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Ethiopia taking more measures to contain the spread of COVID 19

Chief Justice of Ethiopia, Meaza Ashenafi, and Defense Chief of Staff of the Defense Force introduce measures to help contain spread of COVID 19

Ethiopia _ COVID 19
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Photo credit : Office of the Prime Minister

March 18, 2020 

As it is the case elsewhere, news of COVID 19 is dominating headlines of media outlets in Ethiopia.  The Federal government and regional states are preoccupied with the task of containing the spread of the disease. 

On Wednesday, Meaza Ashenafi, who is the Chief Justice of the Federal Courts, said that Federal courts would be partially closed for two weeks as part of the effort to arrest the spread of the virus. That happens starting tomorrow, March 19, and won’t be fully functional until April 2.

Those who have a court hearing within the two weeks could know about the status of it by sending a text message to 992 or call, she advised. 

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Adem Mohammed,  announced the measures that members of the defense force have to take to protect themselves from the pandemic. A task force is already established at different levels to halt the spread of the virus, he said.  The defense force will continue to carry out missions, he said, but in the interest of their safety, they need to limit contact within the camp and in residential areas. 

Earlier this week, Ethiopia declared closure of schools for two weeks, suspended sporting events including the premier league and banned large gatherings as precaution as the number of COVID 19 infected people increased in the country.

Regional states in different parts of Ethiopia are working on prevention mechanisms, and many of them have formed a task force under the direct supervision of the heads of the regional states. Authorities vow to deal with businesses, legally, who are allegedly taking advantage of the situation to hike prices for essential items. 

On Tuesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussions with Federal and Regional Communications Officers, as well as Regional Health Bureau’s Communication, to map out ways of creating awareness on how to prevent the virus. The office of the Prime Minister disclosed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed “urged government communicators to become soldiers who prevent transmission of the virus by providing accurate and up-to-date information to the public.” 

Volunteers in the capital are engaged in awareness, creating activities, including teaching the public about proper handwashing practices. 

So far, there are no confirmed cases of COVID 19 in regional states. However, there are regions like Ethio-Somali region that are dealing with equally, perhaps, even more, devastating and unknown diseases.  According to VOA news published on March 17, 2020, over 2000 members of pastoral communities have died since 2020. It causes mouth and nose bleeding as well as swollen limbs and green or yellow eyes.

Despite fears that Ethiopia would be affected by the Coronavirus due to the high number of travelers from different continents, so far, confirmed cases are only 6.  

At least three of them arrived in the country after March 4 from another African country and the Middle East.  Four of the patients are foreign nationals.

The Ministry of Health updated the public on Wednesday regarding the condition of the six patients identified in the country.  Four of them have shown signs of improvement – they no longer have the common symptom, and the remaining two are recovering from it, said the Ministry. 

Outside of Ethiopia, two Ethiopians reportedly died in Italy – a country very much affected outside of China. Over 2500 people have been killed until Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

The number of people infected with the virus is changing at a global level. At this writing, the total number of infected people is over 215,000. More than 8900 people have died from it, and more than 84,000 have recovered from it. 

