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Eritrea banned social gathering of more than ten people

As Ethiopia closes border, Eritrea introduced strict ban on social gathering of more than 10 people.

Eritrea _ Coronavirus

March 23, 2020

Two days after Eritrea confirmed COVID 19 case, an Eritrean national who arrived in the country from Norway, the Ministry of Health of Eritrea has introduced several measures to be followed by the public in the effort to help fight Coronavirus.

A social gathering of more than ten people is banned, whether it is social, cultural, or religious gatherings.

The statement from the Ministry of Health encouraged  Eritrean citizens and foreigners alike “to strictly implement Government guidelines for the safety of their own lives and the country.”

The full statement from the ministry is published by Eritrea’s Ministry of Information, and reads as follows :

Ministry of Health: Public Guidelines (No. 3)

As announced through local media guidelines, an Eritrean national resident in Norway who flew to Asmara last Saturday, March 21st, was confirmed positive for COVID-19.  The patient is receiving all necessary treatment while passengers who travelled on the same Airline were subsequently quarantined.

The Ministry of Health urges, again, all citizens and foreigners residing in the country to take utmost precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic and to strictly implement Government guidelines for the safety of their own lives and the country.

In this spirit, the MoH issues the following additional guidelines:

1.   Every person should avoid non-essential movement within the city or village of residence as well as travel to other places inside the country.  Every person should likewise avoid travel by bus, mini-bus and taxis unless in emergencies.

2.    All public gatherings, sport and cultural events that assemble a crowd of more than 10 people are prohibited.  Cinemas and night-clubs will remain closed until further notice.  Social distancing must be heeded to in other commercial units and centers.

3.    Aggregation of more than 10 people at social events (funerals, weddings, mourning, baptism and other gatherings) is banned.

4.    Every citizen must observe, and same instruction is being given by religious leaders to the faithful, prayers and associated religious sermons in their homes.

5.    All Eritrean nationals living abroad are urged to take all necessary precautionary measures for their own safety, the safety of their families as well as the Eritrean communities.  They should also refrain from travelling to Eritrea.

6.    Stringent legal measures will be taken on all individuals and commercial enterprises that engage in hoarding and speculative price hikes by misconstruing the precautionary measures that are being taken to safeguard the safety of the Eritrean people and the country.

7.    The Ministry of Health will continue to monitor developments regarding COVID-19 and issue additional information and guidelines as necessary.

Ministry of Health
23 March 2020

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    Perfect excuse for a dictator >>> even though Issayas does NOT need excuses to manipulate good , hard working, loyal, trusting, believer Eritreans for thirty (30) years and twenty-nine (29) years being scared of him to death. It is called hypnotism. I better STOP!!! THE END


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