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Latest update on the war in Ethiopia : chief of staff of the Defense Force speaks

November 18, 2020

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Berhanu Jula, on Wednesday confirmed to local journalists that the Ethiopian Defense Force achieved decisive victories and took control of Shire and Alamata among other towns.

Furthermore, he confirmed that the defense force is advancing to Mekelle from three different directions to circle the city with a mission to capture TPLF forces who are responsible for the crime committed against the Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

Bridges leading to Mekelle are detonated by the TPLF forces, he added. But the Defense Force has managed to march forward towards Mekelle.

Fortified concrete trenches in the eastern and western fronts were destroyed, he added.

Residents in the controlled towns in Tigray region demonstrated support to the defense force by providing information.

“Liberated towns,” as they are called by the Ethiopian government, will soon have transitional administration which was approved by the Ethiopian Upper House soon after the war started.

The next mission of the army is to capture top TPLF leaders who planned and executed the attack on the northern command on November 4, bring them to justice or eliminate them. It means that final military operation is underway.

On Tuesday, there was a countrywide ceremony to honour the sacrifice that the Ethiopian Defense Force is making which the chief of staff mentioned during the press conference.

There is anticipation that the Defense Force could control Mekelle city in a matter of days but General Berhanu Jula did not give hint about it other than saying that the offensive is going well.

Video : embeded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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