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The Barbaric End: A Sequel to the “Last Supper”

Ethiopian Defense Force Salute _ Barbaric end of TPLF
Ethiopian Defense Force Salute as they march to law enforcement operation in North Ethiopia (Photo : Defense Force)

The Queen of Sheba
January 2, 2020

In an article “The Last Supper: The Slaughter Camp,” I narrated how the TPLF cabal has treasonously trapped the Ethiopian National Defence Forces of the Northern Command and savagely slaughtered them in their asleep on the fateful night of November 3, 2020.

On this night, the cabal forces viciously attacked the Command in a highly coordinated and cowardly manner both from inside and outside their camps. The harrowing stories of captured, escaped and released soldiers and also civilians have inconsolably exhibited the true color of the repugnant cabal whose criminality have been known for decades—but have been largely ignored by the international community. Following the attack, the cabal committed unimaginable atrocities which makes it difficult to narrate without being too explicit.

The inhumane attack on the Northern Command included ethnic-based execution of officers and soldiers; slitting of throats and bodies; slashing of breasts of women soldiers; shoving metals in men’s sexual organs; crashing prisoners with heavy trucks and spraying them with bullets as they were fleeing. And more.

In the My-Kadra atrocities where they committed genocide against the Amharas, they wasted no bullets; they instead deployed knives, bayonettes and axes, maiming and killing seasonal laborers, peasants, villagers, and merchants—both men and women. After these heinous and gruesome acts, they went about rubbishing bodies, dancing over them and then burning some, leaving the rest to scavengers—and hyenas to feast on.

At the conclusion of the tragic act of the “last supper,” the cabal officials victoriously, but prematurely, bragged about the annihilation of the Northern Command and the changing reality of force on the ground—in televised interviews. The good majority of the international media, in a manner that appeared to be cherishing the defeat of the National Force and victory of the cabal, carried misguided, distorted, and outright wrong news, information and analysis—relentlessly. 

Conducting the War: The Situation Room

Stunned by the “thunderous” attack, but driven by intense resolve and anger, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed declared an immediate ‘law-and-order’ operation to repulse the TPLF attack. We learned later that the cabal planned the attack on the army to capture its massive arms; then crush the Amhara militias and special forces while at the same time triggering violence across the country with the pipe dream to triumphantly drive into Addis Ababa, overthrow the government and establish a transitional one—like the sham one three decades ago. 

By rallying the stunned public, the wounded, but highly-spirited, army, and recalling the unjustly retired high-ranking army officers, Abiy, the former Army Colonel himself, executed the operation from what he called a “situation room” likening it to the famous one in the United States. 

The operation was unlike any other the country has ever seen in its history in terms of efficiency, precision—and brevity.

 The TPLF cabal were outwitted and outgunned by Abiy who covertly undertook to upgrade its firepower capabilities following the audacious refusal of the TPLF cabal for moving forces out of Tigray, at the cessation of hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The TPLF cabal fatally misjudged Abiy’s military capability, when they treasonously prepared the “last supper”.

The Phony Heroes: Monstrous Criminals

The Ethiopian army spokesperson just released a long list of captured and dead cabal political and military leaders. The official promised more names in the next few days as the hunt and investigation to identify bodies more accurately continues.

This list, that comprises some 30 high-ranking army and civilian cabal leaders, includes some of the most heinous criminals that led the perpetration of the My-Kadra genocide. 

It was reported that the cabal forces were relentlessly attacked by the Ethiopian Defence forces as they were routed from their enclaves and caves—in a blitzkrieg. With their fleet—of clandestinely acquired and forcibly seized arms and vehicles—annihilated and largely abandoned, the cabal forces got trashed in a humiliating—and devastating—defeat. 

In a scramble to save their lives, some of the high-ranking cabal forces went about disgracefully disguising themselves as peasants, women, priests, and nuns, hiding in villages, churches and monasteries. In a doomed twist of fate, these coward criminals notorious for attacking, torturing and slaughtering such venerable and vulnerable members of society sought to assume their characters. 

So much for the TPLF cabal who masqueraded as heroes for decades. 

So much for the invincibility hype bankrolled by the cabal and its propaganda machines recently enhanced by the international media—oh, yes, which still wishfully dream the triumphant return of the cabal to Addis Ababa.

The gruesome act of the cabal was further demonstrated in the dumping 400 own wounded militia and special forces in deep caves—without any medical help—to quietly perish there. The monstrosity was further revealed in the beheading of their dead high-profile comrades, in their futile exercise to conceal their identities. The barbaric act of the cabal is simply bottomless.

So much for the systematically and relentlessly distorted, and coerced, narrative that this inhumane cabal was the exclusive representative of the God-fearing, cultured, and proud people of Tigray.

In Conclusion

The tragic act of the “last supper” spectacularly culminates with the chopping of the serpent’s head in a surgical—and lightning—strike. TPLF is no more.

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  1. I’m truly being sincere and naively truthful, I have never, ever imagined and or thought of that, their well be such human kinds in the Ethiopian society ( if we can call the woyane’s humans), they are truly a Biblically foretold devils out of hell, as someone in this forum said, the only difference between the devil and the Woyane is an age difference.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕድዊሃ: ሃበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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