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Video of Sebhat Nega arriving in Addis Ababa after he was captured

January 9, 2020

A day after he was captured along with nine other TPLF officials, former TPLF boss and the father ethnic Tigray-supremacy ideology Sebhat Nega arrived in Addis Ababa on Saturday.

According to a report by state media, he will be staying the Federal prison facility until they arrive appear in court.

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  1. Now, some of you bigots may be flopping your cursed jaws complaining to see an elderly man in handcuffs. Listen you demons!! That is a worldwide requirement because you never know what the prisoner may do on his way to jail. There are boatload of incidences where criminals suddenly turned dangerous and harmed the arresting officers and themselves. We have seen convicted high position officials handcuffed on their way to jail. That is done first of all to protect the prisoner him/herself.

    But what a happy ending for those of us who monger for harmony between ethnic group!!! What a day of celebration for many of us who cling to the faith that we are all the Creation of The Almighty and not one worm that suddenly crawled out of the sea. What a victorious moment for those of us who believe that the beginning of humanity is Adam and Hawwa(Adam and Eve) and it all started with individuals created by The Almighty and not some commune that suddenly and miraculously congregated in ‘socialist’ order!!! When some of you read this comment you may ask like ‘Hey Ittu, you are being too traditional’. My answer to that is ‘You are right that I’m traditional. Why? Because The Almighty Our Creator is traditional. In absolute terms he is so perfect and never needs to alter his ways’. This elderly man and his peers who later founded other communist parties were raising the name of Our Creator in vain since the 1960’s. Most of them perished on their own accord either due to fighting among themselves or misadventures of stupid bravado. They replaced the Holy Scriptures of both religions with Das Kapital. They poisoned the minds of the gullible youth with such evil ideology where millions marched themselves into awaiting inferno. They built up the ego of the tender youth to the level that it can strike victory with bare hands. What we are witnessing now is such sense of being absolutely invincible has finally caught up to the preachers and ideologue of this twisted philosophy themselves. They have come to a full circle. Those of you, who doubt the power of The Almighty, take a note now!!! Kudos to the noble, upright and religiously devout people of Tigray for leading the patriotic forces to the woodwork where these demons were hiding!!! The Alula incarnate Mulu is running on all well oiled cylinders, y’all!!! There is more to come! Just sit back and watch the show!!! I am!!!

    • Ittu, ye amhra dengetur

      genocides against humanity for the last 40 years by TPLF, amharas hatching lies like a stinky fly.

      Are you killing innocents and creating this lies to defend yourself

      You will not civilize at all no matter how you study and go 2 Harvard…. donkey will not change its color and its animalistic instinct character.

  2. Now we are being told that the man in the video is not Sebhat Nega but is a heavily photoshopped body double from Eritrea. Folks, we have been living with dudes ravaged by a serious bout of a sick mind! You see, it is very difficult to read a sick mind. I have a better one for them. I don’t mean to disrespect the man but the one in the video looks exactly that Wily the Wino I saw in the LA downtown area when traveled there in 1981 & 1988. Exactly like him! You know what? It is him! It is him!!!

  3. I am sorry I forget to growl and yawl sticking out my index finger like in the good ole days with inmate number(Hey Patriot Jula, what is Aboy Sebhat’s number in prison?) with ‘Victory For The Masses!!! Down With Imperialists!!! Yankees Go Home!!! Workers of The World Unite!!! Like Khrushchev allegedly told western diplomats in the 1950’s that their children will be communists. That was almost 70 years ago. Guess who is left standing tall and gad the last laugh? So goes Karl Marx Sebhat on the way to his permanent home with, ‘You people of Tigray! You betrayed me now. We will bury you and your children will be communists!!! You too people of Ethiopia!!! Your children will establish a communist state with a proletariat dictatorship!!!’ What is that thing Sebhat and the late PM were schlepping since the 1970’s. That thing, that thing!!! That snake oil and a cover for looting thing! Yea, that ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ thing? Oooooweeeeeeeeyyyyy!!! Comin atcha with that one!!!!!

  4. Subject: “Video of Sebhat Nega arriving in Addis Ababa after he was captured, 9 Jan 2021”,

    Tigray is a component of Ethiopia for seemingly time immemorial.
    Tigray has a rich history for seemingly time immemorial.
    Tigray had also an Emperor and gallant warriors in Ethiopia.
    Tigray also liberated Ethiopia from the wanton force of Derg.
    Tigray had also its share of authority for the entire country of Ethiopia for some twenty four years.

    With all these background what was it that Tigray was looking for when deliberately seceding from Ethiopia. Why? Why? Why?
    Why antagonize peaceful environment and progress —slow as it may be?
    It is in this case of phenomenon that Elders of Ethiopia had a saying equivalent to : why tamper with something that works well.

    If indeed there was something wrong, it is only natural to ‘look into it’ and try to ‘repair’ it. ONE DOES NOT FRAGMENT IT INTO PIECES>>> unless the self-appointed leader who gets 99.4 % in the geared election for ultimate private agenda by the ambitious manipulator >>> who happens to disappear at this moment while his colleagues are rounded up by security forces for civilized COURT proceedings. Why was it necessary for Tigray to deny itself, by itself, the tranquility and richness of one of the ancient independent country in Africa — and indeed in a few ANCIENT Countries around the Globe?

    Why? Why? Why? Was it AMBITION of few individuals who have THEIR OWN agenda? If so, it must be declared as a mysterious phenomenon where a PEOPLE known for their INHERENT WISDOM have gone haywire that can NOT be explained.!!! The PEOPLE of Tigray must have an answer to that and restore their ANCIENT POSITION IN A COUNTRY CALLED ETHIOPIA —- A BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY WITH RICH ADMIRABLE HISTORY, NOT LESS THAN ANY OTHER FEW ANCIENT COUNTRIES AROUND THE GLOBE.

    WHAT IS IT THAT TIGRAY IS LOOKING FOR??? It is a glaring sadness that individuals like Meles Zenawe (1)— the Prime Minister and initiator of the Blue Nile Project — are not around to keep the sanity of Tigray in tandem and within ETHIOPIA.
    (1) In such discussion, one can’t help drifting into the ‘shocking suspicion’ relating to the cause of death of MR. MELES ZENAWE. Let that inherent suspicion be dealt with in HEAVEN.
    Amen — Inshallah [in alphabetical order, please]


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