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Hate message : Ethiopians formed network to launch campaign to deter it

Hate speech and hate video messages have done their share of damage in Ethiopia where an institutionalized ethnic based political system led to radicalized ethnic nationalism

July 21, 2020

Ethiopians living outside of the country, mainly in the western world, have formed a network to launch a campaign to hold individuals conveying hate messages accountable. 

The action is born out of a conviction that hate speeches and messages on social media and other media outlets (like Oromia Media Network to be specific) have contributed to the latest massacre in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. Looked closely, the attacks seem to have an ethnic cleansing agenda. Yet, at some point, it meanders to what appears to be religious-based attacks in some parts of the Oromo region.

Neamin Zeleke, who is one of the coordinators of the campaign, told BBC Amharic that the network has various committees working in the areas of law, diplomacy, IT, and Social media.  It draws membership from politicians, intellectuals, activists, and civic organizations from the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

The network aims to work towards contributing to the stability of Ethiopia by holding individuals and organizations that disseminate hate messages responsible through a number of ways.  


Savage massacre of at least 240 innocent civilians in the days following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa in the Oromo region has shocked Ethiopians in the country and abroad.

It is impossible to say that it came as a surprise for an aggressive and radicalized ethnic nationalism that has been raging in the region for quite some time now.  There have been numerous ethnic-based attacks in several universities in different parts of Ethiopia to a point where the government was compelled to close universities temporarily well before the coronavirus pandemic.

In October 2019, another incident targeting non-ethnic Ethiopians unfolded in the Oromo region of Ethiopia just because a radical activist, Jawar Mohammed, claimed that his life was in danger because the government withdrew security details. More than 86 people who have nothing to do with the alleged decision of withdrawing his security detail were massacred in the Oromo region while the activist was living in an affluent neighborhood in the capital Addis Ababa. 

The latest round of massacre which claimed over 240 lives and caused the destruction of properties worth billions of birr bears the same trait. The victims are non-ethnic Oromo. If they are not Oromos, they are followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox church based on the investigation from the region’s security authorities.

Why these victims had to be attacked when they have nothing to do with the assassination of Hachalu Hundesa in the capital Addis Ababa seems puzzling on the surface. However, looking at the pattern of hate preaching that has been going on for years which framed  a certain group of people living in the Oromo region (the buzzword is neftegna), it is clear that there the attacks are inspired by a radical ethnic nationalist ideology which many tend to fame as “Oromo revolution.”

More dangerous than those who carry a sharpened machete are those radical nationalists who live in the Diaspora. When the news of Hachalu Hundessa killing was heard, it did not take them hours to frame the tragic incident as the “works of neftegna” although police investigation revealed evidence later that points that the singer was killed in the course of a power struggle between radical Oromo nationalists and the moderate one who profess that they struggle for equal rights of the Oromos within a united Ethiopia. Findings from the preliminary police investigation revealed that Oromo Liberation Front-Shane (the radical Oromo group that is the rallying point for “Oromo revolution” and Oromo protest)  have orchestrated the killing of Hachulu Hundessa, an Oromo himself, who was said to have a conviction for respect for the rights of others living in the Oromo region and for United Ethiopia.

Dozens of hate messages (both in video and text formats) were shared on social media by radical ethnic Oromo activists hours after the news of Hachalu’s killing was confirmed. They openly called for burning “neftegas” alive. As it turns out, the radicalized, heartless and gullible youth in the Oromo region carried out what they were advised to do. It is confirmed from state media that five family members are among those savagely massacred.

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  1. My Ethiopian brothers and sisters, I’m ecstatic and proud of you, about your formation of networks to launch campaign, to deter hate speech and video messaging being spearheaded by Ethiopia’s traditional and historical enemies from within and without to divide, create civil disobedience, strifes, civil wars and so forth, to destroy our beloved motherland ETHIOPIA as well as whipping it from the maps off the world. It’s at most important to our country to discredit, dismantle the falsehood and propaganda being directed to our society and must fight back fires with fires, I’m grateful to you for taking this incentives, extremely important majors in protecting motherhood ETHIOPIA, you’re truly the sons and daughters of your Courageous forefathers, GOD bless you, GOD bless ETHIOPIA .

