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(Un)Nobeling Abiy Ahmed: The Burden of Couching an Old Goofy Dog

“Mr. Cohen accused Abiy of “atrocities and unnecessary warfare perpetrated by his army against his own citizens”. Any fair observer would promptly ask: What is the “unnecessary warfare perpetrated by his Army”? The Queen of Sheba, used as a pen name here to remain anonymous, questions.

Abiy Ahmed _ Nobel Prize  _ Ethiopia
PM Abiy Ahmed

The Queen of Sheba
December 29, 2020

In his recent Twitter post, the Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Mr. Herman J. Cohen, patently blurted:

PM Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize should be revoked. Unprecedented, but definitely called for in this case, having rejected political solutions in Tigray, and in view of the atrocities and unnecessary warfare perpetrated by his army against his own citizens.

Even before reminding why Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed received the coveted Nobel Peace Prize, let’s just lay out the facts which triggered the tragic conflict in Tigray. The savage attack on the Ethiopian National Defence Forces of the Northern Command was triggered by the TPLF cabal as charged by the Ethiopian government and corroborated by the (erstwhile) high-ranking cabal official of the TPLF which described it as a pre-emptive attack.

The Painful, but Irrefutable, Facts

The atrocious attack on the Northern Command included ethnic-based execution of officers and soldiers while on their beds; slitting throats and bodies; slashing of breasts of women soldiers; crashing prisoners with heavy trucks and spraying them with bullets as they were fleeing. After the “thunderous” attack, the cabal official bragged that the reality on the ground has now shifted and victoriously, but erroneously, declared the TPLF as invincible force, better armed and equipped than the entire Federal Forces combined. 

While this remains the hard, and irrefutable fact, the distorted, and inaccurate, media stories enabled by dishonest shenanigans and hired guns, continue unabated. What is more distressing is that there seems to be no shame in doing so—and repeatedly. A good number of pundits, arm chair analysts, and paid operatives stationed in universities, thinktanks and the media have largely succeeded in twisting and obscuring facts—and effectively, but tragically, misplacing the victimhood. The power of the looted money by the cabal has evidently triumphed. 

Mr. Cohen, the old guard, who brokered the infamous negotiations which installed the TPLF cabal to power in the 1980s—and rarely spoke against them during their 27-year reign of terror—now deceitfully places a blame on Abiy for rejecting “political solutions in Tigray”. One of the most pathetic arguments of Mr. Cohen for revoking the irrevocable prize, now stands as the alleged rejection of political solutions in Tigray. 

Just for the sake of it: How is it that, once winners are crowned with such a prize, they are obliged to accept all political positions and proposed solutions, even when not agreeable to them? If Mr. Cohen is seriously concerned about political solutions—and problems—in Ethiopia, he has had ample opportunities—including those rejected by the cabal, one not so long ago.  

Patent—and Vicious—Dishonesty

The second dishonest charges against Abiy is simply distastefully tragic and painful. Mr. Cohen accused Abiy of “atrocities and unnecessary warfare perpetrated by his army against his own citizens”. Any fair observer would promptly ask: What is the “unnecessary warfare perpetrated by his Army”? 

The very forces that Mr. Cohen enabled to take over Ethiopia in 1990s but butted out of power in 2018 had been camping in Tigray for two years preparing and conspiring to wage a war on the Federal Army—and the people of Ethiopia. And when they did, they massively, savagely, “thunderously” and cowardly attacked the Federal Forces—the ultimate guardian of the nation, if Mr. Cohen cares to know. 

Since when and how is it that the defence of a nation, as executed by a head of its armed forces, considered “unnecessary” and “a war on its citizens”? In fact, doing otherwise, would be tantamount to a dereliction of duty of epic proportion. Mr. Cohen seems to have a diminished regard for our intelligence, unless of course, he is also “incentivized” by the cabal forces who are now scrambling for any sympathetic voice anywhere. Mr. Cohen’s spiteful tweet is not simply condescending but patently dishonest and manifestly vicious.

In fact, if Abiy was to be blamed, it would be his boundless patience towards the TPLF cabal which had been challenging him daringly; but more so, conspiring against him by openly building massive rebellious forces under his nose. One may also add his painstaking restraints from divulging the gravity of the atrocities committed by the cabal on his troops and citizens. 

