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General Bacha Debele reveals what happened to the Northern Command

General Bacha Debele share findings from fact finding mission to northern Ethiopia where the Ethiopian Defense Force is fighting TPLF forces.

General Bacha Debele _ Ethiopia
General Bahca Debele ( Photo: screenshot from EBC video)

November 10, 2020

The Federal government under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leadership have been trading accusations for the outbreak of the war in Northern Ethiopia which government rather depicts as “an operation to enforce the rule of law and order in the region.”

TPLF leaders who retreated to Mekelle, the seat of Tigray regional state, after they lost dominance over the federal government following Abiy Ahmed’s takeover of power in 2018 accused what they call “unitary group of Abiy Ahmed,” for the clash in the north which is now morphing into a full-fledged war involving both ground and air force operation. The TPLF also claimed that the Northern Command has deserted and resolved to fight the Federal government along with the forces of Tigray regional state.

The narrative from the Federal government has been saying that an insidious and brutal attack on the Northern Command post from within the same command post triggered the conflict. Ethiopians across the country, regional states of Ethiopia, and opposition parties have been condemning the TPLF attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force which means that that story about TPLF attempt to take control of the northern command post by launching an attack from within the army command convinced the majority of Ethiopians. The outrage on social media platforms is another testimony.

General Bacha Debele who was on early retirement, apparently on political grounds during the time when TPLF dominated the federal government, was recently recalled by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed along with two other generals(General Abebaw Tadesse and General Yohannes Gebremeskel ) who were also on early retirement.

General Bacha was sent on a mission, along with General Abebaw Tadesse, to the northern front to investigate as to what happened in the northern front.

He returned to the capital Addis Ababa and had a press statement to share to the public findings from his investigative mission.

He said TPLF used some Tigrigna speaking members of the northern command to plan operation, cut communication with the higher defense command, and attacked the army.

Take a listen to his presser ( in Amharic.)

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from video

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  1. What a shame to the world; it is a shame to Europe; it is a shame to Alfred Nobel that his name, his hard earned resources he left behind had to be used in such a disgraced manner to award the prize to unelected and defunct (PM) Abiy Ahmed who runs the Ethiopian nations of state as he pleases.
    Which merchant would hand over his products to a person that he knows s/he has no intention to pay?
    Which person would marry an adulterer that s/he most certainly would abandon them once the limelight is over?
    Which university would award a doctorate degree to a student in advance before the course is over and the candidate has not earned all the requirements?
    Which land would produce grains before the farmer saw the seeds to germinate?
    Which Doctor would proscribe a drug to a patient before diagnosing the ailments.
    Which an institution would award a Nobel Prize to person who emerged from nowhere without track record and merits the Prize hoping he might turn out to be the chosen perfect?
    All but the Norwegian Nobel House would not, have not done in the past or present such a blunder.
    Make no mistake, this is not an innocent mistake or blunder. We know, it is the customary habit, that they could come up with all sorts forwarded reasons and excuses, that no body, unless one is in their camp, believes and accepts. They knew what they were doing one hundred percent but they did not care; hubris that it was; they are powerful and they felt could do whatever they wanted because they felt/feels no one could challenge them, because they regard the rest of humanity is beneath their feet. They are the Earthly God with mighty power.
    To award the Nobel Prize, in pair, with Abiy Ahmed, as peace makers, one of the world living dictator to date, who has ruled the Eritreans with iron fist; most of its young daily drowning in the seas to escape forced indefinite military service; Isayas who provoked and still provoking war after war in the region, is not an innocent mistake but deliberate act of relegation of responsibilities.
    Who in his right mind would call Isayas as a peace maker, when the person has killed his own comrades for 30 years with no legitimate causes?
    Who would even imagine in his right mind that Isayas as a peace maker, when thousand of Eritreans, including Swedish-Eritrean journalist, Dawit Isaac, is languishing for 20 years in containers as prison cells?
    Who in his right mind except the Norwegian Nobel Prize House, would award prize to Abiy Ahmed who is bent to suppress the rights and dignities of nations and nationalities and routinely and arbitrarily arrests and kills innocent, none politically minded people just because they belong to ethnic people he and his past ruling dynasty resented and would like to keep them under their feet?
    As we speak Abiy Ahmed is bombing Tigray as a whole using planes and weapons, he obtained from his backers just because they elected their regional government whilst he declined to present himself for election likewise?
    What would the preachers of Democracy, who waves the flag as upholders of justices, equality’s state fraternity? tell us when they either support him or pretend they are unaware of what is going on to give cover when their chosen puppet is abusing it?
    Or is it only when they turn loggerhead with a dictator now they disfavor that they it only cry foul democracy is none existent or in-danger to give the dictator a blow he could not recover from?
    Young and old, men and women, sick and disabled people are under the hale of bombs day and night, with no telecommunication, power and fuel supply in Tigray as we speak – a barbaric act no less than that of the Nazis committed and the world is watching with cold heart.
    You may not come to our rescue, but you need to know every Tigrain able to breath and walk will fight and die, to exist. You may play your politics of power: you may go on bluffing 99 times but one/100th you and your surrogate will tumble down, and join us in the graves, powerful no powerful you will.

    • To

      Please read the background of Abiy Ahmed by clicking the link below.

  2. TPLF robbed banks in Tigray by using the above mentioned attacks as diversion tactics.. This attack on Ethiopian Military forces was a diversion tactic so TPLF robs new bank note cash from banks in Tigray.

    • Of course, TPLF would attack the military forces, which would then lead to war and to a probable displacement of TPLF leadership, as a diversion tactit to “rob banks”. Seriously you think that?

  3. It’s heartbreaking to listen to what happened to this Ethiopian military northern division. TPLF has to pay the price for what they did. But where was the Ethiopian defense when this happened, how come they didn’t try to find out what was going on when there was a communication break up. They had 3 days to send some kind of reinforcement. It’s just so infuriating!
    By the way, this administration knew very well the TPLF group is a bunch of criminals, the extremist OLF a bunch of killers, but they didn’t take any action for more than 2 years. They are partly responsible for all of this. Will this administration do anything right going forward? Will they bring to justice these killers TPLF and OLF?

  4. And the devil (TPLF) became flesh and dwelt amongst us. In the serpent, that animal unlike any other, which is like man, even walks like one; and has, not only the body, but also spirit (that is why it connived to sew enmity between us, that is why it would contrive a false historical narrative, that is why it had the diabolical seductiveness that it had with ethnic federalism “peoples, nations & nationalities” mumbo jumbo); and it remains the most deceitful of all the animals to transgress our land; and it also has a place for the soul but it has no soul.

    The opportunity must be seized to cut down this hydra-headed snake once and for all; only then can we aspire to live in peace.

  5. I just watched BBC World News and it has reported that Chairman Debre and his fellow goons have ordered the entire population from that region to report to military outfits and join his fighting forces immediately. He has told the people that those who hesitate or refuse to join the fighting force will be handed the ultimate punishment. ‘No’ is not an option. There will be serious consequences for everyone who does not cooperate. It also seems that Debre and his cabals have declared war on Eritrea. Is this what the youth of that region deserves? His peers in other parts of the country still have their classroom books and cell phones but he is being forced to opt for AK47’s by order and if he hesitates or refuses he will turn into a dustbin in an instant. Now expect hundreds of thousands to flee that region into Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and adjacent regions within the country itself. What an unfortunate generation!!!!


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