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  1. Kudos to H.E. Chief Justice Meaza bint Ashenafi and General Adem bin Mohammed for being so proactive to wrest the spread of this deadly pandemic. I wish them all the best in this life or death effort. As repeatedly told by scientists and medical experts this deadly virus does not play games. It is here to wipe humanity out of this good earth. These two concerned high level officials are heeding the experts and all of us should do the same. The experts cannot say it enough: wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 preferably 30 seconds and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH YOUR UNWASHED HANDS OR FINGERS. If you feel under the weather isolate yourself and get tested for the virus. Listen to what your local officials are advising/telling everyone in your county. Watch the major media networks for the latest news regarding the pandemic. Heed, heed, and heed the experts!!!! And look after the elderly and those in need. And couple this with prayers!!! Throw yourselves at the feet of the Almighty and pray for mercy!!!! We will come out these united! Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. The Ethiopian hospitality mission is essential for prosperity to reign , nomadism is the best alternative for the over a million internally displaced Ethiopians who are in make shift camps currently , by looking back in history in the region starting from Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti’s time who regularly traveled the areas currently called South Sudan and Sudan . As it had been witnessed not too.long ago while both the noble South Sudanese people and the noble Sudanese people , were successfully liberated from the tyrant Al B through the sacrifice made by the dedicated Ethiopian hospitality mission for the people of the noble South Sudanese and the noble Sudanese people who are currently very well in the process of achieving a fully dignified freedom by following the road map set by their own choice. Ethiopians are the only nationalities to reside in all countries of the world at the same time being active in liberating those who are put down unfairly in whichever country they are as many data had indicated , that’s why all Egyptians should now feel reassured that the confident people as one of the big missing piece in the synergy puzzle , to synergize the four countries namely Egypt , South Sudan , Sudan and Ethiopia on the road to prosperity the merging uniting of these four countries by becoming one strong prosperous country in all measures of prosperity including but not limited to prospering economically , the prospering of these four countries under the synergy prosperity brotherhood spirit into a one prosperous country seems a far cry for some but be assured it is inevitable if all people are given the ability to decide their own destiny freely , despite what these failed economists within the countries might say or not say , all the people of these four countries deep inside should strive to be free by cultivating their own economic know-how without being manipulated with the failed economists teachings since many of these failed economists medemer merger unity roadmap for all four, since synergy towards prosperity must include all four in the way forward no other option is there but for all to synergize and prosper together , it is very important the people of these four countries come to terms with the only option left right now before more complicated agendas continue to arise which so far had shown the tendency of creating unnecessary confusions in many sensitive issues which will bring do many unforeseen outcomes unless they are treated properly , if left as is some of the issues are showing many signs of having the potential to get more and more complicated for unknown reasons , that’s why now is as good time as any to make it crystal clear to all that the exact roadmap in regards to what has been brewing up by the Ethiopian hospitality mission can be made a reality with the people of the all four countries exercising freedom along with the synergy prosperity hard work habit .Inorder to make sure nomore derailed dialogue continues it is time for the Egyptian people to reciprocate with the South Sudanese , with the Sudanese and last but not least with the Ethiopian people , by being true to themselves and others about themselves while practicing the process of synergizing under Prosperity brotherhood umbrella right after taking urgently needed necessary measures that had prevented the Egyptian to freely engage in their own affairs of deciding the roadmap all Egyptians are presented with but shielded from grasping the opportunity to decide freely on which road they want to travel towards the light, so the people can freely step into the light where synergy can fully flourish all over the displaced Ethiopians , it is just a matter of time since it is bound to happen sooner or later ,currently it is up to the people of Egypt to follow the exemplary role set forth by the noble South Sudanese people and the noble Sudanese people by making the Ethiopian hospitality mission succeed in solving the puzzle which seemed to have gone awry for quiet sometime for lack of economists that are tested by practice instead of just talking about others while they themsrlves donot even have a nice private car , these talk only with no action exhibited by the economic “elites” who continuously undermined the Ethiopian hospitality mission along with the wisdom of many well experienced engineering professionals who had conducted many feasibility studies for many many decades in regards to how to conduct projects that will accommodate nomads , by relying on scientifically proven facts rather than acting as the economists ‘elites” talk which they have learnt by simply who looking at others success just to report about it day in and day out as trying to imitate others success story without giving the full consideration to the fire situation which had been under professionally respected engineers scope of study for decades by the professionals spending a lifetime of monitoring in the area by performing feasible engineering studies non stop for decades until now with the economist doctors who donot even have a nice personal car continuing to defend their actions as if it was the correct action to be taken just only since they are doctors who spent years studying economics.
    ሱዳናውያን የታላቁ ሕዳሴ ግድብ ግንባታን በገንዘብ እንደሚደግፉ ገለጹ

  3. Letter of Oromo Scholars and Professionals  to Presidents of Universities on Dismissal of Students who are not terrorists .

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