Oromo regional state added thousands of special forces to its security apparatus

Oromo regional state of Ethiopia graduated 30th batch of special forces on March 8

Oromo _ special forces
Trained Oromo regional state special forces during their graduation on March 8, 2020. Source : FBC

March 10, 2020

Oromo region’s appetite for “special forces” seems to be insatiable. In late December, the regional state reported that the 29th round of special forces completed their training to join the security apparatus in the region. 

On March 8, 2020, the region disclosed that the 30th batch of special forces completed training from Bulbula training center – as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation. But their numbers are unspecified. A picture shared on social media seems to suggest that the numbers are in thousands. They took basic military training during their stay in the above mentioned training camp.

Based on the trends so far, it seems that the region is training thousands of special forces every three months.

It is unclear if the regional state if the regional state is ending special forces training program any time soon.

Political observers in the country tend to see swelling special forces in regions, especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, as one of the major problems in the country. They argue that apart from weakening the central government, it could lead to clashes between regions in the country which are instituted based on ethnicity. 

Sometime in 2018, there was a clash between Oromo region special forces and Somali region special forces.  

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