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Somali Region Security Chief ‘relieved’ from his duty, news of coup d’etat dismissed

Somali regional state security chief, Abdi-Adil, is removed from his position following what is said to be an alleged coup attempt against Mustafa Mohammed Omer’s administration. The latter dismissed news of the coup.  Protocol head is reportedly removed, too, and in custody. 

Somali region _ Mustafa Mohammed
Mustafa Mohammed, Somali region acting president. Photo : Social Media

April 2, 2020

There has been a conflicting report regarding an alleged security crisis over the past 24 hours in the Somali regional state. 

Some claim that there was an attempted coup, a security crisis, and an attempt to assassinate the region’s acting president Mustafa Mohamed Omer.  

Yet, others who claim to have a connection in the regional government say that the region is facing no security issue. However, there was a dispute among top executives over the past 24 hours. 

Muktarovich Ousmanova wrote on facebook, in Amharic, that “those who have a difference with Mustafa Mohamed attempted a political intrigue to remove him from power. They tried to initiate a meeting of performance evaluation, which they thought would help them remove the president. However, Mustafa understood the move and did not permit the meeting as the region is on a health emergency.” 

Borekena reached out to a senior government official in Somali regional administration. He said the security situation in the region is stable and that there is no security incident. But he confirmed to borkena, on an anonymous basis, that the region’s security chief, Abdi-Adil, “has been relieved from his duty on a normal procedural way” 

He said, “The security situation of the region is stable with all functions going well as well.  If any thing, the region’s security chief has been relieved from his duty on a normal procedural way. I’m not sure if that fits insecurity or how it can tantamount to news. Beyond that, any report that suggest insecurity in the region is simply concocted lies   being disseminated by the forces of the anti-reforms in the region.” 

borkena also reached out to Hibbo Mohammed, Deputy Chief of Communications, on the phone.  First, someone answered the phone and the writer of this report was told that “she is on a Salat Prayer.” But she declined to answer repeated phone calls made 10 minutes after the first call. 

Mohamed Olad worked as Media and Communications Advisor to president Mustafa Omer. He said in a twitter message on March 30 that he resigned from his position last month without specifying why he did so. One government official who spoke to borkena on an anonymous basis said he was fired. 

On Thursday, he shared his version of what transpired in the Somali region of Ethiopia. He says Mustafa Mohammed dismissed Abdi-Adil from a position as Chief of Security of the region, but the “rest of #PP leadership” rejected Mustafa’s decision as “illegal and procedural,” and called for an evaluative meeting. But the president did not accept the call for a meeting, he said. What unfolded next is confrontation, in a busy business center in Jijiga as Olad puts it, between Somali Region Liyu Police contingent dispatched to arrest Abdi-Adil and Abdi-Adil’s security personnel,” the result of which is unspecified. However, he claims that the whereabouts of Abdi-Adil is unknown. 

Mr. Olad also says that Mustafa Mohamed had a press conference on Thursday noon. “What I can glean so far, the president has accused of an attempted bloody coup and a target on his life. But holding breath for the evidence the President forwards when the press conference goes life[live?].” 

However, a government official trashed Mr. Olad’s claim. “I don’t think quoting that guy is right. He was caught red handed defaming the very system he was part of and such fired a month ago.” 

Other sources reported that Mustafa’s press statement focused on Coronavirus prevention measures. Abdi Adil and protocol head of Mustafa Mohammed are reportedly in custody in connection with the incident. 

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  1. I have been saying all along. Hate mongers and ‘republic’ dreamers have been and are still on the prowl. They were honing their skills here among us in the Diaspora and all was clear to flock back home they filled EAL’s 777, 767 and 787’s to get their blue print for the ‘republic’ this and ‘republic’ moving. Some of them have listening posts inside the armed forces and even close to the PM’s office. You can tell that by sensitive information they post on their blogs and media outlets. They want see the visionary and not-perfect young PM fail in all of his endeavors. They even want to see him dead but they don’t want their hands in it. They want someone else to do the dirty work for them. They are starving for an all out crisis. One of the ways that will lead to catastrophic crisis is if this young PM is dead and gone. They even want the COVID-19 to kill him for them. They are chastising him for being an example of practicing the very effective social distancing. I say this to this visionary PM. ‘Hunker down in isolation and do your job with an effective social distancing. These bigots want to see you dead. Try to find out who is leaking sensitive information and relay that to these thinly veils bigots and nail him/her. Fire his behind and talkative mouth.’

    Folks!! Now get a load of this!!! When I heard the following I was just down on the floor laughing my mouth off. It has to do with the dam GERD being built and the so-called confrontation with the confused philosopher in Al-Qahirah. There is now a low key ‘preaching’ by a media mogul complaining that the ‘negotiations’ and dialogues with Egypt and Sudan by the ‘Abyssinian Empire’ have been conducted without consulting with or participation by my Oromos and our neighbors in the Amhara Region. That is because many of the tributary rivers that drains into the Nile River(they did not specify which Nile, the Blue or White or the main Nile after merger in Khartoum or they we may hear a new Nile called the Green Nile) originate in both Oromia and Amhara regions. I am not sure how they will get any listening ears from anyone of these pragmatic people. Don’t be surprised if you gonna see a press briefing in the near future. A brand new demand may be in the works for Mnuchin and el-Sisi. Al-Raees el-Sisi will love it because he knows them for a long time. We gonna hear the eternal battle cry of the American patriots of 1773-76 ‘No Taxation Without Representation!!!!’ this time being slightly modified as ‘No Negotiation Without Representation!!!’. O My Goodness!!! What else we gonna hear these days!!!!

  2. Many mourners are too upset suffering in tremendous grief which is rampid especially among the Ethiopian navy members after the news came out about those two Ethiopian military officials AlShabab killed recently while wounding several other Ethiopian Tegadalays who are in life threatening conditions .

    Anadolu Agency tr africa 2-et.
    Web results
    2 Ethiopian soldiers killed in Somalia blast – Anadolu Agency

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