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Ethiopia COVID 19 update: 85 years old man recovered from the disease

Latest Ethiopia COVID 19 update indicates that number of infected people reached 30 but an 85 years old man recovered from it

Ethiopia COVID 19 update
Liya Tadesse, Minister for Heath. Credit : ENA

April 4, 2020

The latest number of confirmed COVID 19 patients in Ethiopia is 38. An 85 years old man has completely recovered from it. 

Ethiopia tested 89 individuals in the capital Addis Ababa over the last 24 hours. The Ministry of Health, Liya Tadesse, confirmed on Saturday that three more people have tested positive for the Coronavirus pandemic which makes the total confirmed cases in the country 38. 

Three of the new patients are confirmed in the capital Addis Ababa, and they all have a travel history. Two of them came from Dubai, and one of the patients came from Sweden, a country that is making headlines in media outlets for not doing enough to prevent COVID 19 pandemic. 

Ethiopia has a mandatory testing policy for those who have been exposed to COVID patients directly or indirectly. It means that the government traces those people and tests them to determine if they have the virus. 

One of the new patients is in his late 20’s while the remaining are in their thirties. 

Fear of the pandemic is reigning in the country, as is the case elsewhere. Despite a profound negative impact on the country’s economy, many Ethiopians tend to think that the number of infected people in Ethiopia is not bad. 

And there is no reported death so far. 

Four people, including the 85 years old man, have recovered from the disease. 

But there are fears that the number could increase fast if more tests are administered. 

However, the report from the Ministry of Health does not seem to indicate such a trend. Six hundred forty-one people are tested in Addis Ababa and Nazret (Adama). Four hundred seventy of them whose test results are released tested negative. The result for the remaining 171 people is not completed yet, said the ministry. 

In a related development, the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora is shocked by the death of at least two Ethiopians in the United States. 

As of April 4, 2020, over 8000 people have tested positive in Africa, and more than 330 have died from it while more than 700 have recovered from it. 

The number around the world is much higher. Over 1.2 million people have contracted COVID 19, and nearly 65 000 deaths are reported. 

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  1. Congratulations to the octogenarian countryman!!!. It is like a 2nd lease on life. Kudos to those heroic healthcare workers for caring for him and saving untold lives! This is good news with Our Creator’s Blessings!!!


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