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Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council position on Nejashi Mosque attack

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council called on government to explanations about the attack on Nejashi Mosque 

Nejashi mosque _ Ethiopian Islamic Affairs

January 6, 2021 

Days after news of damage to Nejashi Mosque– one of the oldest mosques in the world located about 30 kilometers east of Mekelle — Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council on Wednesday  released a press statement about it.

The statement confirmed that the Mosque is damaged because of an attack with a heavy weapon. The incident broke the hearts of Ethiopian Muslims and Muslims around the world, it said. 

The Council which stated that “the mosque is a heritage not just for Ethiopians but to the world,”  said that it has established a committee to work with Ethiopian Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage to assess the extent of the damage accurately. 

The statement from the council, which is shared on its social media page, said “The council strongly condemns the shameful crime.”  

Furthermore, it called on relevant government authorities to provide the public with “accurate” information and explanation as to how it happened. Ethiopian state media, EBC, released a video of an interview with Muslim community members from Negashi area who said that TPLF—whom the government targeted in the law enforcement campaign following the attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4 — dug trenches in the area during the war. 

As well, the council called on the government and the public to work together to quickly bring those who are responsible for the attack to justice. 

Finally, the council highlighted that it is working on restoration work to ensure that the Mosque is back in service. 

Ethiopia was among the first countries in the world to receive Islam. History recorded that the Sahabah, the first followers of Prophet Mohammed made the first Hegira to Ethiopia after they faced persecution in Mecca.

The three weeks of war against TPLF was an intense one that involved  infantry, paratroopers and airstrike. It was reported in the state media during the war that TPLF forces destroyed infrastructures, including Aksum airport, as they were losing the war.  There was an understanding that the scorched earth policy on the part of TPLF was meant to check the advances of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

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