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Egypt escalates military threat while resorting to UN Security Council over Ethiopian Dam

Egypt sending mixed messages over disagreement on Ethiopian Dam

Ethiopian Dam

June 22, 2020

Egypt abandoned the trilateral meeting with Ethiopia and Sudan on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) this past week.

In stead, it took the matter to the United Nations Security Council before the conclusion of the tripartite talk. Concomitantly, Egypt is escalating what appears to be rhetoric of war. On Saturday, Egyptian president Abdul Fetah Al-Sisi gave an order to the combat unit of his Air Force saying, “Be ready for any mission.”

The Egyptian president is, however, sending mixed messages too. According to a report by CGTN on Sunday, Sisi said his country is committed to dialogue.  “Egypt is committed to dialogue in resolving its dispute with Ethiopia regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam which Addis Ababa has been building on the Blue Nile,” CGTN cited Sisi as saying. 

The Egyptian president linked the resort to the Security Council to the pursuit of peaceful negotiation. “When we moved to the Security Council… that was (because) we are always keen to take the diplomatic and political path until its end,” Sisi said, as quoted by CGTN, during his speech to his air force based in the western part of the country.

On the other hand, Egyptian Media outlets, like Egypt Independent, have started publishing news articles making comparisons between Egyptian and Ethiopian Defense Forces.

Sudan has opposed Egypt’s move to take the matter to the security council. State Minister of Sudanese Foreign Affairs Ministry, Omar Kemerdin, said that Egypt erred when it took the issue of filling and operation to the Security Council while the tripartite negotiation was underway.  The State Minister also told BBC Arabic service that Sudan will not enter into conflict with Ethiopia if Ethiopia starts filling GERD. “Sudan seeks to resolve the issue via diplomatic effort only,” he is cited as saying.

Sudan has a position that the GERD project is not against its national interest. Experts in the field rather see the dam project as something that will benefit Sudan in several ways. However, Sudan wants to reach an agreement with Ethiopia before the filling and operation of the dam and has contributed a lot for the resumption of the tripartite talk which turned out to be another deadlock situation.

Ethiopia plans to fill GERD in July of this year. Land clearing for the water catchment area is expected to kick off this week. At this time, the dam is 74 percent completed, and the entire project is expected to be completed in two years’ time (2022).

Experts said on Monday, during a discussion in Addis Ababa regarding GERD, Egypt’s stand is unjust and infringes on Ethiopia’s right to use its share of the water.  DW Amharic service cited Ambassador Ibrahim Endris as saying that Ethiopia is filling the dam using its share of the Nile river.

Furthermore, he said that Egypt did not consult with Ethiopia (or other Nile riparian countries) when it undertook big projects, including the High Aswan Dam, on the Nile River. On the other hand, Ethiopia has shared information about the project from the beginning and has also invited lower riparian countries to express their views on the project.

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  1. The UN Security Council has no mandate to stop those black folk from harnessing their Allah given natural resources to pull themselves out of abject and grinding property without(underline this for me) causing any short or long term harm to their neighbors near or afar. We all read that the megalomaniac in Cairo has declared war on a sovereign nation of Libya that is recognized as the only legitimate authority by the UN Security Council including the USA. I take that an indirect declaration of war on our old country. Abu Fattal el-Sisi knows better that he would be declaring on the USA if he sends his armed forces into GNA controlled region of Libya. That would by a death knell and the beginning of his undoing. And he SHOULD NOT be allowed to kill innocent black folks using American made fighter jets and missiles. As a matter of fact any of British or French made military hardware either. He better not!!!

  2. First of all it WASN’T A DECLARATION OF WAR !! He wants to protect Egypt’s borders ONLY. look at any map ( maybe you’ll learn some geography ! ) in where Sirte and Juffra are then maybe…. you’ll understand why any country would want to protect its’ borders ! Sadly and funnily I remember in the 80’s when there was an enormous musical event called ” BAND AID ” was created by the biggest british singers and groups (Duran Duran, Queen, Spandau ballet, Wham, Culture Club, The Rolling stones, e.t.c )
    to make a song and concert to help poor hungry Ethiopia all the money made from the sales of this record and concert were to go to Ethiopia to help with their famine ! Wow! Times have changed……from a poor hungry country to a place that wants to have a voice or say in anything. Sad. So sad. And Btw his name is ABDEL FATAH ELSISI.

  3. At the begining, EGRD is not the security issue. Egyptians should read international laws and treaties. Rather, Egyptian the sole hegemony control of the Nile river, is the national security issue for Ethiopia. Becouse 86% of Nile water is from Ethiopia. How it could be fair and equitable use? Egyptians are always working on Ethiopia to be poor and to be poor, not ro use it’s natural resource especially Abay water. Why the Egyptian do it for many century over Ethiopians? We Ethiopians are clearly understood it well. No more cheating, unequal and unfair use of Abay river. We Ethiopians are need to escape from poverty, unfired decision and unequal benefit from the resource. The current Egyptian aggressive unilatral decision concerning blue nile/Abay river to submit to UNSC is indicated that Egyptians are still considered themselves as the sole owner of the Nile river. Which is totally false as well as which is ignored 86% water contributor (Ethiopian). We Ethiopians are need a huge hydroelectric energy to escape from poverty. That is why we Ethiopians are contributing for the construction of the EGRD. Egyptians are always talking about war on it, as an Ethiopian I am ready to it. After war, no more negotiation or cooperation. We will do what we need on Nile river. No one can order Ethiopia over its natural resources as well as how much the country can to use! That is our sovereignty! No one dictate us. What the Arab Legs decided over EGDD is unfair, unequal, unethical, unfaithful and unilateral for Ethiopian peoples those who are well come prophet Mohammed followers! I think it is time to change the old true thinking of Ethiopians which considered as all are equal in every things. Especially, in using of the Abay river. We Ethiopian should use the Abay river and it’s tributary waters as much as we can for our life to escape from poverty. It is our only solution! Don’t wait Ethiopian government as well as any regional government. They make you poor and to be poor with out any support. Time tell us to use it at every corners of Abay water as well as contributors of river sits as much as we can for our basic need. To save our life as well as our family.

  4. I don’t understand; I really don’t. There is a limit to every thing in Life. There is a limit to how far one can keep on cajoling a country which receives water from neighbour in addition to its own lake?

    Egypt will NEVER negotiate willingly with any Black Skin African If this statement is offensive I am sorry. But honestly, seriously, I believe on what I write. By the way, I am BLACK AFRICAN, through and through. .

    Egypt has the most negative attitude towards Black Africans that will never change. It can negotiate, for example, with white skin Great Britain — even on matters pertaining to African Resource!!!!!!! YES, the negative attitude of Egypt towards Black Skin Africans is so entrenched, for time immemorial, that in the psyche of the Egyptian mind the Black Skin African is NOT entitled to his own resources!!!! . How else could one explain Egypt’s negative attitude to the necessity of having to sit down for civilized dialogue, pertaining to the Blue Nile. In my honest opinion — without the knowledge of intricate international relationship — Ethiopia should go ahead with its programme pertaining to its Blue Nile for the economic development for its extraordinary PATIENT Ethiopian People. There is a limit to everything — whether one likes it or not. (1) THE END

    (1) Unusual THINGS happened — and still happening — upon the most patient, docile and pure hearted BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE. Dear Reader: Just ponder over what is happening to black skin Africans all over the Globe, where white skin creatures are engaged in the crusade of elimination of ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE’ venture to eradicate the Black SKIN Race from the surface of the Earth.


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