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Security situation in Ethiopia is extremely grave : SAGE

April 10, 2020

In a press release dated April 10, 2020, newly established Society Against Genocide in Ethiopia alerts that the “Security situation in Ethiopia is extremely grave.”

The full content of the press release reads as follows :

April 10, 2020

Society Against Genocide in Ethiopia (SAGE) is an association of concerned Ethiopians established in 2020 to monitor, with the support of members of the international community, the evolving security situation in Ethiopia and to provide an early warning of impending humanitarian disaster that can bring about an all-out civil war in the country and cause devastating destabilization in the entire region and beyond. 

By all measures, the current security situation in Ethiopia is extremely grave, and deteriorating by the day at an alarming speed.  There is an environment of inter-ethnic animosity that has manifested a character that can only resemble Rwanda’s genocide. Religious and ethnic groups that had lived in harmony and peace for centuries are now steadily guided down a path of ever-increasing mistrust, hate, mutual destruction and genocidal violence by extremist leaders. 

The ethnic-based system of government that was established over three decades ago has created deep ethnic resentment that has become contagious and has ruinously poisoned every sector of life across that ancient land. The unity of the people has been irreparably eroded, and the divide among ethnic groups is getting wider every day. In essence, the very survival of the nation is compromised seriously, and there appears to be no viable scheme to avert an imminent human catastrophe.  

To make matters worse, a religious dimension has been added to this already complex and perilous security situation, and there are fears that violent extremism has begun to take root in the country. By the government’s own admission, there is evidence that ISIS has entered Ethiopia. As widely reported in recent months, there have been numerous incidents of church and mosque burning, as well as religiously-motivated murders and brutalization of people.

Consequently, as the clouds of war and unrest hover the skies of Ethiopia, it is imperative to monitor the situation, and to inform, educate and warn both the people of Ethiopia and the international community at large.  Discernibly, the situation in Ethiopia can easily turn into a proxy war, as the stakes are rather high and the external interested groups inopportunely too many. 

SAGE is thus an association for an early warning to all concerned — Ethiopians as well as the international community — on the consequences of their actions or inactions, with the ultimate objective of preventing a human tragedy, the likes of which the world has never seen before. 

The mission of SAGE is to serve as an early warning system to both the people of Ethiopia and the international community, by recording and analyzing facts and evidence relating to human rights and security in the country. SAGE will assess the wider implications of deteriorating security situations, prepare recommendations for the restoration of law and order, and seek cooperation from the international community, to pressure the appropriate national and international bodies and authorities to take necessary preventive measures and actions. SAGE will further record crimes against humanity and submit its findings to such bodies as the International Criminal Court (ICC) to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

After the horrific tragedy in Rwanda, the international community has said “Never Again!”  It has also repeated the slogan many more times since then; and yet, today in 2020,  we are witnessing the brutalization, murder, rape and kidnapping of innocent civilians, and the burning of churches and mosques, all taking place at the doorsteps of the African Union.  It is time that the world speaks and acts to avert a human tragedy.  

SAGE will strive to engage as a non-profit and nonpartisan organization to provide concrete and reliable evidence the world needs to act. 

Executive Committee

PDF format of the Press Release is available HERE

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