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Eritrean gov’t behind the closure of refugee camp in Tigray,Ethiopia, say refugees

Eritrean refugees _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : DW Amharic service

April 17, 2020

Last week, the Ethiopian government announced that it is closing the Eritrean refugee camp in Tigray, Hitsats, which was operational for more than seven years.

According to a report by AFP last week,  Hitsats refugee camp was home to well over 13,000 Eritrean refugees. The government intended to close it sometime in March but was delayed because of the outbreak of Coronavirus disease in the country. 

Following the closure, Eritrean refugees are to be relocated to other camps in the country, or they can work and live freely. 

The Ethiopian government’s decision to close the camp has something to do, in part, funding cuts from the refugee agency said AFP report, which cited Eyob Awoke, deputy director-general of Ethiopia’s Agency for Refugee and Returnee Affairs. 

Eritrean refugees do not seem to subscribe to arguments. They think that the Eritrean government is behind Ethiopia’s decision to close the camp. 

“We are not clear why we are needed to leave the camp where we lived for years and years. There is an Eritrean government hand behind the action,” DW Amharic service cited what it called Eritrean refugees. 

If there is an Eritrean government behind the decision, as the refugees claim, what is the motive in doing so? It is unclear. 

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    • Only agame day dreamer can say so!!! just look at the writing on the wall, the GAME IS OVER and we will liquidate the cancer of the horn TPLF from the face of the earth. just watch but don’t have a night mare.mush’msuh

    • You smell AGAME through and through yesterday Eritrean to day habesha but never Agame!!! identity crisis has fucked you tot eh max, chenawi nefat

  1. It is in the interest of Ethiopia in particular and the Horn countries in general that Eritrea transitions to a democratic, stable
    and prosperous state.

      • #wedi…. so much hate for our Tigrayan or agame neighbors…???
        You are so pathetic…. the Eritrean nationality is not defined by hate towards neighbors. You are an embarrassment to us.
        It is wise to accept our sad situation where our people are fleeing the country and think critically to change our fate. Otherwise, your blind hate and foul mouth to neighbors and foreigners won’t help.
        LEST you should think that I am an Agame too, my name is Natnael Ghezae, from Alfa Romeo, Gejeret Nishtey, Asmara, Eritrea (but I doubt you know the place, kab zobatat ika tikewin mesleni). And I neither identify myself as anti-PFDJ nor pro-PFDJ, just a proud Eritrean.
        Good luck


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