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COVID 19 update Ethiopia April 17: four more cases confirmed, total 96

Ethiopia COVID 19 update  April 17
Lia Tadesse, Ethiopia’s Minister for Health. Photo credit : EBC

April 17, 2020

The Ministry of Health confirmed that four more people have tested positive for coronavirus disease over the past 24 hours. During that time, a total of 842 people were tested. 

The latest data from the Ministry also indicate that the number of people tested so far for the pandemic is 6231.

All the new COVID 19 patients confirmed on Friday are Ethiopians, and only one has a travel history to Dubai. Two of the new patients had exposure to COVID 19 infected persons. But one person is not yet confirmed to have contact with an infected person. Relevant authorities are working to establish if there are exposed persons to be traced, isolated, and treated for the disease. 

Two of the patients are from Addis Ababa, and two are from the Amhara region of Ethiopia, specifically, Adis Kidame and Bahir Dar. 

The number of cases in Ethiopia, since the disease was confirmed, is 96. 

Seventy-six patients are getting treatment in the designated treatment center in the country. One patient is said to be in the Intensive Care Unit. 

To date, only three people died from the disease. And fifteen people have fully recovered. 

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  1. The current low number of confirmed cases may be just a rehearsal by the virus. Just look at that tiny republic of Djibouti to the east. The number of confirmed cases is galloping by daily counts of hundreds. The last time I looked at it just a few minutes ago Djibouti had total cases of 732 with 141 new ones in just a day for a population of less than one million. In the old country the usual time for epidemics is during the colder and wetter season which is less than a month ahead. I hope and pray that I will be proven to be worrying too much. But my nightmare is not over.

  2. Those commies in Beijing are none different than demonic gangsters. They are Kevin O-Dogs hoodlums riding on the backs of more than 1.5 billion citizens. Just look what they had done in 2002 during the SARS epidemic and now during the COVID-19 pandemic. In both cases they were hiding the outbreaks from the world until the virus blew up in their commie faces. The meanest thing they did this time was when they closed all movement and traffic from Wuhan where the pandemic began to all domestic destination but they were still letting outbound international flight out of that city exporting the virus to all corners of the globe. They did not stop at that. They were fudging the death toll numbers all along. The first day they reported confirmed cases, boom, there were 444. That was on January 22. 2020 but the virus was raging in Wuhan and its state for at least a month possibly for two months. O’Boy!!! That just makes my blood boil in anger. O! Commies! O’ Commies!!! O’ You lying demons!!! Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao along with all your mualims & deresas! Burn in hell!!!!


    Does Ethiopia has leaders aside from ethnic groups, the leaders of today can’t do anything about it because they are controlled: warning Ethiopia will face unprecedented death from every corners Saudi is expelling Ethiopians, Tplf abused Ethiopia for 30 years including starvation that is continuing till today, locust is further starving the population, upcoming coronavirus that could kill in mass, war within and outside, it is all set up against Ethiopia. Not to mention, Covid-19 already had claimed 100 Ethiopian lives in U.S is to continue around the world as well as inside Ethiopia. In the midst of all this, those who are able Ethiopians outside and inside Ethiopia better unite, organize, etc without declaring anything try to save lives as much as they can Ethiopians. Otherwise your living is meaningless. I’d rather die helping my fellow Ethiopians than keep eating and live. The issue is Ethiopians are making themselves extinct by not uniting, by petty dispute. Almost ALL of websites is about insulting eachother and garbage that is not empowering Ethiopians. In fact most websites are hijacked by enemies and turning it into anti Ethiopians.

  4. This is to the dear editors of this esteemed website. I was wondering if you have any means or access to a data that shows how the pandemic is affecting our community especially in the cities they live in higher concentration such as DC and LA. I am talking about the scope of infections and death toll if any. I just read news about how our Somali brothers and sisters have been victimized by the virus. In the U.K. I am confident in your enormous capabilities in chasing down the numbers and shed some light on the situation. It will be one more reason for you to be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, you are all in my daily prayers!!! This shall pass!!!!!


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