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Eritrean President visiting Ethiopia amid a state of emergency in the country

Eritrean President Isaisas Afeworki is visiting Ethiopia amid a state of emergency in the country due to Coronavirus situation. Regional and bilateral matters are taking points between the leaders of the two countries

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki leaving for Ethiopia on Sunday May 3, 2020. Photo credit : Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

May 3, 2020

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki is in Ethiopia for two days working visit despite the coronavirus situation in both countries.

His Foreign Affairs Minister, Osman Saleh, and presidential adviser Yemane Gebreab are in the delegation that Isaias led to Ethiopia this morning.

Eritrea’s Minister of Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, has confirmed the news in a twitter message: 

“President Isaias Afwerki departed to Ethiopia this morning for a two-day Summit with PM Abiy Ahmed. The two leaders will discuss bilateral ties, fight against COVId-19/locust infestation & regional matters. Presidential entourage includes FM Osman Saleh & Pre. Adviser Yemane G/ab”

The flight between Asmara and Addis Ababa takes a little more than an hour which means that the Eritrean president is already in Ethiopia.

Neither the office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia disclosed information about the Eritrean president’s visit at this writing.

According to information from the Eritrean Ministry of Information, leaders of the two countries will discuss bilateral matters, Coronavirus prevention, and regional issues.

When Ethiopian Airlines delivered Coronavirus prevention medical supplies donated by the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma to all African countries, Eritrea declined to accept for unspecified reasons.

So far Eritrea has 39 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 26 of them have fully recovered from it.

This is the fifth time for President Isaias to visit Ethiopia since the two countries ended the state of soon after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took over the Prime Minister’s position. His last visit was in late December 2019.

This time he is visiting Ethiopia as the country is in a state of emergency due to Coronavirus. It is also in a state of what opposition politicians that are critical to Abiy Ahmed’s government described as a “looming constitutional crisis,” due to cancelation of the general election which was scheduled to take place sometime in August 2020.

In a meeting, this week, with opposition political parties over the next steps to be taken regarding the canceled election, Prime minister Abiy hinted that Ethiopia is facing possible military aggression. But he unspecified the country that is planning to launch military aggression against Ethiopia.

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  1. Isayas Afeworki is in Ethiopia to help the Ethiopian government identify the traitors network who are operating within the Ethiopian defense forces since he got fresh unbiased perspective in the investigation process.

  2. Can the writer please describe what they are talking about when “military aggression”? If we all saw the same video that the writer is referring to then we would see that PM Abiy listed 3 challenges Ethiopia is currently faced with and stated that the country would overcome those through whatever means.

  3. Cooperation in all facets of their shared affairs by these two neighbors is something that should always be encouraged, supported and applauded. At this challenging time in particular where the old country is being threatened by the possibilities of coups by bigots and fiefdom dreamers everyone over there should keep eyes wide open. The current officials should go to bed with their one eyes wide open. For these scab bigots it is now or bust. They see the current regime is so weak that they can launch riots at any time so they can fish in troubled water. They think the current administration is on its last rite before death just like its predecessors was during the 2016-18 years. One of their playgrounds has been posting confidential materials and minutes from the PM closed minutes. That site’s twitter/Facebook page can now be accessed on invitation/login basis only. You could see rants and threats of all out riots by these bigoted groups.

  4. The aggressiveness and aggression is from Egypt, no need of further clarification, I don’t understand why the PM is silent about it and expose the Egyptians

  5. The caretaker government must decide to release all TPLF prisoners or else TPLF got the right to reclaim our dignity with any means necessary , now is as good time as any to let the PP Querro feel our strength by we the TPLF taking a swift action to protect our own from the failed central government’s neverending mockery they call leadership. TPLF can rescue and bring back General Kinfe and othe abducted by PP to Tigrai in a one night operation so we urge all peaceloving law enforcements to stay clear out of our away.

    Also TPLF is making it clear to the international community that TPLF is the only technocrat caretaker of Tigrai region and the area known as Northern Amara region (parts of Eastern Gondar and Wollo) can be administered from Mekele until the next election is held where all areas can vote freely . It is time to make it clear for all that Ethiopia is a country of failed central government so TPLF got no other choice but to exercise our rights until the central government gets its act together which might not happen until the next election is held and this so called the Sidama constitution get presented to TPLF for consultation . Unless we know which constitution the central government is following TPLF will stick to the Constitution of the late PM Meles Zenawi drafted constitution , because so far the central government didn’t even allow TPLF to evaluate this well kept secret “Sidama Constitution” the central government implemented by illegally throwing out the late PM Meles Zenawi’s legacy constitution .

    PP got no rights to take such an action of swapping constitutions but did swap the Constitution just to discredit the late PM Meles Zenawi’s legacy because it is said that the majority of the chapters of this “Sidama” constitution are the exact copy of the Zenawism constitution but is now called Sidama instead of Zenawism just for some minor changes they made on it which TPLF are not informed about neither by the Sidama regional government nor by the Central government before it went into effect which leaves Tigrsians no other choice but to take matters into our own hands by rescuing TPLF hostsges including General Kinfe Dagnew who are held captive by the central government and mending our relations with the international community by announcing that TPLF is the technocrat caretaker of the region which goes to the all the municipalities in Wollo and parts of the eastern Gondar. If we don’t do that and show the central government who we Tigraians really are their mockery seems to be lasting for generations to come and history will remember our present Tigraian generatiots as we let it happen without standing up for next generations of Tigraians . TPLF needs to clear its name by defending what is Tigraian’s legacy . Without TPLF there is no Ethiopia so we should not only do it for ourselves but for the whole region starting from Egypt , Sudan , Kenya and all the other surrounding countries people who are all directly or indirectly affected by the failed administration in Addis Ababa.


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