  2. Prof. Ezekiel Gebissa at Kettering university in the USA,is an evil ,hate mongering scumbag should be referred to federal authorities.

  3. There should be a legal wing too, like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), that sues racists who encourage and fund criminal activities.

    Do you remember, the Ethiopian brother Berhanu Seraw who was killed by Skinheads in Portland?. SPLC sued the Skinhead leaders and organization and put them out of business with a fine of $12.5 million. Ethiopians or Oromos who are promoting such hate and ethnic cleansing should be sued in a civil court, as well as charged criminally. The best place to start is by suing the so-called and hate mongering prof. Ezekiel for ethnic cleansing, loss of life and for civil damages. Of course, someone has to document everything including the mayham in Shashamene and other cities to stick it to him. Probably include the university in the suit for supporting and fostering such racist and hateful person in their organization.

  4. Unfortunately, Neamin Zeleke has little credibility when it came to reporting human rights abuses. It is interesting Neamin did not mention Eskinder Nega (former Derg founding member Major Dawit Woldegiorgis) whose speeches are peppered with hate and lawlessness. Ethiopian politics would remain volatile as long as individuals like Eskinder and Jawar are around. I am glad both are apprehended. I suggest Prime Minister Abiy to appoint a Commission of Inquiry into Burayu massacre.

  5. Does this apply to Amhara hate speech ! !

    It depends on
    who is in the organization?
    Who are the leaders?
    Is it an inclusive organization?
    Are the members only from Amharic and orthodox church?
    How many muslims are represented?.

    If not please dont call it ETHIOPIANS call it AMHARAS

    Proof tbe organization, and we will figure it out if it is another Neftagna ideology to silence opponents.

  6. Right on Jamal, as you very well articulated the issue, it’s because these egregious criminals are not held accountable for their actions, and undoubtedly for the terrorism they commit against the people of ETHIOPIA, other terrorist follow their path due to lack of persecution and no consequential punishment accordingly and therefore violence keeps on reappearing in our country, you remember the law enforcement was lending government provided weapons to the people that was killing the innocent people of ETHIOPIA , rather than protecting them, that’s terrorism and grand treason and the punishment should be death penalty, however, I have no doubt in my mind those treasonous human garbages got away with murder, terrorism as well as treason. GOD bless ETHIOPIA.

  7. Deterring hate message got the potential to breed haters who bottle up their hates inside who keep their hate a secret who wait for unexpected time and commit hate crimes against the unsuspecting thrusting individuals.

    Currently in Ethiopia numbers of peadophiles are growing even the nber of cases where a peadophile father rapeing his own daughters at an early age in Ethiopia is growing which shows the new growing culture of Ethiopians attacking unsuspecting thrusting individuals in Ethiopia is growing.

  8. Subject: “Hate message : Ethiopians formed network to launch campaign to deter it” borkena, July 21, 2020

    Commentary, 23 July 2020

    I read the Article carefully, slowly and found myself shaking my head at the end of my reading. And an Amharic word pops out of my myself to myself. The word is ትዝብት ።
    The foundation of the Article is way back when Ethiopians of varied ethnicity were treated in a derogatory manner. WE ALL KNOW WHAT I AM TRYING To POUR OUT but unable to get words for the CRUELTY that was practiced in Ethiopia by Ethiopians upon Ethiopians , based on race, religion etc.

    Something pops out out in mind mind: a little story out of conversation between two friends who work in the same organization: An Ethiopian and German. The person who was complaining was the German. The Ethiopian was listening. And the story rolled to me, over time, at a related circumstance of conversation on the subject matter of DISCRIMINATION. Here is what the German said, with mixed sadness and anger from the bottom of his heart. Here are his words:

    Let us admit: There is crucial truth in the emotional statement. The Ethiopian discrimination is best described by Amharic words: ኣጥንት ይሰብራል which means, after such demeaning insult, there is nothing left to the victim other than to feel it and remember it for Life. — with all the consequential hatred and hatched revenge. And the subsequent generations, of course, remember the derogatory expression and treatment to the point that in various sectors the naming of a child reflects the discriminatory treatment of the era in which the victims trying to assimilate to the “superior” race.!!! YES, I fully agree — word by word — with the sentiment of the German described above.

