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Ethiopia gets $82million from World Bank to help fight COVID 19

The World Bank to spend over $160 billion to help low income countries respond to COVID 19

World Bank _ COVID 19 _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : Ethiopian Public Health Institute 

April 2, 2020

The World Bank is donating $82million  to Ethiopia to help support the response to  the spread of COVID 19. 

The World Bank said on Thursday that “Health systems are strained in Ethiopia and Yemen.” 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), State-affiliated media, reported that the Fund would finance Ethiopia’s effort to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Specifically, it will finance call centers, isolation centers, and for the purchase of health supplies for centers that are recently established as part of the response to the COVID 19 epidemic in the country.  

The Fund is part of The World Bank’s $160 billion “support to client countries over the next 15 months,” it introduced to help “Help Countries Respond to COVID-19,” the Bank announced on its website on Thursday. 

It is also noted that “…in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Yemen, among other countries, the increase in resources to fight the pandemic will also support long-term efforts that strengthen and build the capacity of the national health system.” 

Until April 1, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health confirmed only 29 confirmed patients, and three of the patients have reportedly recovered from it completely. 

But the Ethiopian economy has already been significantly impacted by the pandemic. 

The world bank seems to have observed that “many of the world’s low- and middle-income countries are still in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the impact is already being felt.” 

Ethiopia has been unable to conduct extensive testing for the Coronavirus epidemic as test centers are limited in the country. A month or so ago, Ethiopia was even unable to conduct a test in the country and samples were sent to South Africa whenever there was a need to do the test. 

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  1. Ruwanda a country with a population of just only thirteen million people got $109 million Dollars from IMF for tackling CoronaVirus purposes while Ethiopia a country where 130+ million people call their home got only $82 million dollars because in the last three decades EPRDF PP borrowed almost as high as the credit limit by falsely claiming EPRDF built state of the art modern fully equipped hospitals across Ethiopia which was a total lie.

    Reuters article rwanda-secur

    Rwanda secures $109 million IMF loan to tackle coronavirus – Reuters


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