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Nigerian man arrested in Ethiopia over bank fraud worth more than $US 110 mln

Five Ethiopians who allegedly worked with the Nigerian man, to facilitate the fraud, are reportedly arrested

Ethiopian Intelligence _ Nigerian man

May 10, 2020

On Sunday, Ethiopian intelligence claims that it has foiled banking fraud worth over $US 110 million. The attempt was made using an unspecified international money transfer system.

According to state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the suspects allegedly coordinated to withdraw money from the Bank account of Mr. Neil Charles – who is said to reside in California. Based on the narrative from the intelligence department, as reported by FBC, the suspects tried to withdraw money from the Finefine branch of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia pretending as if Mr. Neil Charles authorized payout for the stated amount.

The Nigerian man who allegedly coordinated the crimes is identified as Adeymi Aderemi Abdulrafiu. He has been living in a guest house in the Bole area of Addis Ababa for more than a year. According to intelligence officials, the suspect was networking for and coordinating the fraud during his stay in the country.

Ethiopian intelligence was following up on the suspect during these times. He and his collaborators were caught inside the bank as they tried to withdraw the first round of funds in the amount of nearly 61 million Ethiopian birr.

He recruited Ethiopians with IT expertise and experience in the sector. According to the FBC report, five Ethiopians are arrested along with the Nigerian man. Their identities are undisclosed.

Addis Ababa police and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia authorities cooperated with the intelligence department to foil the crime.

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