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Herman Cohen says Ethiopian forces winning despite TPLF’s military strength

Mr. Cohen recommends the continuation of TPLF ethnic-based administration after the defeat of TPLF

November 17, 2020

Days after propagating about the “battle-hardened” strength of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Mr. Herman Cohen, Former Ambassador, Asst. Secretary of State, is now saying that TPLF is losing the war.

In a Twitter message on Tuesday, he said “In spite of the TPLF’s military strength, the Ethiopian government is now marching on Mekelle. If Abiy gains control of Tigray, it would mark a return to strong central rule in #Ethiopia, as it existed while the TPLF was in power for 29 years.”

Yet he went on to recommend perpetuation of TPLF devised ethnic-based federation in Ethiopia.

“Best solution for #Ethiopia is a truly decentralized federal system, in which Ethiopia remains unified but each ethnic nation has the self-determination they desire. If Abiy wins militarily, international community should still press for this outcome through political dialogue,” he said.

Mr. Cohen was a key man at the 1991 London conference which was called to broker peace between three rebel groups then (one of them was Oromo Liberation Front and is still a rebel group operating from within Ethiopia) and Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s government which collapsed in May 1991.

He tends to have a critical view of Abiy Ahmed’s administration. In a Twitter message on Monday, he remarked Abiy “is determined to bring all of “Ethiopia under his authoritarian control.”

Many Ethiopians tend to see Mr. Cohen as a Godfather of the TPLF administration in Ethiopia. Mr., Cohen recently published a book entitled “US Policy Toward Africa: Eight Decades of Realpolitik, is now available.”

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  1. Is the title of Mr. Chen’s book: “US Policy Toward Africa: Eight Decades of Realpolitik, is now available.” It seems a bit strange. Anyway, who wants to read the drivels of a senile old blabbering idiot. It is hard why people think this megalomaniac idiot has any relevance to anything anymore. Who in their right mind would advocate ethnic federalism the very cause of the war as a solution to the war except someone like the old sociopath, Cohen.

  2. Birds of a feather flock together. Old habits die hard, so to say. This former official has been showing off his true color as a communist member of a sleeper cell in the State Department. This is his way of expressing his ‘workers of the world unite’ solidarity for his comrades/thugs holed up in Mekele. Hello Mekele Karen!!!!!

  3. ሰው ጥራ ቢሉት….
    ድንቄም የአሜሪካ እና የአፍሪካ ተንታኝ!
    ኮኸን የደረሰውን መፅሀፉን ለመለስ ዜናዊ ኮፍኑን ከፍቶ ያንብብለት ከፈለገ።መለስ ናፈቀው መሰለኝ።

    ለኮኸን መጽሀፍ ገንዘብ የሚያወጣ ወያኔ ብቻ ነው። እኛ ሠራዊታችንን እንርዳ ለእዚህ አማራን አቆርቁዞ ወያኔን ለማንገስ ቀን ከሌት ከመለስ ጋር ሲዶሉት ለኖረ ከምንለግስ ገንዘባችንን ሌላ ቁም ነገር እንሥራበት። እኔ በነፃ ቢሰጡኝ እንኳን አላነበውም። ዛሬ ስለ አፍሪካኖች ተቆርቋሪ ለመባል በውሸት ወያኔን የሚያሞግስ አጭበርባሪ ሰውዬ ከሚፅፈው ምን ላገኝ ነው ጊዜዬን እርሱ የፃፈውን ሳነብ የማጠፋው?

    አልሸባብ ይኸው እምብርታችን መዲናችን ድረስ እየመጣ ቂሙን የሚወጣው ኮኸን አማክሮት መለስ በፈጸመው የጦር ወንጀሎች ነው። አማራን ከፖለቲካው ፣ ከመሬት ባለቤትነት አግልሎ መለስ ሲፈጽም ጄኖሳይድ እማራ ላይ ኮኸን እያወቀ አንዴም መለስን አልወቅሰውም። እንዲያውም ይደግፈው ነበር።

    ኮኸንን አልዛይመር እና ዲሜንሽያ በትዊተር የሚያስቀባጥረውን እንኳን አላነበብኩም እንኳን መፅሀፉን ላነብ። በዚህ አያያዝማ ነገ የወያኔ ጁንታም ተራ በተራ መፅሀፍ እያሳተመ መጽሀፌን እየገዛችሁ ጡሩኝ ሊለን ነው።

  4. It’s sad someone like him never learns from his terrible mistakes and damage he did with the so called baised, unrealistic, mean spirited policy that ended in deaths of millions and destructions. It’s unfortunate someone like him become policy maker and advisor. Imagine if he and Trump worked together, the world wuld have been on fire.

