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Seyoum Mesfin talks about Renaissance dam, Simegmew Bekele and Eritrea

March 25, 2020

Seyoum Mesfin, one of the founders of Tigray People’s Liberation Front and Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister for two decades, had an interview with EthioForum – a media that some politicized Ethiopians refer to as a Pro-TPLF media.

In the interview, Seyoum talked about Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam, involvement of the World Bank and the United States, the assassination of Simegnew Bekele ( he seems to point finger at Abiy Ahmed), and Eritrea.

All three parts interview are featured below.

Video : embedded from Ethioforum YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Seyoum Mesfin shamelessly talks about how good Tplf was. Ethiopians don’t think so. Concerning Renaissance Dam Tplf/Metec were stealing money and hence project timetable was delayed. Eng. Semegnew was about to make a report of the situation when he was found dead. Seyoum/Tplf is experienced in such intrigues.

    Remember after war with Eritrea? Seyoum was the one who told us Ethiopia won both the war and arbitration decision. He just can’t help himself lying.

    What is interesting is that Sebhat is also being interviewed in another video. Tplf must be on campaign trail.

    Here is something else about the Dam. Meles knew he was dying at least two years earlier. He needed a legacy for himself. What Tplf did was first to take part of Gondar to extend Tigray border to Sudan. Then cede a tract of land to Sudan from Amhara region. That way Benisgangul could be connected to Tigray. Power generation will then be controlled by Tplf, to develop Tigray, to sell surplus to Sudan and Egypt. In fact Tigray school were teaching map of Tigray encompassing regions from Benisgangul to Tigray. When the textbook was discovered, the ministry of education apologised in public. Seyoum is lying and out to smear Dr. Abiy with death of Semegnew. Ethiopians will not be fooled.


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