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Meet Ethiopian priest who toils for the construction of a mosque

May 23, 2020

Ethiopia has experienced a terrible violence and chaos that manifested itself under the cover of region. Mosques have been burned. Churches have been burnt. It has happened in north Ethiopia. It has happened in the South and South East.

The chaos was the works of politics and had nothing to do with religious in the context of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is known for religious tolerance. Not only that the first Hejira was to the Ethiopian kingdom. Ethiopia has maintained the values of religious tolerance for most part of its history although there were some exceptions.

The good news is that religious tolerance (if it is not understatement) is well and alive in Ethiopia.

Aba Akilelemariam is a priest of Ethiopian Church ( Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.) He has been toiling to help build a mosque. On the occasion of Eid al Fitr, he shared why he did so. (The interview is in Amharic)

Part II below

Video : embedded from Arts TV Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. You just can’t top that!!! This is how we are when we are left alone.

    Wishing you all protection from the current specter and lasting peace on this Blessed Day!!!


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