    Now, in 2020, Ethiopians are paying the PRICE for the crime of their anscestors, which, by hook or by crook, will pay heavy price — if they want to have ONE Ethiopia. The choice belongs to the off-springs of yesteryears sinful discriminators. And denying past history is not a solution. The NEW comers are awaiting, determined and fully loaded. Ethiopia is at a cross road: WHICH ONE WILL IT BE? ARROGANCE or WISDOM ?
    Post Script:
    Living abroad in a safe heaven and displaying bravado is not going to help those existing, with daily fear, back Home in jittery ETHIOPIA.

  9. Human garbage ! ! LOL

    what makes you a judge on who is a garbage or not. Surely only the creater can do that.

    I could say the same about you but would it make any difference? No i dont think so.

    I do violence is the answer to any problems and i think peaceful boycott is the way to go. But calling people names ain’t going to change anything .

    • Alebachew

      Fact or opinion ! !

      I dont want to see any destruction of any places of worship whether it is a church or mosque, i dont wamt to see indiscriminate killings of any one period. The only thing i am totaly against is backward ideology of solomonic dynasty where we are meant to believe that they are anointed by God. To be an empirer you have to be from an orthodox church and from certain elite group of people.

      Where are they now dead and buried just like millions of people they brutally marginalized and abused. Maggot does choose with are king or commoner, rich or poor, white or black.

      You can put me any side you want if that would make you happy but please dont lecture us on fact. For centuries you have written history in your favour and the rest of us had to just obey it.
      We all want peace and prosperity, equal rights in the eyes of the law.

  10. borkena Retweeted
    Liya’ና B. Tefferi
    Jul 20
    Awol Allo is losing his marbles Smiling face
    Neftegna ነፍጠኛ will get to your veins cos we have the TRUTH.

    OLFites are so nervous, lost & confused to the point where they went to TPLF for solidarity? Its like Jews trusting Nazis Flushed face


  11. I don’t know how this will produce any result with such cooks running the kitchen. The effort is commendable but I wish it was initiated by those with unquestionable past, say new faces. I don’t think this will go past another publicity stunt. Personally, I wanna see new and fresh blood leading such blessed effort to bring those who called for the massacre of innocent citizens. These are nothing but terrorists and should face the full weight of international and USA laws.

  12. There is no RACE DIFFERENCES In mother land ETHIOPIA, but only ETHNIC DIFFERENCES, which I personally consider a gift from GOD, as if to authenticate ETHIOPIA as a cradle of mankind.

    For those who are in the tsunami of confusion and delusion due to the false historical aspects and propaganda being disseminated by ETHIOPIA’s traditional and historical enemies, must and should reconsider their thoughts, engagements of hate mongering, civil strifes, anti ETHIOPIAN propaganda and so forth. We are all ETHIOPIANS by virtue of scientific evidence (DNA) and or by religious, biblical foretelling beyond the shadows of the doubt.

  13. It’s not a judgment, it’s as matters of facts that, based upon the did of those who are promoting, hate crimes, terrorism, distraction and burning of the sacred churches and caring waters for staunch enemies of our beloved ETHIOPIAN populations, these are facts, as well as a reality, needless to say, you’re on the other side of the fence, until your sanity is fully restored.

  14. The Amhara centered media like esat, and others propagating hate on Oromo people. Now you are steeling the story. Who spread Hate speech and Hate message, the people know but your you are fooling the international community and poor refugees out side the country. The Abyi government allowed your ESAT media and Walta TV to commit crime, such a Hate speeches and propaganda against the Oromo people. You are trying to hide your Criminal act! Mother land ethiopia, is a Hell for Oromo people you know that? It is disgusting, very disgusting that you don’t Stop and see for one minute, that Amhara/Habasha media is enemy to the wider population.


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