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Berhanu Bayeh, Addis Tedla thirty years confinement to Italian Embassy to end soon

Berhanu Bayeh and Addis Tedla will be set free from nearly three decades of confinement to the Italian Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Berhanu Bayeh (left) and Haddis Tedla (right)

December 24, 2020 

Berhanu Bayeh and Tedla Addis were confined to the Italian Embassy compound in Addis Ababa for nearly three decades on grounds of diplomatic immunity. 

It seems they will walk free, sooner rather than later, from the compound and get to see Addis Ababa, a city that is very much changed. 

Ethiopian Federal High Court ruled on Thursday that two former members of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam Administration, Berhanu Bayeh (83) and Addis Tedla (74), be released from Italian Embassy in Addis Ababa. 

It was the Office of Attorney General that announced the decision in a press briefing. 

They have been in the embassy since Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took over power in Addis Ababa in May 1991. Although the embassy was providing protection, they were looked after by their families, according to government sources. 

They were initially sentenced to death in absentia along with Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate, they have been appealing to embassy authorities and, Ethiopian government authorities. 

Last week, the office of President Sahle Work Zewde announced that the death sentences have been changed to life in prison. They have never been in prison but were in a prison like situation. 

According to the office of the prosecutor general, they have entitlement for parole  as their condition is considered as over twenty years in prison. It means that they will walk free. 

Berhanu Bayeh has served as Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia during Colonel Mengistu’s government while Haddis Tedla was a military general.  

The number of Derg officials who took refugee at the Italian Embassy were initially four. But two of them died. Hailu Yimenu, committed suicide the same year he found himself in the embassy (1991). Let. Gen. Tesfaye Gebrekidan kidan, who was acting president after Colonel Mengistu left the country, was killed after a brawl with Berhanu Bayeh. 

Photo credit : Addis Admas via Ethiopian Observer

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  1. Subject: ” Berhanu Bayeh, Addis Tedla thirty years confinement to Italian Embassy to end soon” borkena, December 24, 2020

    Humble Commentary, 24 Dec 2020
    They were respectable members of the infamous and notorious DERG whose history is drenched with Ethiopian People’s Blood. Thirty years in Italian Embassy compound with good relationship (contact) with their family members who were feeding (i.e. looking after them) and maintaining their old tranquil life before they received sanctuary in a European tranquil, civilized resting place. The casual, well covered hidden foray outside the Embassy, in the convenience of darkness, and camouflaged adequately gave their strength for thirty years.

    Out of the four escapees, one died while fighting each other, arguing about their crimes during the Derg era. Another died, naturally. Two survived, thanks to the famous European colonizer who colonized Ethiopia for five years and fifty years (yes, 50 years) of colonization of a country baptized as Eritrea. As the French say: C’est la Vie. THE END

  2. Quote: “We are in a good time??” by Ittu aba fardaaa ” Unquote

    Commentary, 26 Dec 2020
    I cannot help drifting to the present phenomenon in the most powerful democratic country on Earth >>> The United States of America, the epicentre of the World where every race on Earth gravitates to it for Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity, Happiness —— and where the Leader, who was elected by the people for the benefit of the people, REFUSES to accept the WILL of the PEOPLE and thus — in fact, showing his power — releasing highly criminal prisoners free!?!?!?

    YES, CRIMINALS are left FREE regardless of the inherent rational reached by the highest courts and Constitution of the Land. Obviously, the example above is reflected by humble underdeveloped, religiously righteous, member of the United Nations. The French put it nicely and succinctly: >>> “C’est la Vie”.

    Have a Pleasant Holiday Season and NEW YEAR 2021.
    I also wish to take this opportunity to thank the Staff of borkena.com for their dedication to provide us with a space to express our opinions on any matter. It is, honestly, the hallmark of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, and the pursuit of individual happiness.


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