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Debretsion sees “activities”near border, possible Election disruption

Debrestion Gebremicael called on people in Tigray region to standby in unity to reverse a possible attempt to disrupt the election that TPLF scheduled to take place in the region

Tigray Ethiopia
Debtetsion Gebremichael / DW Amharic

July 20, 2020

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) chairman and president of the Tigray region, Debretsion Gebremichal, sees a possible move from the Federal government of Ethiopia to  “disrupt the election,” in the region.

He called on people in the region to stand united in the interest of reversing a possible attack.

“Tigray will undertake the election as scheduled by taking experiences from countries who conducted elections during the Coronavirus pandemic,” DW Amharic cited him as saying in a report published on  Monday.

He conveyed the message through media outlets in the region. It is confirmed that Tigray region has the highest number of Coronavirus cases in the country next to the capital Addis Ababa.

Furthermore, he claimed that there are noticeable activities “near the region’s border and adjacent areas ” that are intended to obstruct the election. However, it is unclear as to what entity is making the alleged activity in the region with the intention to “disrupt Tigray’s election.”

The Ethiopian Parliament has postponed the sixth general election until nine months after the Coronavirus is declared that it does not constitute a public health threat anymore. The terms of regional and federal parliament are extended until that time.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has warned that his government will not tolerate any move to conduct an election in any part of Ethiopia.

Last month, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia said that Debretsion’s administration requested The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)  last month to recognize the election to be held in Tigray.

The Board rejected the request saying the Ethiopian Upper House (House of Federation) “has passed a decision on June 10 to extend the terms of the Federal and Regional House Representatives until after 9 to 12 months after a relevant authority declares that Coronavirus poses no risk to the country.”

Debretsion’s call for the people in the Tigray region to defend the “election” came at a time when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrapped up two days working visit to Eritrea.

He also accused the Federal Government of Ethiopia of economic sabotage against the Tigray region. Internet service is restored to industrial parks in the country but not for the industrial park in Tigray which he said is a move to put pressure on investors in the region, as reported by DW Amharic service. 

Furthermore, he talked about attempts to block roads linking Tigray to different parts of the country although it is unclear as to who is involved in that kind of activity.

Federal and Oromo region security forces have implicated TPLF in connection with the killing of Hachalu Hundessa on June 29,2020, in the capital Addis Ababa.

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  1. After the election Chairman Debre goes:

    Dear comrades! Today September blah blah, 2020, I hereby declare the formal establishment of the People’s Republic of Tigray and its Central People’s Government! Beginning today Let Hundreds/Thousand Flowers Bloom!!! Let’s Do The Great Leap Forward!!! Let The Workers of The World Unite!!! We Are Now Well Developed and Socialist, Let the First Era of Communism Shine In the Motherland/Fatherland People’s Republic of Tigray!!! Death to Imperialism!!! Yankees Go Home!!!

  2. These men’s strategy to get support has always been to present Tigray as a fort and a victim surrounded by enemies. Nobody thought of Tigray as the enemy until TPLF came to power and looted the country’s economy while dividing the Ethiopian people.

    Hopefully the young Tigrayans know the facts and try to work towards unity and peace. Until then, they are heading towards isolation and decay of their society.

  3. Subject: “Debretsion sees “activities”near border, possible Election disruption”
    borkena, July 20, 2020

    Commentary.: 22 July 2020
    I am NOT Constitutional Expert by any stretch of imagination. But I am honest [naive as I may be] In my very limited shady knowledge of human affairs.

    So, let me start with the above caveat. First and foremost, my common sense tells me that any country — let alone an ancient country with rich history — can not simply be divided by the whims of individuals (or even a group], and say ‘good-night’, without a single voice from the affected PEOPLE. I hastened to admit a caviate: Individual DICTATORS have done it; are still doing it; and no doubt will do it for ever I.e. enslaving people according to their whims. I am only writing pertaining those States who are are visibly aspiring [or even mimicking] to DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE — NOT to those who have willingly or unwillingly subjected themselves to SLAVERY. Let us be frank: in our Dear Africa, it is a rampant phenomenon. Not only by those semi-illiterate dictators but also by those with top most Degree of Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph D) from well know World Universities. Strange! Very Strange!!! YES, Colonialism was not only occupation and marauding of the physical property and wealth but also the colonization of the AFRICAN MIND, culminating in insidious INFERIORITY complex that makes the victim ever lasting mimicker slave . The European crime upon innocent Africa is so deep that it can never, never, never be completely described in words — it is in the realm of DEEP FEELING of the SOUL. Yes, it is the GREATEST CRIME THAT HAS EVER BEEN PERPETRATED UPON HUMAN BEINGS >>> and, SHOCKING AS IT MAY SOUND, RACISM IS STILL GOING ON IN THE 21st CENTURY. But, I am digressing too far from my intended Commentary on the above titled subject matter.

    It is my SINCERE BELIEF that the PEOPLE of TIGRAI in TOTALITY — as opposed to individual ambitious personality — will maintain the UNITY of ETHIOPIA with TIGRAI as the proudest HISTORICAL CONTRIBUTOR to the DEFENCE and UNITY of ETHIOPIA in totality. This is NOT EMOTIONAL outburst It is historical reality of ETHIOPIA as ONE UNIT to DEFEND ANCIENT ETHIOPIA in its totality, through thick and thin in its long history, as ONE of the FEW OLDEST FREE COUNTRIES around the Globe. Example: Can one imagine the disintegration of Great Britain into multiple pieces?

    With the above background, if the PEOPLE of TIGRAI — openly, freely and democratically — choose to be separate from Ethiopia it goes to reason that the existing “Constitution of Ethiopia” [and any other material related to it] MUST be consulted thoroughly (1). Ignoring such a noble document is inviting anarchy and eventual disintegration of the norms to keep societies in their respective ONE UNIT — ONE COUNTRY — ONE FAMILY..

    With the above desirous background, let us now go into the opposite side of the arguments I.e. destroying the concept of harmonious living infavour of reactionary feelings and whims. So, we have divorce of family and disintegration of Nations into pieces. If we accept these sad options, with open arms, based on individual ambitious dictates, the least we can do is to have civilized process to end the relationship — hurtful as it may be.
    I think, I should STOP here, feeling that I have gone too far. THE END
    (1) By the way, the latest Constitution of Ethiopia was reviewed, revised and approved by Tigrai People’s Liberation Force (TPLF). during the Meles Zenawi Governance. I STAND TO BE CORRECTED WITH SINCERE APOLOGY


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