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Djibouti reportedly offering Ethiopia over 82 percent discount in port fees

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed says he got over 82 percent discount in port fees from Djibouti for all export products

Ethiopia _ Djibouti
Abiy Ahmed (left) and Ismail Omar Guelleh (right). Photo : EBC

April 14, 2020

Stories that circulated among Ethiopians in social media sometime last week concerning Djibouti infuriated many Ethiopians.  Rumor had it that food items at Djibouti port whose destination was Ethiopia were made for local consumption by Djibouti’s government. 

Media outlets like  Sheger FM 102.1 reported the story. On April 11, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia dismissed it as an incorrect report by citing the Ethiopian embassy in Djibouti. On April 14, Spokesperson of the Ministry disclosed on its Facebook page saying that Sheger FM apologized to its audience for the news it disseminated wrong news. 

The story took a new twist this week. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that Djibouti is offering an 82.5 % percent discount in port tariff for all Ethiopian exports. 

Abiy Ahmed wrote, “Profound gratitude to President Ismail Guelleh of Djibouti for recognizing a neighbour in need. With 82.5% reductions in port tariffs for exports at this critical time, the support is testimony to countering the effects of #COVID19 through collective leadership.” 

It is, however, unclear if the offer is during the COVID 19 prevention period or it has a longer time frame.

Coffee is Ethiopia’s main export item followed by oilseeds, livestock products (leather, live animals and meat), oilseeds and pulses, fruits, vegetables and flowers, textiles, among others. 

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