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Fano leader reportedly gave in through mediation

Mesafint Tesfu reportedly agreed to end his armed Fano movement. Government committed to provide security protection

Fano Leader _ Mesafint Tesfu
Fano leader, Mesafint Tesfu, speaking in an event organized in Gondar over a year ago. Photo : social media

April 23, 2020

The mediation effort to convince the leader of the Fano movement to end his armed activity  in Amhara regional state of Ethiopia is bearing fruit finally.  

Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reported on Thursday that Mesafint Tesfa, the leader, has reached an agreement with government authorities to end his armed activity. Fifteen other members of the Fano group gave in along with him. 

Worku Lemlemu, head of central Gonder zone, is cited as saying that the process leading to the agreement caused no casualty.  

Much of the details of the agreement between authorities in the region and Arbegna Mesafint is unclear. However, Mr. Work said that the regional government has committed itself to provide  Mesafint with security protection. 

The government has been criticized by some activists from the region and by the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) for deploying forces against the Fano movement. Some went to the extent of claiming that the government intended to do away with the Fano structure in the region. 

However, the government denies it saying that the accusation is meant to paint the government in a negative light. It rather describes the military activity in the central Gondar region as a move to enforce the rule of law. Some elements exploited the Fano movement, regional authorities argued,  as a shield while engaging in kidnappings and robbery – among other illegal practices. 

Fano as an armed movement has roots in Ethiopian history whenever the sovereignty of  Ethiopia was challenged by foreign invaders.  The movement got a rebirth in northwestern Ethiopia about three years ago as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dominated federal government moved to deepen repression following widespread protest movements across the country.

Some political pundits argue that the downfall of TPLF as the master of the Federal government would not have happened without armed resistance from the Fano movement. 

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  1. During the five years Italians occupied Ethiopia , the bandas Ethiopians that were busy wineing and dineing with the Italians ended up having many valuable properties of the Italians in their possessions when the Italians left the country , that’s why Tigres and Eritreans ended up being the truckers FIAT ENETRE owners in Ethiopia for so many decades transporting arms to shabiya and woyane during the civil war with Derg.

    So when Haileselassie returned from exile Italians leaving Ethiopia most of those such as the Amaras and Oromos with the Italians properties gave to Haileselassie all the assets the Italians left behind but Eriteans and Tigres kept the Italians properties for themselves so many of the Tigres and Eritreans were shunned from government jobs as they were into entrepreneurship not wanting rewards with land rewards or recognition of promotion in the governmental hirearchy, so inturn all of those Bandas were forgiven for wineing and dining with the Italian conquerors regardless they gave the government the properties the Italians left behind or not , but rewards were given in addition to forgiveness to those that turned in the propertues to the government with those that didn’t return after time starting to get angry thought they were passed from government rewards unjustly with the new generation went on to form TPLF and EPLF because they were not given recognition by Hailesselasie as those that turned in the properties the Italians left behind.The student movement was mostly a movement demanding rewards to all whether they kept the properties or not.

    Fast forward now same as Abiy and Team Lemma are telling us that Prosperity will give Ethiopians what Woyane left behind so we Ethiopians should forgive the so called reformed EPRDFites for working for INSA EPRDF for decades, the truth is Woyane didn’t leave much behind except things such as exile culture , debt , criminal culture , ethnic division , disease incubator lifestyles and begging experts in the government offices ready to sellout the country for whoever is interested. To make matters worse many people Ethiopians are blinded by greed they are fooled with the commercial of PP about the cow in the sky Ethiopians didn’t see the milk , many Ethiopians expect PP to full fill the promises and Renaissance Ethiopia with the finishing of a power station which is expected to be used for electricity purposes in the MEGA DROUGHT era, until then the next few years with the yellow malariya , with cholera , the thirty million famine victims ( thirty million is calculated by not taking into account that it is coronavirus time now, a time when people need to eat nutritious food to build immunity, so if we take it is coronavirus time now the famine victim’s number grows upto somewhere between sixty to eighty million people in Ethiopia) , and unrests to mention a few disasters while Abiy Ahmed is telling us he is working to the future ten years ahead for his children , with the now is not Abiy’s much concern because the PM of two plus years and the former politician , rebel fighter against derg , Doctor Colonel PM now is saying things are the way it is in Ethiopia due to the mistakes of his predecessors he got no power over so we should just go along with it until we experience Renaissance with GERD with yellow malaria fever , Famine , displacements , famine , CoronaVirus… it is highly unlikely for many Ethiopians to live to see the Renaissance so the Abiy Ahmed should stop talking non sense fantasy and start listening the facts on the ground.

    Just the past few days Orthodox is hit hard with Coronavirus during fasika markets we will see the pandemuc fully affecting Orthodox christians in Ethiopia within a month from now, we watching the consequences should learn so let’s hope Muslims won’t get hit hard too at idalfatir Ramadan because no amount of doctor’s from USA can save Ethiopia when both Christian and Muslims get hit hard by Coronavirus.

  2. This is the facts we should tell for our brothers sister mothers and fathers before they facing a big danger which’s between AdpA and Fano I can say 100% true that mean ADPA buying time until organized defeat rather than never ever ADPA is thinking positive attitude for not Fano the whole AMahara people please tell everyone this agreement is not good for our people.

  3. Before 31 (in 1981) years Mesafint was captured by TPLF as a shifta(bandit) but he escaped from prison as he was not considered a threat at that time.for the last 27 years he was in the jungle killing so many innocent amhara farmers by now he is termed as dagmawi tedros but he gave in to the security forces he was given a heroes welcome in gonder & bahirdar what a shame for the people to respect such a mercenary & ignorant shifta such a big respect.

  4. Good.
    Now can the govt focus on disarming the ‘language-driven’, not ‘ethnic-driven’, fronts in Wellega? They think they are fighting for an ethnic group, but in fact they are driven by a common language that is shared among many ethnic groups.


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