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Tigray authorities reject Ethiopian Upper House warning over election

Tigray regional state authorities said that the Ethiopian House of Federation does not have a constitutional right to warn Tigray over election

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Graphics credit : Tigray Region Communications Office

August 3, 2020 

Last week, the Ethiopian House of Federation (Upper House) sent a letter to the Tigray regional state demanding the authorities in the region to immediately stop the move to conduct an election in the region.  The House said so on grounds that regional election violates the constitution of the country. 

Also, it was mentioned in the letter that the sixth general election is postponed based on a recommendation from a Constitutional Inquiry Commission after the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that it cannot undertake an election due to the Coronavirus situation. 

Tigray regional state sent a response letter to the House of Federation.  In a letter dated August 3, 2020, the letter said that the process and the outcome of the exercise to extend the election violates the constitution and that the regional state opposed it at the time. 

The warning letter to the Tigray Region National Council “has no constitutional base,” said the letter from the Tigray region. 

The response also said that “Tigray regional state and the people of Tigray vehemently oppose it” for it contradicts what it called the sovereign rights of “Peoples, Nations, and Nationalities.”  

It cited article 8 (sections 2 and 3) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia constitution as an expression of the “sovereignty of People’s Nations & nationalities.”

The letter exploited the controversial article 39 of the constitution. It said “peoples, nations, and nationalities,” have the right for self-government and self-determination up to and including session, and that the right is not restricted even under circumstances of the state of emergency situation, according to the letter from Tigray Region. 

Authorities in Tigray said, as expressed in the letter, that the House of Federation does not have a constitutional right to warn the Tigray Regional State not to conduct an election. 

Ethiopia _ Tigray

Meanwhile, in what seems to be a show of power and militarism, the regional state undertook a massive military parade in the streets of Mekelle, the seat of the regional state, and marched to the stadium in the city. The region’s special forces and militia units in the region took part in it displaying light and heavy weapons. Tens of thousands of people were crowded in the stadium despite the coronavirus numbers in the region are spiraling up. 

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  1. Wow!!! These ‘soldiers for independence’ don’t play around. They mean business. I suggest the Whisky Rebellion as their mantra. They may have proven for themselves that human blood does not mean crap. They see it as a huge budding red rose. You see, when you keep telling past ‘sacrifices’ to young people day in and day out, you create a fantasy, an urge for a sacrifice’ for whatsoever reason. It shows they are begging for a war!!! Then you will see their conniving leaders roaming the hallways of Al-Qahirah’s, Riyadh’s, Doha’s and Dubai’s panhandling for bread crumbs. You remember a delegation led by the late PM arriving in Tripoli in the 1980’s and belching ‘We also are Arabs!!!’ It is reported that sacks of sugar and ‘burees’ along shoulder fired munitions came in flowing and continued until Gaddafi changed his mind to side with Mengistu. The leaders of these misguided young people have a long history of jumping jack for whoever is in the kitchen in any given day.

  2. All that show of military is built using looted resources from the rest of Ethiopia. Soon that flow will dry up, and TPLF will be back recruiting poor farmers for a rebellion.

    Also, their claim of overthrowing Derg’s military is not fully true either. The Derg would have fallen anyway as Soviet was collapsing.

  3. Shortly! No one can interrupt our Election. We don’t care about Ethiopia, it is their choice and it is our choice to. So don’t care about Tigray. We are enough for ourselves. We need freedom!

    • Good. Ethiopia does not need Tigray either. So please stop meddling in the relations between Amhara and Oromo which was good for centuries until now. We will see how you will all survive in those barren lands once you are cutoff from the Ethiopia you hate so much.

  4. If holding an election is deemed to be an extremely dangerous Coronavirus health hazard as the Federal government says it is, then the federal government needs to take all measures even military actions to stop the election from taking place in Tigray.

    People of Tigray should not be exposed to the extremely dangerous CoronaVirus spread just because the federal government is scared to use military force now.

    If election is held in Tigray and if the future the federal government tries not to acknowledge the results of this election goes on trying to hold another election by voiding the results of this election which the regional government is about to hold in Tigray, it is a recepie for an all our civil war which will bring huge losses in the future that is why currently it needd to be properly addressed rather than just letting this Tigray election controversy go on without resolution. Also CoronaVirus does not have any boundaries, in notime the extremely dangerous spread of the CoronaVirus will travel to other parts of Ethiopia out of Tigray if this election will be held, bringing huge proportion of deaths in all parts of Ethiopia.

    That is why if the Federal government fails to stop the election in Tigray it shows that the Ethiopian federal government is weak unable to perform it’s duties and needs to form a stronger transitional or care taker government ASAP, a government who can better handle the duties of the federal government.

    Between the Oromia regional government’s Liyu Hayil and the Tigray regional government’s Liyu Hayil more than 75% of the total Ethiopian military personnel is accumulated, a huge increase percentage wise from just two years ago, the federal government needs to ask for Oromia Liyu Hayil’s assistance to stop the regional government of Tigray so the Tigray regional government will be forced to cancel the election knowing the federal government is not budging.But if the federal government fails to stop this election from being held in Tigray it would be the final straw for PM Abiy Ahmed’s administration, history will remember him for his failures .

  5. Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. The great visionary leader Meles Zenawi didn’t spend too much emphasis on the GERD negotiations with Egypt and Sudan but instead took actions building the military budget and securing military weapons to protect Ethiopia from foreign aggression. TPLF got many educated highly skilled military leaders and disciplined fighters as seen in the military parade held in Mekele recently. Abiy rather than wasting time holding talks again and again with Egypt and Sudan , facilitated by different moderators for no avail , he should negotiate with TPLF about the Tigray election controversy , at a time when Tigray’s election controversy is boiling it will be a suicide for the Ethiopian government to participate in a GERD negotiation brokered by Eritrea.

    The timing of when Egypt and Sudan chose to withdraw from AU brokered GERD negotiation shows they are seting up for the federal government of Ethiopia to go on negotiate at the Eritrea brokered GERD negotiation creating anger and frustration in Tigray against Abiy Ahmed for letting Eritrea involve in such sensitive regional / national security matter which will inturn weaken Ethiopia’s military muscle because TPLF military will further boycott serving the Abiy Ahmed’s federal government which is exactly what Egypt and Sudan want. Egypt and Sudan know the military science scholars are concentrated in Tigray . Lemma , ABA Dulla , Abiy and the Oromiya Liyu Hayil … are not enough unless TPLF is siding with them, the Amara scholars were broken at the “Amara Coup De Tat” , if TPLF is against Abiy then it would be a walk in the park for Egypt and Sudan so Abiy Ahmed should carefully take his next steps , he should not jump into Eritrea brokered GERD negotiation. He might as well get into Arab League brokered GERD negotiation rather than risking Tigray’s assistance in this time of Tigray’s election controversy, by stepping into Eritrea brokered GERD negotiation.

  6. Edit – I am sure you want to get the best solution for the GERD issue, and that is good. But as long as the agenda of TPLF remains ethnic-divided Ethiopia, it should not be invited into the negotiation.

  7. Tigray is a land of warriors. Time and time again they have lasted through every obstacle. TPLF freed Ethiopia from oppression and gave every Tribe its own resources, but unfortunately corruption failed many regions.

    Meles and his leadership grew Ethiopia into one of Africa’s strongest countries economically and militarily. Yes I am Tigray, but I’m not trying to be prideful. These are just the facts.


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