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Ethiopian Federalist Coalition dismisses TPLF from membership

TPLF is using Ethiopian Federalist coalition as a cover to destabilize Ethiopia, says coalition Chairman

Chairman of Federalist Coalition, Derehe Bekele. ( Photo : ENA)

June 25, 2020

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had an aspiration to emerge as the leader of political forces in the country that call themselves as Federalist Forces.

It had organized about two meetings in Mekelle. Another scheduled meeting in the city was canceled because of the coronavirus situation in the country. The Coalition itself was established in Mekelle.

As it turns out, the ethnic Tigray political organization that claims to exclusively represent people in the Tigray region and dominated Federal government power for over 25 years is losing a political ground even in the Federalist Forces.

On Thursday, Coalition of Ethiopian Federalist Forces disclosed that it has dismissed two political parties and one of them is TPLF. Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU) met with a similar fate.  The coalition has twenty-four members and all, but the dismissed parties have attended the latest meeting.

Ethiopian government media cited the coalition as saying that the two parties were dismissed because they violated the rules that bind the coalition together.

Chairman of the coalition, Dereje Bekele, said TPLF and Ethiopian Democratic Union were operating illegally. The decision was passed during the fourth congress of the coalition which took place in the capital Addis Ababa.  The chairperson also said that members of the coalition have agreed with the decision.

He claimed that the parties were notified that they will be dismissed if they miss a meeting again.

Current affairs in the country and the future of the coalition were among agenda items discussed during the congress.

As the coalition is discussing the organizational structure, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been creating disinformation and confusion – it was said.

Talossa Tesfaye, chairperson of the organizational structure committee in the coalition, said “the party is dividing members of the coalition, and creating pressure,” as reported by state-owned media.

He also said that TPLF is exploiting the coalition as a means to create disability in the country.

Meeting attendance and venue is also an issue, according to a report. The coalition accuses TPLF of missing meetings and insisting that meetings must take place in Mekelle.

TPLF’s decision to conduct an election in the Tigray region without informing the coalition while the election is extended is among the reasons why the coalition dismissed TPLF.

However, the decision letter is not sent yet – perhaps the reason why TPLF has not reacted at this writing.

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  1. Like they said here in 1994: Throw the bums out!!!!

    BTW, who in the dickens are these Coalition of Ethiopian Federalist Forces? Never heard of’em.


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