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Ethiopian gov’t says it has controlled more places in West Tigray

As the clash with TPLF is escalating further, Ethiopian government claims battle victories in Western Tigray

General Berhanu Jula _ Ethiopian Defense Force
Chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, Gen. Berhanu Jula (photo : FBC)

November 8, 2020

The Ethiopian Defense Force said on Sunday that it has controlled more places in what is now western Tigray ( these are places that used to be part of Gonder province before Tigray People’s Liberation Front took power in 1991).

Head of Indoctrination of the Defense Force, Maj. General Mohammed Tesema, announced Maydeli, Dansha, Baeker, Legudi, Humera airport, and the road to Sudan is now under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Force, as reported by state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

“The army is intensifying counter-offensive in the western front,” he said.

General Berhanu Jula, who was appointed on Sunday as Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, confirmed the news that the Ethiopian Defense Force is making advances in the western front in Tigray region.

On Saturday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conveyed similar messages saying the defense force has foiled all TPLF force attempts to launch attack in the western front.

TPLF leaders did not deny that some towns near the Gondar region of Ethiopia that were under TPLF are now under the control of the defense force.

In an interview with Dimtsi Woyane, pro-TPLF media based in Tigray, a few days ago the organizations’ spokesperson and fierce critic of prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Getachew Reda nodded to the report that Ethiopian Defense Force has controlled some places in the area mentioned above. But for him that is not worth mentioning. “Gains in the early stage of a war does not define the outcomes of it,” he said.

Ethiopian government started military operations in the Tigray region on Wednesday this week after an alleged TPLF attack on the northern front in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

TPLF denies that it has attacked the northern front. It has a different narrative: “the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force opted to fight alongside the people of Tigray against Abiy Ahmed’s unitarist block.”

The Federal government carried out an airstrike on Friday near Mekelle city targeting rockets and missiles and the Prime Minister claimed that operation has successfully neutralized those weapons.

However, TPLF denies that too. While expressing interest in negotiation, Debretsion Gebremichael said that Tigray still has strategic weapons at its disposal with a  capacity to attack targets more than 700 kilometers away from the region.

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