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Benishangul Ethiopia: Over 100 reportedly massacred in latest ethnic cleansing attack

Ethiopian government is yet to recognize that there is incessant ethnic cleansing attacks underway in Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia against ethnic Amhara and ethnic Agaw. The Latest attack came as Sudanese Forces invaded Ethiopian territory  in the north-west direction which the government did not disclose publicly for diplomatic reasons. 

December 23, 2020 

A day after Abiy Ahmed flew to Metekel Zone of Benishangul Gumuz region in a helicopter, and with tight security arrangement,  to engage residents regarding what he called “security problem” in the region, well over 100 ethnic Amhara and ethnic Agaw are reportedly massacred on Wednesday. 

It happened in Bulen district of Metekel zone Bekuji locality. Survivors told Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) their account of the incident. “From about 2:00 in the morning there had been a sound from moving vehicles in the area. Around 5:00 a.m, the attackers opened fire to unleash ethnic-based massacre,” they told AMMA anonymously.  Survivors from the attack have already vacated the area. 

The sources added that the attackers used heavy weaponry. 

Furthermore, residents said that there has been a meeting recently and participants to it were selected based on ethnicity. 

Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia has been under the Command Post for over a year now due to the prevalent and incessant massacres  against ethnic Amhara and ethnic Agaws who had been living for many generations.   The Command Post is mainly a military body instituted to ensure peace and security in regions where killings of citizens recurrent and their security is at risk. However, the one established in Benishangul Gumuz region does not seem to work so far as there have been recurring killings in the area.

Benishangul Gumuz regional administration or the Federal Police did not remark on the latest incident or disclose the extent of the damage at this writing. 

AMMA said it had contacted Colonel Ayalew Beyene, Chairperson of the Command Post in the region, and quoted him as saying that “he knows that there was a killing but  does not know as to who is behind the attack and how many people were killed in the attack.” 

During a meeting with residents on Tuesday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that his government found it difficult to stop recurring killings in the region as multiples of actors are behind it. It is presumed that the actors are both internal and external. 

His government has already admitted repeatedly that there are also actors within the government structures, including the security apparatus, in Benishangul Gumuz region were involved in facilitating the massacre. In October of this year, dozens were even arrested. 

There are speculations that radical elements in the Oromo regional state structure have teamed up with Benishangul Gumuz region administration, including the region’s president Ashadly Hassan, to intensify attacks against ethnic Amhara and ethnic Agaw. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was among the actors implicated in the attack. At this point, TPLF has lost the war but the leaders are not still captured. Exploiting the  end to communication blackout in Tigray region Spokesperson for the organization, Getachew Reda, tweeted this week that he is alive. 

He said : “Apparently, according to PP media grapevine, I am either dead or in Sudan or some such.People are extremely surprised to see me alive, and in Tigray. As I write this, enemy forces are being routed in Zana, had already lost hundreds of soldiers in Adet and Tsimbla.” 

His party claims that the war is still underway, and even claimed that his forces have shot air force gunship in Betemera – which is not verified by independent sources. 

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  1. It bleeds my heart to hear my dear fellow countrymen/women including children and the elderly have been callously murdered by savage bigots in Western Oromia and Gumuz regions. From its incidences I don’t think it is just a spontaneous and random act of violence. It is part of a grand scheme to throw the regime and the country into the mother of all chaos so bigots can carve out fiefdoms. But the Dinagde, Tekle and Alula incarnates have drawn their long and deadly sword on these brutes. Now just watch the BBC’s of the world. We gonna hear ‘another human rights violations’ in Gumuz by the federal defense forces. You just watch.

    There has been one question that has been nagging me for a while whenever I hear news of repetitious killings of innocent and unarmed civilians. It has not only been killings but massacres. These massacres were not in single but rather in double and triple digits. I know it is impossible to avoid all killings all the time. There has NOT been a government in history which was able to stamp out all killings from its territory. Never. Even the most democratic nations of our day have not been able to eradicate hate filled killings, be it religion based or racial. Ask France’s Macron about it.

    But the ones I hear from our glorious old country have been very different. It has been abundantly clear that the perpetrators don’t even worry about the local officials and their police when they carry out the horrendous atrocities. They just come in town/village, hack/mow down innocent civilians, take victory laps in front of the local officials’ office and leave in one piece. How in a dickens are they able to do this with out the involvement and blessings of the local officials and law enforcement? How? How? How? Please remember these officials get their salaries from the tax money paid by those who are murdered. That just boils my blood! This has been the case in Oromia and now in Gumuz. I was encouraged by the steps taken by the Abiy administration to cleanse the region from these slimy bigoted officials in most areas except in Western Wallagaa. That is why you can hear a pin drop in areas where bigots were killing innocent citizens at will. This visionary PM should be persistent in such measures. Here is the deal for me. If you as a public official is heard flopping your stinking mouth with pejorative and incendiary terms like ‘neftegna’ and ‘Oromo extremists’ or mumbling with dark story that took place more than a century ago you should be summoned, asked to explain, given ear full, warned and be shown the door, out, degage!!! Every region needs resetting itself in such ways. Just look at our Somali and Afar brothers. One of my merchant relatives quipped to me that you can walk from Hargeisa to Jigjige carrying a load of gold bullion and no one will bother you for that. He was being sentimental about but his expression tells an encouraging story. It has been so lull quiet there bigots are bored to their deaths!!!!! I love those people.

    With The Almighty Our Creator’s Blessings This Savagery Shall Pass! Insha’Allah!!!!


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