  5. Mr. Cohen, if you think ethnic federalism is such a fantastic idea that ensure peace and harmony amongst people, why don’t you prescribe it to your own country where racism and discrimination is rampant?

  6. A noble and sincere advice what Professor
    Vestel told to Meles Zenswi to amend and include in ” the Debebit Constitution” in addition to the UN humanite laws was that
    Federal by Geographycal features is the right
    way for anyone who aspires to establish a stable and prosperous country. Federal by ethnicity is only suitable for those whose intention is to bringforth comotion and distruction.” He further greatly objected Meles’ -education policy as it is designed not to promote enlightenment, but ignorance and slavery. Prof Vestrel ststed these in his great book ” Ethiopia ” – A post cold war african stsate which he dedicated to all Ethiopians who seek freedom.

    I recommebd this for any one including Mr..Cohen as iy id a well researched and
    documented timeless book fot which any reasonable man shall be grateful to the author

  7. The old man is shameless!

    He predicted and got it wrong that the ‘battle hardened’ TPLF will emerge triumphant. With little embarrassment he feels now it is time to move on and recommends.the policy of ‘ethnic federalism’. But he doesn’t know or tell us why so.

    He can’t even mention one country in the whole world where his prescribed system worked successfully. Of course, he is not that fool, he knows very well the eventual result of his prescribed policy – ‘Former Yugoslavia’. He and his types won’t rest until they see a ‘Former Ethiopia’.

  8. Decentralized Ethiopia does not mean Amhara hegemony.

    Decentralized Ethiopia is just another word for weak Ethiopia.

    Decentralized Ethiopia is what the enemies want.

  9. The notorious Ethiopian hater, Herman Cohen supported TPLF, to this current day and since it’s inceptions as well as propelled it, all the way to power, precisely to the ruling of Ethiopia.
    Herman Cohen hates the Amhara ethnics, precisely because the Amharas are the protectors, defenders of Ethiopian unity and integrity and therefore Herman Cohen was determined to create a force that can withstand the integral defenders of our beloved country Ethiopia, which are the Amharas.
    Herman Cohen always thought unless otherwise the Amharas are brought down to the lowest of degradation, it would not be possible to change the map of Ethiopia and break the high morales of Ethiopians.
    Herman Cohen was who tutored Meles Zenawi on how to use the propaganda of “the Amharas as the oppressors” of the rest of the ethnic groups in Ethiopia and the master inscriber as well as the creator of ethnic federalism in order to keep Ethiopian ethnicity at each other’s throats forever. What we are seeing the current situations in Ethiopia is the makings of Herman Cohen and his cronies.

  10. When you don’t speak up intelligibly and coherently in defense of your cause somebody will surely put a destructive spin on it. That is what we learn from the American Hermann Cohen.

  11. I can never forgive Herman Cohen for what he has done to my country and people, what he had planned and implemented for the future of Ethiopia is and or was exactly what Benito Mussolini had planned for Ethiopia.
    What is amazing to me is that, this type of nazi style braking-up, fracturing a nation, that has done nothing wrong to the cause of Herman Cohen, is coming from an American Jewish decent. By the same talking, it does not surprise me, given the historic nature of Herman Cohen, for being a sale-out and stingy nature of his character , as well as love of money beyond anything and everything.

  12. Aratkilo.com on it’s recent post disclosed that Herman Cohn was on TPLF’s payroll who used to receive a $250,000 USD Christmas gift annually. This was disclosed by London based Spy agency’s consultant who was working in Ethiopia. What else do we expect from a paid lobbyist for TPLF. Shame on him.



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