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Ethiopian Victory Day commemorated despite Coronavirus situation

Abiy Ahmed said in his message of the 79th anniversary of Ethiopian Victory Day , the sacrifice in blood and life was not for glory but for a united and sovereign Ethiopia

Representative of Ethiopian Patriots during the celebration at Arat Kilo. Photo credit : ENA

May 5, 2020 

Despite the Coronavirus situation and social distancing measures in place, Ethiopia has celebrated the 79th anniversary of victory day over fascist Italy.

On May 5, 1941, the Ethiopian flag was raised in the capital Addis Ababa after five years of Italian occupation. The day also marked the return of Emperor Haile Selassie from five years of exile abroad.

It was celebrated near Dilachin (which means in Amharic our victory) Statue near Arat Kilo in the capital Addis Ababa.

Representatives of Ethiopian Patriots and the Addis Ababa City administration had put a wreath near the statue.  

President Sahle-Work Zewde did not attend the ceremony at Arat Kilo. Yet, she conveyed a message for the victory day.

“Happy Anniversary of the 79th Victory Day. Although we can not celebrate Victory Day near the Patriot’s Statue as usual due to the COVID 19, I have a strong belief that we commemorate colorfully ,in spirit, the unforgettable heroism of Ethiopia’s children,” she said in her message.

Likewise, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conveyed his message in three languages – Amharic, Oromigna, and English. He even composed a short poem in Amharic hailing the heroism of Ethiopian patriots.

“We commemorate the brave resistance of our forefathers and foremothers that paved the path to the freedoms we enjoy today. Their fight for country and people. Their unparalleled commitment to love of Ethiopia demonstrated through the sacrifice of blood and life. Not for mere glory. But for a united and sovereign Ethiopia…,” he wrote on his social media page.

In the past few weeks, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was criticized by most Ethiopians for changing the state emblem of Ethiopia, a lion, which was on either side of the entrances of Emperor Menelik’s palace with a Peacock.  

Although not explicit, Abiy Ahmed’s message seems to denote that the Unity of Ethiopia is experiencing a challenge. Leaders in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are increasingly taking paths that are in a collision course with the central (Federal government). In the latest strings of measures, the central committee of Tigray Regional State (TPLF), an ethnic-based political organization that is governing the region, announced that it will conduct an election defying the electoral board of the country’s measure to postpone the election.

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  1. Happy Patriots Day Yo’ll!!! This day should be deemed the pride of humanity and of the colored in particular. It is also an occasion when we Ethiopians did not only prevail over aggression and evil but also showed our unmatched quality as people of magnanimity. It proved us as people who savored victory and also showed mercy to the defeated the same time. When I read about an account that tells how the late Emperor Haile and the victorious freedom fighter unanimously declared mercy to more than 200,000 Italian prisoners of war and even told them to stay in the country if that was their free choice. Many of them did just that. Tell that to those in Netherlands, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and many parts of Europe who were victimized by the Nazis during the war. Tens of thousands and probably in their hundreds of thousands of innocent Germans and sometimes Italians were hacked, stoned, burned alive and thrown off cliffs to their deaths by the enraged and rowdy mobs. But us? We did not do that. That is not in our culture and value until the deresas of Marx/Lenin/Mao commies came on the scene beginning the 1960’s. That is because the holy scripture in both religions we observe teach us revenge being just as a sin as the original atrocity committed. This beyond-repair Afro/Centric is proud of such part of our glorious history and will remain to be so until he takes his last breath on this good earth. There is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it. Happy Victory Day Yo’ll!!!!


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