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Ethiopian long-distance legend Haile says he lost 28 mln birr due to vandalism

Ethiopian long-distance running legend Haile Gebreselassie said his investment in Tepi, Sheka zone was attacked ; lost 28 million birr

Ethiopian long-distance _ Haile
Haile Gebreselassie . Photo from the twitter page of Haile.

April 27, 2020

Greatest Ethiopian long-distance runner in history Haile Gebreselassie managed to make himself one of the greatest businessmen in his country.  It is unclear when exactly the incident happened.

Ethnic nationalism born political radicalism has created a fertile condition for pervasive lawlessness. It has turned life to hell to many Ethiopians as well.

A report published this week by the Ethiopian Reporter indicates that Haile Gebreselassie has lost an estimated 28 million birr worth of property due to vandalism.

Apart from hotel and tourism, and manufacturing, he is in the agribusiness industry. And it was one of his agribusiness projects, which he co-owns with his wife – Alem, which got attacked.

 His 1100 hectares of the coffee plantation is located in Tepi town, Sheka Zone, in Southern Ethiopia. The region is within Southern Ethiopia Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR)

What exactly happened?

The Ethiopian Reporter quoted Haile Gebreselassie as saying:  “There is no peace and stability around the Tepi area. The locality is administered by gangsters. When workers march to work armed men fire at them. So we are unable to deploy workers in the coffee farm to pick coffee beans. In the last two years we could not harvest coffee.”

Haile said the estimate of the damage is 28 million billion.  

The coffee plantation project only has created an employment opportunity for as many as 600 citizens. According to the Ethiopian Reporter, it could even go up to 1000 during harvesting season. All of Haile’s investments employ as many as 3000 citizens. He was working to employ 7000 more people had the economy not slowed down due to coronavirus. 

The region is one of the areas affected by the security crisis – especially since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took power.

Haile remarked that the government needs to take action to ensure the rule of law and order, as reported by the Reporter.

Moreover, he said the local community needs to be part of the effort to ensure peace and security. Closure of investment activity could negatively affect the livelihood of the local community, he said.

Haile Gebreselassies’ investment is severely impacted by the Coronavirus situation, as hotels are almost closed and no tourism activity currently.

Marathon motors, his car assembly plant for which he spent 250 million dollars – according to The Reporter -, is not functioning to full capacity either.It can assemble 36 cars per day but it is operating with only 5 percent of its capacity, he told the Reporter.  

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  1. Gasha Meriet Larashu!!!
    Feudalism Yiwedmal!!
    Chisegna tenestwal liramed kindun abertito lehager biltsigina lewegen meketa!!

    Bourgeoisie adhari niqate hilina yegodelachew hiss yiselqitu yiwattu!!

    Tepi ende mehal Hager Gangster yelem!!
    Tepi yasayew aqafi niqate hilina yalew Hager wedad hager tebaqi teramaj ye-idget behibret wedo zemach tatari serategna Ekulnet yemiyasefin tikus hayil nieww!!
    Keihadeg tegadalayoch yetedemer biltsigina guadoch amerar gar wedefit!!
    Edget behibret gibun yimetal!!
    Buna tewegido papayan bequtitirachin sier inawilalen!!

  2. Unbelievable in this time how come people they specifically like this legendary person ( Haile gebreselase) till about the benefits. what’s your warranty if you don’t dead and lost all you have . please first about your life and your love one. money can’t by people life
    Thank you and am sorry.

  3. Haile’s losses are immense; but too little compared to the life and property losses of the Amhara that continued unabated. Had we been taking action when the Amharas were tormented in Bedeno or Arba Gugu earlier or during the elimination of them at Gura Ferda, this lawlessness was repeated now as complained by Haile.

  4. for the last 25 years Ethiopian economy was booming to skysraper from agricalture to investment.during the them pm.Meles zenawi Ethiopia was progressing well in terms of politics,social ,economy, peace and security and diplomacy.despite of the fact there was maladministration by those who now took power under the administration of colonel Abiy who had exerted all efforts to manupulate and fabricate against the TPLF Leaders in order take power in the name of CHANGE.what is more they desentgrated the constitution, normal lives of the people.ofcourse Ethiopians wish CHANGE, however why the people targeted to destroy factories and investments which had been constructed for the last 25 years.Haile’s destiny is inevitable.but he should take care for his life.

  5. Haile is an excellent example of how to uproot the self from poverty to riches through hard work and smart investment. He rose from very humble background in rural Ethiopia, figured out how to emancipate himself and family early on through natural talent that he cultivated, became successful in the spot, and plowed his financial rewards by making smart investment choices right in Ethiopia. He had set good example to his contemporaries. He could have stashed his winnings safely abroad, but he chose instead to invest in his country while also generating employment for others. He deserves a ‘diamond medal’! Jealousy is a mark of people destined to the dust bin of poverty to their end. Those who emulate successful people have good chance of being successful themselves.

    The left leaning politics of Ethiopians, borrowed from the former communist ideology without much deep thought of relevance for Ethiopia, is firmly grounded on jealousy of successful people. That culture continues to be a drag on Ethiopia’s progress.

  6. More than ninety nine percent of mechanised or big scale farm investors in Ethiopia had experienced similar or worse incidents in Ethiopia rendering Ethiopia to continue being the number one food beggar of the world. This incident got more coverage because Haile is a celebrity who lived to talk about it while many others were left without any chance of recovery due to the limited financial resources they had available to enable them to move on as investors in Ethiopia , many have lost their health and their hope due to such incidents
    becoming jobless a burden begging for handouts to survive.


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