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Ethiopia says Sudan continues “illegal activities along the border”

Sudan accuses Ethiopia over the death of six Sudanese by “Ethiopian militia forces.”

Dina _ Sudan _ Ethiopia _ border
Ambassador Dina Mufti during press briefing in Addis Ababa. (Photo : MFAE)

January 12, 2021

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Tuesday said that Sudan is still carrying out illegal activities along the border between the two countries. 

In his biweekly Press Briefing, Ambassador Dina Mufti confirmed that Sudanese forces are engaged in what he called illegal activities along the Ethio-Sudan border.

It has been reported a few weeks ago that Sudanese forces have occupied areas inside Ethiopian territory, in some areas up to 40 kilometers, after the Ethiopian Force stationed in the area was withdrawn following the start of law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia which lasted for three weeks. And there is no clue if Ethiopia is deploying troops to the area anytime soon. 

Ambassador Dina Mufti reiterated on Tuesday that there are third parties working to spark a war between Sudan and Ethiopia, and said that Ethiopia will not enter into a state of war with Sudan. 

However, he confirmed that Sudan is continuing with the military build up  along the Ethiopian border. 

“Ethiopia gives priority for peace and diplomacy,”  he said. Furthermore, he added that Ethiopia’s patience should not be linked to indecision or fear.  

As far as Ethiopia is concerned, as stated by the spokesperson, it is desirable to return to the peaceful border demarcation process that was initiated following the 1902 agreement between Ethiopia and the British Colonial government of Sudan. 

Ethiopia and Sudan exchanged notes regarding the border in 1972.  Among the points that the two countries reached an agreement at the time was to find “…an amicable solution for the problem resulting from cultivation and settlement is a prerequisite for the re-demarcation of the Gwynn Line north of Mount Daeglish,” as revealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 

It was following that agreement that Ethiopia and Sudan set up a joint border commission “to re-demarcate the boundary south of Mount Dagleish.” It did not happen, however, due to the 1974 Ethiopia revolution which ushered in a new government under Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. 

Meanwhile, Sudan is accusing Ethiopia over the alleged deaths of six Sudanese (five women and a child).  Sudan Tribune cited a statement from  Sudanese foreign ministry  to report that the government has confirmed the killings. Ethiopia did not respond to the accusation yet. 

Ethiopian analysts and activists speculate that Sudan’s accusation about the killing of five women is likely to be false propaganda to create a bad image of Ethiopia, and they tend to see Egypt behind it. 

Sudan was initially denying invasion of Ethiopian territories.

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  1. (Sudan was initially denying invasion of Ethiopian territories.; best sentence in your article. Because because and due to the fcat that Sudan is conduktinq a military operation uisng its law enforcement who are known for their superhuman and amazing expertise to maintain peace and order in that territory. You must accept that ! donot whine over and over again. Tell the fact to your people.

    Temesgen from INSA is in the edge of death. Abiy is hiding himself . he is gonna flee or qil himself


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