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Update: Ethiopia’s total number of confirmed COVID 19 cases reaches 85

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April 15, 2020

Four hundred and thirty-one individuals were tested for COVID virus over the past twenty-four hours, and only three are confirmed to have contracted the virus, the Ministry of Health disclosed on Wednesday. 

Ethiopia confirmed the first case of Coronavirus sometime in the first week of March 2020, and so far, a total of 85 cases are reported. Based on information from the Ministry of Health, 15 COVID 19 patients have fully recovered from the virus. And three people have died from it. 

The latest three patients (43, 30, and 25) are Ethiopians, and they are all men. 

Data released by the Ministry indicates that only one of the patients had a travel history.  He arrived from the United States of America and was in quarantine for two weeks after arrival in Ethiopia. 

The remaining two patients reportedly had exposure to COVID 19 infected persons in unspecified circumstances. 

As of April 15, 2020, a total of 65 patients are in designated coronavirus patients treatment centers, and no patients are in the intensive care unit. 

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  1. I just read news that some of these countries in the Arabian Peninsula have started deporting Ethiopian by their thousands to the old country. This will bring back more and more people who might be carriers the virus to the old country. It adds to the burden on the country’s already fragile healthcare system. Those deresas of Wahhabism don’t care about others but themselves. It is cruel and inexcusable. This is tantamount to terrorism. Given the fact that colder and wetter season is just a month away which can be more favorable environment for virus to spread at more alarming speed, such dumping of thousands of potential carriers of the virus is like throwing more gasoline into the fire. This may end up being a nightmare. The low number of confirmed cases in the country now does not mean that everything is under control. We have seen it here already. It may be at its rehearsal stage over there. I am having a nightmare for those upright and so generous people. That is why I have sought refuge in The Almighty Our Creator and begging Him for Mercy!!! Those of you God Fearing compatriots please join me in my prayers!!! It does not matter which creed you observe. He Will Listen to our pleas with clean hearts. May Our Creator Save Us All Humanity. This Shall Pass!!!!


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