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Eskinder Nega : “History Will Absolve Me”

“History Will Absolve Me” (Spanish: “LA historia me)

Eskinder Nega _ Ethiopia
Eskinder Nega (Mereja TV)

By: Ewnetu Sime
August 03, 2020

Eskinder is a pioneer of human rights and social justice defender. He opposes war and violence in any form. Eskinder has demonstrated his position in these issues for the past 28 years.  He is a fearless peaceful fighter and believes peace could only be achieved through peaceful protests, dialogue and reconciliation.  The brutal TPLF dictatorial regime harassed, intimidated, beat-up, tortured and  jailed him multiple times. He survived the TPLF’s harsh treatment in that dark era. After all these, he never budged  and in fact he became stronger.. He has demonstrated that he is set for lifetime devotion and work for human rights, justice and equality until achieving a lasting peace in Ethiopia . Eskinder has an inspiring personal story and hero who stood against dictators and advocates for just a political system.

As TPLF left Addis Ababa, most of us overwhelmingly happy that the villains of our past has gone  and social justice will be restored;, a sudden surge of unification surfaced among people. Unfortunately, this has not lasted long.   Under the “new” EPRDF which replaced the former TPLF led EPRDF preached full of empty rhetoric with less social justice. In Oromia regional state, similar to  Al-Shabab, extremist Oromo group flourished. As result, millions of non-oromo people killed, properties damaged, displaced.  Many fled and have faced economic hardship. The  new regime has shown little or no  effort to stop this vicious. The violation of human rights and the rule law have continued in intensified manner. Under this stressful conditions, Eskinder established  grassroots organization called Balderas  to deal with social problems the country faced. His organization has started highlighting the dire situation in Ethiopia in peaceful manner.

Ethiopians have witnessed the regime  preventing Eskinder from calling a public meeting and preventing him from organizing rallies. Eskinder fought the ethnically based Addis Ababa administration led by Engineer Takel Euma by standing for very poor citizens which the administration forced them out from  their houses and makeshift shelters. In an unprecedented manner, his organization was prevented even to provide basic necessities to these poor Addis Ababa residents, which women and children are the most affected.   He was held on and off by police unlawfully for these humanitarian efforts. 

Eskinder traveled overseas to explain his vision for Ethiopia and to strengthen a support group for his  grassroot organization. He  reported his worst fear to the United Nation human right section that the extremist group they call themselves Oromo-“Querro” are  secretly organizing themselves  to commit ethnic cleansing to non-Oromo people in the Oromia region.  His fear took place in many parts of Oromo  regions immediately after the artists Hachalu Hundessa assassination. After Hachalus was killed by an extremist ethnic group on 29June2020, the regime threw Eskinder in jail with the assassin group. It is clear that the regime’s intent is to silence him with  a phony investigation. 

It is certain that the pendulum will swing in favor of his principle to free all Ethiopian from an oppressive system. Eskinder has committed to continue working for noble cause   i.e. social justice for all Ethiopians.  Recently we watched him on news on several court appearances. He is a determined person and nothing hard for him and will survive this ordeal. Eskinder will defend himself successfully with whatever the regime accused of him.  As late  Cuba leader, once said during his trial under  Batista’s dictatorial regime.” History Will Absolve Me” (Spanish:” LA historian me). History will absolve Eskinder too.

Ethiopia shall prevail

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  1. “History is written by the victors”

    In YOUR (neftagna )history yes he will be absolved.

    Eskendar nega is nothing but a stooge of so called “solomonic dynasty”. If possible he bring back the very dead monsters like menilik and Hailesilase.


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