OLF: The Boko Haram of Ethiopia

By Aman Ahmed
July 11, 2020

Like Boko Haram, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), is conducting barbaric acts such as indiscriminate killing, kidnapping girls, kidnapping university students, burning churches, as well as human beings, worse, it is telling the world that it’s a victim. OLF’s ultimate objective is ethnic cleansing in various cities in the Oromo region with impunity. 

The other false narrative OLF is spreading is that Oromos are oppressed people. That is another lie because since 2018, the Oromos have controlled every echelon of government in Ethiopia, including the Office of the Prime Minister. 

OLF’s second false narrative is that the Ethiopian government is killing Oromos using excessive police force and other tactics. One of the problems in the Oromo region is all the police force is ethnic Oromo and have been coopted by OLF and they have been aiding and abetting the murder of innocent people. 

It tries to falsely compare the plight of the Oromo people with that of African-Americans or “Black Lives Matter”. Unfortunately, what is happening in the ground is chilling and disturbing as masterminded by OLF. Despite this fact, the media is carrying out and promoting OLF’s false narrative instead of exposing its crime, as well as using unsuspecting Oromo youth as assassins. 

The Ethiopian government has not been able to hold a press conference or put out a press release to debunk this false narrative or lie. Ethiopians in America and around the world are being asked if they are an Oromo and if their relatives are being killed by the Ethiopian government or Amharas etc. 

This false narrative by OLF is damaging the image of Ethiopia and Ethiopian people as a whole. The Ethiopian people are known throughout the world as decent and humble people, who don’t burn people, houses or businesses. It is the OLF that is doing it. OLF has to be exposed and should be put on a terrorist list with its leaders charged with crime against humanity like those in Rwanda. Inform your representatives, senators and the State Department immediately to put OLF on a terrorist list like Boko Haram for their indiscriminate killing of people based on ethnicity and religion and for burning churches, humans, homes, banks and buildings. 

In cities like Shashemene, Zeway and others, OLF had a list of people to be killed because of their ethnicity. These people were fathers, mothers, old, young, brothers, sisters and children and have done nothing to deserve being slayed with machetes, bricks, hammer and sticks until their last breath or burned alive. 

This should not be left without consequences. If the Ethiopian government took action during the last massacre orchestrated by Jawar, this mass murder could have been avoided. 

Please stop looking the other way, use social media, write to the newspaper, call your embassy to make sure these criminals are held responsible regardless of their number or power and make sure this does not happen again. In order to do that we have to change the false narrative the OLF is spreading and make sure your congressional representative, the local newspaper and all the media knows the facts on the ground. Get pictures of people burned alive by these monsters, pictures of houses and businesses burned and looted and share it with the media without delay. Let the World know what kind of person Jawar is and what type of organization OLF represents. 

Finally, please record your feelings and your relative’s stories using social media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) to crowd out the lies that they are spreading. We have a responsibility to stand up to this barbaric act and ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia with courage and determination. Otherwise, we should be held responsible as enablers of this heinous crime. 

Last but not least, tell the Ethiopian government through the embassy in Washington and directly to cease using ethnic policing in cities or anywhere in Ethiopia and immediately federalize the police. If not, it has to be held accountable to any future mass murder as a culprit and collaborator. 

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