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Mass grave: 74 bodies recovered in the outskirts of Maikadra

Apart from mass grave, bodies were reportedly dumped to a water well near Maikadra in north western Ethiopia

Mass grave _ Maikadra _ Ethiopia
The mass grave from which over 60 bodies were recovered. Photo : screenshot from AMMA Video

November 25, 2020

74 bodies reportedly recovered from a mass grave in the outskirts of Maikadra where the retreating forces of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) carried out an ethnic-based savage killing on November 9.

According to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reported on Wednesday, the bodies were recovered from Abnet and central mewucha (central exit) localities following an organized search operation.

Residents of Maikadra who survived the slaughter provided information that was helpful to recover the bodies from the mass grave.

56 of the bodies were recovered from the same place while the remaining was dumped in water well.  Furthermore, it was reported that a funeral ceremony was organized, and the bodies had been laid to rest.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released a preliminary report on Tuesday regarding the massacre and has confirmed that at least 600 residents of Maikadra were brutally massacred after the TPLF forces lost the war to the Ethiopian National Army. The number is expected to rise as more bodies are being recovered in different localities.

TPLF organized a killing squad youth group under the name “Samri.” However, local militia and special forces were involved in the killing. Some victims were killed with a machete. Others were stabbed to death.

AMMA report indicated that TPLF attack on civilians was also motivated by the aim to make ethnic Amharas flee Maikadra out of security concerns.

The killing, according to EHRC, was a premeditated and coordinated one that mostly targeted ethnic Amharas.

The TPLF forces have not lost control over much of the Tigray region and are believed to have retreated to Mekelle city. Yet, there is information that there are still TPLF forces in certain pocket areas in the region outside of Mekelle and its environs.

What the Ethiopian government calls “operation to enforce law” kicked off on November 4 after the TPLF forces launched what is believed to be an unforeseen attack on unsuspecting Ethiopian Defense Force members in several military bases in the region.  TPLF exploited treasonous members of the defense force to coordinate “anticipatory attack,” as TPLF calls it, on the Defense Force.

As in Maikadra massacre, the massacre of members of the Ethiopian Defense Force was an ethnic-based one.

In November 2018, a mass grave was uncovered in the Somali region of Ethiopia from a killing that TPLF loyal local administration carried out.

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  2. So let me get this straight, a retreating army has time to bury hundreds of bodies? There needs to be an independent international investigation, so we can get to the bottom of this massacre.

  3. It’s not a burial, it’s called mass dumping, as if those human bodies were, that of a dirt, human waste, animal west, and dump them in mass dumping graves?, meaning they don’t burry them, but they dump them in order to cover up the evidence of mass executions, egregious crimes, mutilated bodies.

  4. I just hope that whowever is responsible for this cruel crime will end up in Den Haag at the International Criminal Court. And I also hope that the Amharas – and actually every ethnic group who had to suffer the loss of so many of their family members in similar crimes – have the wisdom and greatness to withdraw from revenge of the same sort. Self-administered justice is not the way. The viscous circle of inhumane violence must be broken if the country at some point wants to allow peaceful and tolerant coexistance of the various ethnic groups. I have travelled the country North of Addis many, many times. And I had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people gaining a lot of friends from different ethnic and religious groups. My wish for you: enjoy the commonalities and celebrate the differences of your cultures!


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