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Ethiopian gov’t supported traditional medicine hopes to be the answer to COVID 19

traditional medicine _ Ethiopia
Left to right : Abraham Belay (Technology and Science Minister), Liya Tadesse ( Minister For Health), and Hakim Abebech (Ethiopian traditional medicine healer) Photo credit : Ministry of Innovation and Technology social media page.

March 27, 2020

Ethiopia is working to combine Ethiopian traditional medicine with modern medicine to resolve COVID 19 puzzle.

According to the Innovation and Technology Minister, the lab research phase of the project is completed.

The next step is testing the product. Based on information from the Ministry, it is not a cure. It is said to boost immunity to fight the disease and is free from toxicity.

The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Hakim Abebech, Ethiopian traditional medicine expert, held a joint press statement in the capital Addis Ababa regarding the product.

The research is underway as per World Health Organization standards, said Dr. Abraham Belay, Minister for Innovation and Technology. And relevant Ethiopian authorities believe that the project is promising and the product could soon be available for the public.

The Ministry said that it would announce once the product gets clearance. Until then, the Ministry of Health advised that Ethiopians adhere to World Health Organization prevention methods.

Ethiopia has over 6500 plant species, and hundreds of them are endemic to the country.

The number of confirmed Patients in Ethiopia has reached 16, although there are fears that the number could be much higher if the test is administered.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian gov’t supported traditional medicine hopes to be the answer to COVID 19, borkena, March 27, 2020”

    Short Commentary, 27 Mar 2020

    ጎሽ፣ ጎሽ፣ ጎሽ፣ ስልጣንዬ ማለት፣ ዬጥንቱን እውቀት ከዘመኑ ጋር ኣዋህዶ ሲሰራበት ነው ። ኣለበለዚያ ከንቱ ጥራዝ ነጠቅ ይሆንና ራስን እስከ መጥላት ያደርሳል ። And this is the continuous down fall of AFRICA and AFRICANS, without being thyself nor even being a good mimicker.
    Cry, My Beloved Africa, Alan Paton. THE END

  2. The brilliant Acting Vice Mayor of Addis Ababa is educating the public in person.

    ምክትል ከንቲባ ታከለ ኡማ መጨናነቅ በሚታይባቸው አካባቢዎች በመዘዋወር የኮሮና ቫይረስን ለመከላከል መደረግ ስለሚገባቸው ጥንቃቄዎች ግንዛቤ እየሰጡ ነው::

  3. I hope and pray that this claim by those crack heads will never reach the ears of major global media outlets. Would somebody please, please, please these officials to just shut up and let others think they have suddenly turned into jackasses!!! I wish they spend their time advising the citizens about the simple measures they can take to stem the rate of infections by this scourge. I am not saying that no one should engage in finding a cure or even a vaccine for the virus but that should be done in the kitchens of medical research labs. It is ok to talk about the effort but with no affirmative promises until there is an ocular proof for its efficacy. Also I am not belittling or discounting traditional medicines. They deserve modern scientific reviews and duly thorough trials in labs. I am also aware that some might have been used as starters for some drugs used to treat people. Many of them have also been discovered to be toxic at the first intake or to pose health issues later in life. But this one being rushed into the limelight is beyond pale. I wish they will prove me wrong, dead wrong! If that happens I will throw myself down at their feet asking for forgiveness on this esteemed website. What has got hold of these officials? Ok, by the power vested in me by me I am ordering these officials to see a shrink right away, not tomorrow but now as we speak!!! Phew!!! What the world are we coming to?

    I wish I can be able to find a place where I can hide until this story is forgotten.


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