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Sudanese Delegation in Ethiopia for “political consultation”

Sudanese delegation arrived at a time when there is reports incursions by Sudanese forces in North Western Ethiopia

Sudanese Delegation _ Ethiopia
Sudanese Delegation upon arrival at Bole International Airport. Photo credit : MFAE

May 14, 2020

Days after Sudan declined a partial agreement for the first phase filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD); a high-level Sudanese delegation arrived in Ethiopia on Friday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said that the delegation is in Ethiopia for what it called “a two-day Ethio-Sudan high-level political consultation,” which will start on Saturday.

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) report on Friday indicates that the consultation is concerning the border issue between the two countries, and seemingly regular consultations

Meanwhile, the Sudanese military is reportedly hassling agribusiness investors in Matera region, in the North-Western part of the country.

A report by DW Amharic service on Friday quoted agribusiness investors in Armachiho and Quara districts as saying “Sudanese army stationed in the area is obstructing our agricultural activity.”

West Armachiho District Deputy Head, Gizachew Dereje, reportedly confirmed to DW Amharic service that armed Sudanese forces committed an act of aggression against Ethiopian farmers who were clearing a farm but the problem was controlled before serious damage was done. The incident happened on Wednesday, this week, according to the report.

The source also cited some residents of Quara anonymously (unclear why they spoke anonymously) that investors engaged in agriculture are unable to carry out their activity. They also said that the army is reinforcing the position and digging trenches in the Endiblo area of the region, which they say is causing concern for residents in the region.

Moreover, the residents said that Ethiopian forces were in Tumet and Mendok areas (close by to the incursion area) but did not respond to the aggression. 

Quara district police office head, Inspector Damtew Molla, said that the Sudanese forces are where they were two or three years ago but they are fortifying their positions from time to time.  Furthermore, he said that they have crossed the Guang river and have been stationed in Afdera – an area that is said to be within Ethiopian administration.

The border issue has become sensitive and noticeably a concern for people in the region. Renowned Ethiopian-American philologist with an in-depth knowledge of Ethiopian history, Getatchew Haile, said that the Ethio-Sudanese border should be like the US-Canada border. There are many reasons for that, and one of them is that the two people have blood relations,he said in article he published in Amharic on Zehabesha in this week.

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  1. Minister of Peace of Ethiopia , Muferiat Kamil should head the Ethiopian delegation that “consults” with the delegates of the Sudanese military government.


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