One may wish to ask Mr. Cohen if he has heard of the My-Kadra genocide. If he did, he may dilly-dally to find a way to pronounce it as Abiy’s atrocities. 

Mr. Cohen may need to be advised to retire quietly with dignity and cease and desist from “advice” and “analysis” on Ethiopia, which he got them disastrously wrong—time and again. Alas, it may not be easy to teach an old goofy dog a new worthy trick. 

In Conclusion: The Revoking of the Nobel Prize

In the interest of fact, the Nobel Peace Prize is won on a proven track record of distinction; it is thus not a down payment for a deed in the future. Dr. Abiy deservedly got the recognition for his exceptional contribution to peace making in the region, and the accord with Eritrea. In the words of the Nobel Committee, “An important premise for the breakthrough was Abiy Ahmed’s unconditional willingness to accept the arbitration ruling of an international boundary commission in 2002.”

It is interesting that—from the “deranged” leader in the highest office in the United States to those serving humanity in the atrocious trenches of the world—many have been seen to be moaning, salivating and raving about this particular prize awarded to Abiy. To be sure, while his prize is a proud moment—and accomplishment—for most Ethiopians and Africans alike, its revocation, though impossible, would be a no big deal. 

The only thing the pathetic effort of the Un(Nobeling) of Abiy cannot achieve is the refund of the cash prize which he may have already dispensed with to building schools. Or else, the Nobel Committee may need to rewrite its refund guidelines in the future. 

This as it may, one wonders if the Nobel Peace Committee imposes demands on its deserving graduates to turn a blind eye when an adversary is dead set to gouge it savagely, furiously—and, yes, “thunderously”.  I, for one, will do.

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  1. I think everything is well said. As an Ethiopian having lived in my own country throughout my over 65 life, I just wonder – what is the motive of foreigners in demolishing our country and wishing its demise, when we have nothing of worth or substance getting from them? Why don’t they mind their own business?

  2. Yes, well said! It’s outrageous to hear such an opinion from Herman Cohen who knows the truth about TPLF and the current situation in Ethiopia. Shall we say that he has got his share of “sugar” from TPLF – his long time friend.

  3. Egypt killed Hachalu when Temesgen TIruneh and Abiy had to take the blame ?? TPLF killed OLF Shine ??? enezii gudoch hulun adresut eko EU, UN , Reuters, Newyork times please hellp Abiy is like a mad dog which stings and bites everyone on his way . He must be detsroyed so that kids could grow happily and peacfully with his mater Isayas.

  4. Egypt killed ?? TPLF killed OLF Shine ??? enezii gudoch hulun adresut eko EU, UN , Reuters, Newyork times please hellp Abiy is like a mad dog which stings and bites everyone on his way . He must be detstroyed with his master isayas and his fans neftegna elites should be tied to the ground in the jail for eternity so that kids could grow happily and peacfully

  5. Hi Y’All!!!

    My family and I wish you a Happy, safe, healthy and rewarding year in 2021 and beyond. We also wish that gem of the colored and humanity, that sweetheart of humanity tucked in that corner of the world called Ethiopia peace, stability and prosperity in 2021 and the years to come.

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Ittu Happy new year

      Happy New Year for Sudanese troops who successfully regain their territory.

      They will soon elect a governor for the newly annexed land .

      Gonder will fully be under control of Sudanese Government and Gojam will not be an exception.

      I have a dream that Sudan will be aglobal leader. Ethiopia will vanish like a foggy smoke.Amen

  6. Subject: “(Un)Nobeling Abiy Ahmed: The Burden of Couching an Old Goofy Dog”

    Commentary, 1 Jan 2021
    I am buffeted. I am curious. I really do NOT understand the antagonism against the young Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed.

    I can understand that Tigrai Leaders are antagonistic to him because, — to borrow the wise words of Meles Zenawi >>> “ADDICTION to SUGAR” of twenty three years.

    But then how about the other Ethiopian critics? That is wherer I am lost.
    Let us go outside Ethiopia to Eritrea. There are Eritreans who hate Aby’s guts!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is where I am completely lost. HONESTLY LOST. Here is a country (Eritrea) which fought for thirty years against Ethiopia and admirably succeeded in having an Independent State. Unfortunately, Eritreans wound-up having a leader who turn out to be one of the cruelest dictators in Africa — in the World, for that matter. So, where is the link to a logic of hating the leader of Ethiopia.?!?!?! If Eritreans are expecting the WORLD to be antagonistic to Issayas, on their behave, I am very afraid, they are expecting the GLOBE to STOP turning around.

