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Rockets fired at two Ethiopian cities, Eritrean capital Asmara

The rocket attack at Asmara came after a key town in what was called “south Tigray,” came under the control of Ethiopian Defense Forces following an intense battle

Debretsion Gebremichael appearing on Dimtsi Woyane TV

November 14, 2020 

A day after Bahir Dar City and Gonder were hit by rockets, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson, Getachew Reda appeared on Dimtsi Woyane television to confirm that TPLF carried out the rocket attack. 

On the same day, he said that TPLF, he in fact uses the noun Tigray in what seems to be a deliberate effort to project his organization’s propaganda that the war is against Tigray, will continue to carry out rocket attacks in other parts of Ethiopia and Asmara.

Hours later, at least three rockets were fired towards Eritrean capital Asmara. Asmara International Airport was said to be the main target. 

TPLF has been accusing Eritrea of “invading Tigray,” – an allegation that the Eritrean government dismissed as utter lies. In fact, there has been an accusation that the former exploited textile factory in the Tigray region to manufacture the Eritrean army uniform, distribute it to its own force, and claim that it has captured the Eritrean Force. But this story is not confirmed by the TPLF spokesperson. 

What they have confirmed rather is that they started the war when they attacked and controlled several bases of northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force, and the action was meant for ” a preemptive strike,” as one of the leading propagandists of TPLF stated when he appeared on Dimtsi Woyane TV on Friday this week, in the face of inevitable attack by the Ethiopian Defence Force with an order from the commander in chief of the army, Abiy Ahmed. 

More than 50 percent of the Ethiopian army was based in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Not just that, key strategic weaponry including rockets and missiles were in the region. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government admitted that some of those weapons fell in the hands of TPFL during the attack on the northern command post. 

As the war is escalating further and more towns in western and southern parts of Tigray come under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Force, TPLF is resorting to the rockets and other heavy weaponry it confiscated from the northern command. Ethiopian Air Force carried out a number of strikes in the region with the aim to destroy the weapons, and there was a claim that most of the weapons were destroyed in the airstrike. 

Analysts from Eritrea see the attack on Asmara as a desperate effort on the part of TPLF to “internationalize” the war which is basically understood as a campaign to enforce the rule of law in Tigray by bringing key leaders to the organization to justice. Eritrean Press reported that the Eritrean government said it will not respond to the attack “out of respect to the Ethiopian people.” 

However, the TPLF accuses that Eritrea is already involved in the war. On Saturday, Debretsion Gebremichael, chairman of the organization and president of Tigray regional state, accused Eritrea of deploying 16 brigades of the army in Tigray region.  

“The Ethiopian Army has become a traitor. It is not discharging its constitutional responsibility. It is not defending the country from foreign invasion,” he said. Furthermore, he accused the Abiy Ahmed’s leadership for alleged attack on “Wolkait Sugar factory and Tekeze Dam.” Reports on Ethiopian State media dismissed the claim as lies.

There is no word regarding casualty from the rocket attacks in Asmara Eritrea, and two Ethiopian cities (Bahir Dar and Gondar).  

The war is now its eleventh day, and the Ethiopian government does not seem to anticipate a protracted war. 

TPLF leaders are vowing that they will carry out more attacks on selected targets in Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

Humanitarian crisis 

The war is causing a humanitarian crisis in the region. As many as 15,000 people have reportedly crossed the border to Sudan, and are now taking refuge in the Hamdayet refugee camp which is said to be only two kilometers away from the Ethiopian border. 

The UNHCR said earlier this week that more than 14,500 women and children crossed to the Sudanese border, and service to about 96,000 Eritrean refugees in camps in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is disrupted.

