tigray. We are being told that PM Abiy will do everything including selling his Allah Blessed soul just to appease those pariahs in Bahr Dar. I did not make this up. Just read the following narratives I am quoting from one of BBC’s reckless articles:
    ‘The Ethiopians who inhabit Fashaga are ethnic Amhara – a constituency that Mr. Abiy increasingly hitched his political wagon to after losing significant support in his Oromo ethnic group, the largest in Ethiopia. Amharas are the second largest group in Ethiopia and its historic rulers.’

    When you read this paragraph you will be led to ask the following questions:
    1 – How does the BBC know those inhabit Fashaga are all Amharas? Did it carry out head counts there?
    2 – How does the BBC know that PM Abiy has lost the support of the majority of Oromos? Did it carry of a census of all Oromos to see who support
    and who oppose PM Abiy? Yes PM Abiy has lost every support among Oromos but those are the ones gripped with hatred for others just for being
    Non-Oromos. Yes, those college campus orphans never liked PM Abiy and they will never like any other non-Oromos until their fantasy of
    founding a carved away republic to call it their own personal fiefdom which will never, ever happen. I repeat!! That will never, ever happen!!!!

    Such unwarranted accusation of a group of people is a recipe for runaway hatred followed by savage massacres. I call upon harmony and peace mongering individuals to protest this hate filled accusation by the BBC. Someone with legal profession should threaten this haters’ depot with lawsuit and call for an apology and retraction.

  7. Ittu, you have profoundly articulated every truth that needs to be told especially, to those who are swimming in the hellish ocean of identity crisis, complacency and or lack there of.
    As for the British, both you and I know on how they egregiously ruled the colonized African and Asian countries, in which Ethiopia vehemently opposed to colonialism in general, especially the British colonial powers in the great continent of Black AFRICA, and therefore the British tried to create a very long lasting problems for ETHIOPIA, one after the other, to these very days. The problems that’s being displayed with Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam is the making of none other than the criminal British colonial powers. The Brits stipulated an agreement between the Pharaohs and Sudan while both countries were under the colony of the British and divided the Great Nile River between the two countries without the participation of ETHIOPIA, despite the fact that 86% of the Nile River flows from your and my motherland ETHIOPIA.
    We can talk about the Egregious anti ETHIOPIAN Brits all day and all night, there will be no end to the story.
    The BBC tabloid is a mouse peace to those Brits who thinks they are still colonial powers and genetically superior from BLACK AFRICANS, again ETHIOPIA vehemently rejects the notions of their superior complexity there by making ETHIOPIA an indirect or superlatively an enemy of the Brits, and therefore the Brits kept on with their anti ETHIOPIAN rhetoric, extensively using tabloids like BBC and other worldwide tabloids, and to no surprise to me.
    Our friends like berhe and his likes are nothing but stooges of those colonial powers ( ባንዳዎች) sale-outs.
    Good day my friend.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  8. I might add, if you say you love ETHIOPIA your country, all of a sudden you automatically become the enemy of the stooges like berhe the hateful.


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