Ethiopia: Bezabeh Petros “died of a natural cause in Asmara,”says Eritrean News source

An Eritrean News source that is said to have insider information about developments in Eritrea, Eritrean Press, reports that Ethiopian fighter pilot Bezabeh Petros died of “a natural cause in Asmara.”

Bezabih Petros in his Ethiopian Air Force uniform. Photo : SM

June 7, 2020

In a news story that is meant to explain Ayder School airstrike which happened in 1998, Eritrean Press disclosed as to what happened Bezabeh Petros – Ethiopian fighter pilot who was taken a prisoner of war in the same year while on a mission in Eritrea.

Eritrean Press claims that Bezabeh Betros was on an airstrike mission on Asmara Airport  flying MiG-23 and that the jet he was flying was shot down by  “Eritrea’s heavy anti-aircraft batteries.”

According to the source, the incident happened on June 6, 1998.  

Regarding the question as to what happened the pilot, the Eritrean news source wrote the following : 

“The jet’s pilot, Captain Petros Bezabeh caught again for the second time by Eritreans who had let him go free after the first capture. He died several years later in Asmara from a natural cause after he was medically treated by the international Red Cross doctors. Weyane was informed of his passing away by the International Red Cross but kept it secret.” 

Based on the Eritrean news source narrative, Bezabeh Petros ( the brother of Beyen Petros who is one of the prominent political figures in Ethiopian opposition quarter) died a natural cause in Asmara “several years after he was captured.” 

The Eritrean News source also claimed that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders were informed about his death. 

His whereabouts were unknown for a long time. Now the Eritrean News source, which seems to have insider information on developments and news in Eritrea (there is also a claim that it is funded by the Eritrean government which Eritrean Press denies) Eritrean, declared him dead. 

Based on the news information from an Eritrean source, it is well over a decade since Ethiopian Pilot Bezabih Petros lost his life in Asmara

There has been a demand forwarded to the Eritrean government to disclose information about Ethiopian hero Bezabeh Petros. 

The information from the Eritrean press regarding his death is not confirmed from official government sources, and Ethiopian government is yet to confirm it. 

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