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Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front massacred at least 200 ethnic Amhara

Authorities linked what they called barbaric massacre of unarmed civilians in Guliso, West Wollega, to Oromo Liberation Front armed wing.

Amhara Genocide _ Guliso Wollega

November 2, 2020 

At least 200 unarmed ethnic Amharas are reportedly massacred in a brutal manner in West Wollega, Ethiopia. It is established by government authorities that the military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is behind the massacre. An unspecified number of people are also wounded, some with life-threatening conditions. 

Bodies were not collected and relatives of the victims had been pleading to authorities in the region to help collect littered bodies in the hope of organizing a funeral. 

According to a report by Gobeze Sisay, a journalist working for ESAT, the incident happened on Sunday in the evening in Guliso district of West Wollega. 

An estimated 40 OLF gunmen called ethnic Amhara residents in Dila Golala and Sekjerbi kebeles in Gulala district of West Wollega for a meeting and they opened fire on them. 

A report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) indicates that the Oromo regional state confirmed the massacre of ethnic Amharas although the number of casualties is unspecified.  There had been attempts by the regional government in the past to hide targeted attacks against Amhara.

The regional government also claims that the OLF Military wing is launching attacks like these ones in coordination with TPLF. 

However, there are speculations that Oromo Liberation Front is coordinating attacks in collaboration with its sympathizers in the Oromo regional state whose head is Shimeles Abdissa who is believed to be a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist. 

Some social media sources say that the Ethiopian Defense Force was deployed to the region for months due to the armed activities of the Oromo Liberation Front and that the incident happened following its withdrawal from the region. Who ordered the withdrawal and why? These are questions that the government needs to answer. 

The non-stop massacre of ethnic Amhara in different parts of Ethiopia – primarily in Oromo region, Benishangul, and South Ethiopia has been a hallmark of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

In late October 2020, at least 31 ethnic Amharas were massacred in Gurafarda, South Ethiopia.

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  1. I think Abiys militory is behind this.The neoneftegna goverment will do everthing in his power to create tension between ethnic groups to stay in power.This mafia group has lost support in everypart of ethiopia,the only support it was amhara region but is loosing its suport there too.I think the goverment has to do such coward and brutual killings to gain the lost amhara supporters.

    • “Kebede Oda” must be a suspected TPLF operative! The language used seems to be exact copy and paste from TPLF cohorts/supporters/members. TPLF knows the coming armageddon on itself and is working 24/7 in attempt to take the rest of Ethiopia down with it.

  2. Now they want us (Amharas) to go out and demonstrate and rebel against the Government so they will throw a bomb and kill more Amharas. Be aware the people of Amharas, I know you are angry and i can tell you that i am very angry too but be calmed, don’t do anything with anger, there will be a time for Amharas and it will not be long.

    Stand firm! We will be united again as one. There is No Ethiopia without Amhara. Either we will live together or die.

  3. How anyone with sane mind condone this savagery? But just look at this bigots are making of it? In stead of coming out right condemning it they are questioning us how come other killings were not as publicized. They are like ‘So what?’ Or worse yet, they point their fingers at others such as government forces as who did it. Some of them are out there calling the report as fake news. Mind you these are not just ordinary individuals but are known to be ‘highly educated’ experts. So what?????? Are you telling me these are ordinary Oromos? If you are, then you know diddly about my Oromos. Those who escaped from and survived the massacre were telling us all how other Oromos hid them in their homes and saved them from the killers and provided them passage to safety. Those who committed this barbaric act are Ted Buddy’s of the third kind who happened to be born to Oromo parents. These deniers and doubters are nothing but demons who are walking around in human flesh and clothing right here among us. I wish they were not even born. May Allah forgive me for saying that!!!!

  4. Egypt wins again by sponsoring these thugs to create ethnic violence,
    The silly Ethiopian populace keeps saying Oromo did this and Amhara did that.

  5. What I am hearing again and again from news sources quoting those who survived the massacre is this. The savage killing was carried out immediately after the federal defense forces left the area. This has been common sequence of events when mass killings were inflicted on innocent civilians. I remember reading similar stories about the massacres in the early 1990’s. Government forces leave the area then Dawud Ibsa’s hooligans come in and murder innocent civilians en masse. In all cases the excuse for the Ten Bundy’s was/has been ‘you have been talking to the government forces about us’. Somebody in the federal forces must have been setting up the civilians for this savage act. Somebody who knows talking to the civilians will incense the thugs hiding not too far in the nearby bushes. He would hold meetings after meetings with the civilians and have open discussions about how to fight the thugs. It is a given that civilians would feel safe and protected when they see well armed soldiers in their village. They would open up what the thugs have done to them, how they look like and which directions they left just before government forces moved in. All this could have reached the ears of the thugs through their human listening posts in and around that village. They wait until the soldiers move out and then they descend upon the innocent unarmed civilians with deadly impunity. I suspect this could have been what exactly happened. It is the same old routine.


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