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Tigray Prosperity Party vows that TPLF’s monopoly of power ends after September

Tigray Prosperity _ Ethiopia
Nebiyu Sehul Mikael, Tigray Prosperity Party office head. Photo credit : Prosperity Party

May 8, 2020

Nebiyu Sehul Mikael is head of Tigray Prosperity Party office. In a statement, he shared on Friday; he said that his party has a legal, moral, and popular legitimacy.

After September 30, he asserts, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) sole power in the region will come to an end. “Who is to administer after that,”? he asked.

And then he answered it himself: “It is easy. It is the Prosperity party and prosperity government. It has multifaceted authority to govern Ethiopia, and it is an expression of the destination of the reform measure underway,” he said.

Given the position of TPLF and its willingness to go to war to defend what it calls “the interest and people of Tigray,” chances are it is not going to be as easy as Nebiyu Sehul Michael’s assertion.

TPLF has issued a statement this week saying that it will have its own election in the Tigray region. Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, Birtukan Mideksa, said that TPLF authorities in the region do not have a constitutional right to conduct an election in Tigray.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on his part conveyed a thirty minutes long video message on Thursday this week. He said his government will be forced to take action against those who are intending to have an election against the constitution and the decision of the election board.

There is a possible conflict which might take a military form; many Ethiopians tend to see it that way if TPLF insists on going ahead with organizing elections in the Tigray region.

Ethiopia has canceled the general election which was scheduled to take place in August due to the Coronavirus situation.

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  1. The mistakes after mistakes that goes on in the federal government and the Defense Forces is unacceptable by any national standards of ethics or even international standards of ethics .

    Abiy attacks or makes mistakes after mistakes then he says “those who complain pick on my mistakes are those who never had a job in their lives.” Abiy’s intentional attacks which he covers up as mistakes whenever confronted are endless, regardless how many or how severe the consequences of his attacks are, he minimizes them as “mistakes” whenever caught red handed .

    Ethiopian Defense Forces shot down a tiny civilian airplane in Somalia then claim it was a mistake. It is not even a fighter jet ,maybe the soldiers worried the small plane would crash in to them as the world trade center terrorists plane did or they were hoping to rob the plane or they just were too bored. But for whatever reason they made a “mistake” and shot down a plane out of the sky in Somalia which was in a humanitarian mission from Kenya .

    Now PP is about to run in an election in Tigrai and maybe we will hear it was a mistake again from Dr. Abiy again about it , for that matter I don’t know why all other opposition’s donot run for an election in Tigrai then , when the time comes if confronted by the transitional government they can too say it was a mistake , Case Closed .

  2. The brilliant great leader who is groomed very well to become the next President of Tigrai State , Nebiyu Sehul Mikael is willing to let TPLF get around forty percent of the Tigrai State government’s seats which is something TPLF must agree to .

    The outcome of the next election is unknown until the election is actually held but this current offer from the next Tigrai State’s President, Nebiyu Sehul Mikael is guaranteed, so TPLF should agree to it in time while the offer is still available, all should know proscastinating is not a good idea when it comes to accepting offers from the dynamic Prosperity Party’s leaderships.

    Eritrea had not fully recovered from the loss they suffered during the Ethio-Eritrean war so the great visionary leader PM Abiy’s historical speech he made stressing that more mother’s shouldn’t cry and more houses should not be demolished …. is a speech that must be given the positive response it deserves from all Tigrai region residents including from Arena Tigrai .


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