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Oromo regional state added thousands of special forces to its security apparatus

Oromo regional state of Ethiopia graduated 30th batch of special forces on March 8

Oromo _ special forces
Trained Oromo regional state special forces during their graduation on March 8, 2020. Source : FBC

March 10, 2020

Oromo region’s appetite for “special forces” seems to be insatiable. In late December, the regional state reported that the 29th round of special forces completed their training to join the security apparatus in the region. 

On March 8, 2020, the region disclosed that the 30th batch of special forces completed training from Bulbula training center – as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation. But their numbers are unspecified. A picture shared on social media seems to suggest that the numbers are in thousands. They took basic military training during their stay in the above mentioned training camp.

Based on the trends so far, it seems that the region is training thousands of special forces every three months.

It is unclear if the regional state if the regional state is ending special forces training program any time soon.

Political observers in the country tend to see swelling special forces in regions, especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, as one of the major problems in the country. They argue that apart from weakening the central government, it could lead to clashes between regions in the country which are instituted based on ethnicity. 

Sometime in 2018, there was a clash between Oromo region special forces and Somali region special forces.  

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  1. I don’t see any harm with regions having their own national guard as long as it is the federal government that has an overall authority over such forces and are meant to execute the laws of the land, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasion. Also, there must have been provisions in place already that will keep the types of weapons these militias use much inferior to the ones in the arsenals of the federal defense forces. Oromia is a massive land mass with large areas of deserts, escarpments and jungles currently infested by bigots. It requires a sizable and well trained fighting force to smoke these miscreants out of their hiding places. Oromia lacks peace and desperately needs one, the one that will last so its economy will flourish picking up the wretched out of abject poverty. It begs for virtual stability and peace so doers will do their due diligent job. It begs for citizen rewarding economic revolution but not ethnic revolutions. There should not need for Ethiopia to get out of Oromia because no matter how you dice it and mumble about it Ethiopia id Oromia and Oromia is Ethiopia. I don’t have to tell you about it and all you have to do is scratch the surface. Above all and at the end of the day what that Oromo peasant and urban dweller yearns is not that different from what those in Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somalia and other regions dream about. Nothing!!!

  2. What is wrong with strong central government. All these federalist forces claim it is will reverse back to Amhara domination. That is wrong. The last time “Amhara nobility” ruled was during Menelik’s time.

    Even when TPLF was in power, central govt was much stronger and yet dominated by Tigrayans. The entire nation was stable and even had sent peace missions in adjacent countries. These regional special forces are simply a result of inferiority complex.

  3. Except some small parts in Tigray region all of Ethiopia needs to be United under one big region state since it is historically proven that owners of all lands we call Ethiopia now upto half of Tigray were Oromos historically so all of Ethiopia will be included under the Oromia State , then little part in Tigrai can be the second state with Ethiopia having only two states not 10+ states as we have right now with many ethnicities raising statehood questions .

    Before the Abyssinian nephtegna sefari all of the land we call Ethiopia now was Oromo people’s ancestorall lands.

    • Oromo migration started in the 15th century. So what’s your point when you say “historical owner.”

      Before that time, there was the rest of Ethiopian kingdom and other kingdoms.
      The only last known origin of the Oromos was Borena.

  4. @Itu Aba Farda
    I am afraid the reality below the surface is completely different and there is a power struggle around these so called special forces in each region and I bet that these forces are likely hidding places for bigots you look to fight against. They are perfect place or recruitment for modern African neo-nazis that follow the ideology of ethnicity above humanity. And I bet there is either a power show down or either coordination with the federal government of the PM Abiy as internal synergies in ODP/ADP/PP and TPLF. Moreover is unheard of these special forces ever confronting or subduing vagabond keeros welding machetes and attacking civilians or fanos attacking innocent small tribes civilians. I have at least have not heard one of these round ups or justice served for past crimes and even fear those elements may be “educated” and integrated on these special forces. That probably is the reality. Also I am not sure why a region would need tens of thousands of special forces when resources are needed somewhere else. These is a security approach that is not sustainable and the more inadecuate forces you have the more crimes you would have. You can see yourself the security situation in USA in comparation of Europe or else. The old country you mention did not need all these show of power for the security and peace to prevail. Even TPLF with their persuasive central democracy and 1 to 5 spying network did not need such large number of paramilitary militia to prevail in security and in peace in overly ethnic intoxicated political period. Lastly the Jal-Maro 2000 rag tag militia which are being targeted by the federal command post is not neither the reason for the swelling special forces.


    You are no different form the bigot Amhara writer that Oromos did come from Madagascar and across the Ocean. You are the other side of the coin. If your logic is that every land that Oromos migrated belongs exclusively to Oromos then nobody can help you to take you out from your fiction. Even today’s demarcated Oromia region is so diverse that Oromos can not claim exclusively for them selves. The demarcation was done masterfully by TPLF to cause havoc between Ethiopians when they pursue their Greater Tigray dream. Oromia was not carved out of Ethiopia due to OLF strength at the time but the plan of TPLF to destroy and weaken the Ethiopian society fabric. If you are reasonable man you should based your claims on actual historical and archeological facts. And those facts tells you that Ethiopia is as diverse and interwinded as far as the dawn of the civilization. And even large number of members or Oromos today and also members of other ethnicities did not belong to these ethnicities and they did have their own ancestral cultures and languages that were lost to the so called Oromo or Amhara expansion. Instead of bring all that to the surface and explore and learn all or our right and wrong past history to build a better diverse future for our kids engulfing oneself to bigot ideology only will bare pain for oneself and for it’s children.


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