    So, I am lost. What is the cause of hatred toward the young, smart, intellectual, charming Prime Minister of Ethiopia? There is something inherently, intently, cooking-up. The Guy is doing his job to the best of his ability. In any case, if Ethiopians do not like him as Prime Minister, they are FREE to VOTE him out in the next democratic ELECTION. And, let us be honest, that is a far cry from expecting in other independent African States. THE END

  7. Herman Cohen is a handler and a fixer for Woyane since their inception, he made his millions by being a fixer for Woyane, while working for US government ( State Department) and gave Woyane their small share and he kept the lions share.
    Herman Cohen was the architect of Ethnic federalism in Ethiopia, and who engineered for the long term brake-up of Ethiopia ( in which it failed), and who conspired with the late United nation’s Secretary General, an Egyptian, by the name of Boutros Buoutros-Ghali to organize, bribe and promises many, many united nations representatives of countries, to vote for the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia, not because Herman Cohen was so fond of Eritrea, but to gradually break up Ethiopia and fazing out Ethiopia from the maps of the world.
    Herman Cohen was paid some amount of money, by the traditional and historical enemies of ETHIOPIA, in which he would have never dreamed of making, even if he was to live for thousand years. Herman Cohen was a maker and a breaker of decision making in the Cultic world of Woyane, given the long term interest that he had for ETHIOPIA’s dismay, in which he miserably failed.
    Herman Cohen tutored and handled the late prime minister Meles Zenawi and propelled him to power as well as by familiarizing him with US political games and Washington political ping pong, as well as creating powerful connection lines with the power players in Washington DC.
    Herman Cohen lost a critical ally in Africa which is Woyane and carte blanche to the entire black Africa and therefore do not expect to see Herman Cohen to be seated with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and sipping Ethiopian cop of coffee.

    My brother, you’re asking questions that’s extremely difficult to ignore and millions of Ethiopians, as well as foreigners alike, are asking the same questions that you are asking and no one, I mean no one from any of the Ethiopian governments nor from the Ethiopian intellectual historians will dare come upon, in-front of these critical questions that, you and millions of others are asking and answer them defiantly. It maybe simply because, either they don’t know the history of their country and or are afraid of being ridiculed as conspiracy theorists ( the systems ፈረንጆች: created to debunk the true story of Ethiopia). But regardless of all the possibilities, your and my beloved motherland ETHIOPIA, not only holds materials not found in any other parts of the earth, it is also a mine of secretive human history, full of religious inscriptions, messages and signs directly from GOD, the prophet Mosses and so forth, as well as the only GODLY chosen place and people in the face of the earth who have and or are in direct connections with All mighty GOD, but as a people of GOD we have refused to look inward rather than outward, that’s why you are seeing some of the GODLY punishments to us, in which we deserve and that we are seeing because of የፈረንጅ: ትምሕርት: that influenced generations of Ethiopians to look outward and therefore we will not have the slightest knowledge of our own historical selves and know the fact of deep seeded GODLY secrets of us, as the a people of the chosen of GOD.
    I could tell you the direct answers, but it will be like rewriting the Bible again for you to read it, why do you think the so called the world powers are tripping over Ethiopia for whatever is left, to still our artifacts, precious sacred religious books and our history etc. The reasons why you’re seeing and hearing from the person named Herman Cohen is because, the true story of Judaism, Christianity and or even Islam is beneath the land of Ancient ETHIOPIA, Herman Chon is a hard core Zionist, he wants to have it all. Do you remember a pastor of some sort of racist Christian denomination tried to rewrite the Bible without ETHIOPIA being mentioned in his new version of the bible, we can go on!
    My advice to you is stay committed to your Ethiopiawinet, your religious believes, be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish and most importantly every morning you wake up, thank your GOD and praise him for his kindness and love to the world and for you to have been created you in the land of Ancient ETHIOPIA. Be patient my brother, GOD willing you will see, and hear everything that you need to know about who we ETHIOPIANS are, not about for the sake of bragging God forbidding, but the true story of us, as a people of importance on this earth, in the history of mankind and as a cradle of humanity.
    ኢትዮጵያ:ታበፅሕ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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