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  1. When we hear news about rockets being fired at civilian airports both in Ethiopia and Eritrea causing damage though negligible, it shows where this battle for law and order will be heading if drags on with no end in sight. First of all, the thugs in Mekele we able to get hold of such propulsion equipped arms now and during their unchecked rule of the country since 1991. There was even news of a missile research site planned or under construction in that area some years ago. Money was no problem because everything was at their finger tips. They owned major multibillion mfg hubs as part of their so-called humanitarian relief group, EFFORT. I had asked on numerous occasions if anyone had copies of financial documents of this group and never heard back about it. Even then I was against any harm directed against any factories owned by this outfit and I had explained my reason for it. I am always against the torching down of factories whoever owns them because in the countries like the old country they are the ultimate game changers. Nothing else is as efficient as factories in creating widespread middle class citizens. In my personal conviction, there is no other group as effective and having the overwhelming power to pry the monopoly of political power from despots as this middle class. I had seen it doing just that in front my eyes in countries like Taiwan, South Korea and Chile. Women will never be liberated in societies like the old country unless they are drawn into factories in their millions. So factories are my babies. I hope those factories and businesses owned by this so-called humanitarian outfit are being looked at and proper action are taken soon. The laws already in the book should also be applied on these ‘front’ factories.

    Going back to the missiles, it is a matter of concern to my now. I am not sure about the extent of capabilities of the military in scanning and locating such destructive weapons that are currently in the hands of these thugs. These are like those Scuds of Saddam or the aimless rockets of Hezbollah and Hamas. But Israel and the USA have effective anti missile/rocket arsenal to shoot done these enemy rockets. Does the old country and Eritrea have such deterring weapons? I am not sure about that. If they do have such weapons where were they when Debre’s missiles rumbled for such distance and somehow reached their targets? One of these aimless missiles fired on a mere sense of direction will sooner or later land on heavily populated areas causing enormous loss of life and property. These thugs don’t give a hoot about human lives because they may feel now they are badly cornered with their backs against the wall. To these non-believer thugs who have been raising the name of The Almighty Our Creator in vain since they began reading book of heathens by Marx, Lenin and Mao, shading human blood is like harvesting red roses. Didn’t they tell us the reason they mowed down more than 200 peaceful protesters in the streets of Addis/Finfine in 2005 was their way of preventing another Rwanda? Didn’t they tell us the reason they killed, maimed and threw thousands in stinking jails was meant to prevent another Orange/Spring Revolution? I am not giving up about it as a man of peace but I am not sure how amicable/sensible negotiation will be conducted with these ‘Ted Bundy’s’. Let’s hope that those upright and noble people of Tigray will expurgate these scabs riding on their back soon.

  2. Humble Commentary
    It is always good to wish for HUMAN GOODNESS, PEACE, FREEDOM, BROTHERHOOD, SANE PRODUCTIVITY, AND RELATIONSHIP AMONG NATIONS. But ALAS, it is a wishful thinking. For some mysterious nature we also have individuals with twisted minds who are obsessed with the destruction of their fellow human beings and destroying of the environment.
    They can’t help it: IT IS IN THEIR NATURE.

    Just A Question
    Why does the Almighty God permit such a catastrophe to happen? Needless to say: I don’t know. It seems that it is ‘HIS’ mysterious way of teaching humanity of something we mortal human beings have absolutely NO idea. WE JUST SEE, HEAR, WITNESS CRUELTY, DEATH and MULTIPLY!!!!!! >>> TO CONTINUE THE DISASTER!?!?!? Indeed it is mysterious. I am mindful that I am transgressing the advice of the GOOD BOOK which quotes the words of the Lord: DON’T BE SURPRISED BY MY WORKS. I wouldn’t !!!! so help me God!!!!!!!

    Going back to the subject matter, I wonder if the self- anointed Leaders of Tigrai, Ethiopia, Eritreans etc are conscious of the above and behave from their destructive ways of destroying human lives. Alas! they don’t really seem to care about human life. If things get THICK, they have always a way for saving their Life, and EXIST with frightful ‘tranquility’ (*) — if they survive the fate of Haile Selassie, Hitler and Mussolini …… wow! wow! wow! is it worth it!?!?

    Thanks for the privilege of space to pour my heart out.

    (*) like guarded example of Mengistu, always conscious and fearful for his existence.

  3. From now on, whenever any liberation front mentions the “constitution”, we should tell them it was not written by us and thus does not apply to us.


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