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Two prominent opposition parties form a coalition ahead of election

All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) opposition party enter to a coalition arrangement with Baladera Council for Genuine Democracy. They say they coalition could be an alternative party in the upcoming election

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Leaders the new coalition during a press conference. Photo credit : Eskinder Nega Twitter

March 6, 2020

Two Prominent opposition parties announced on Friday that they had formed a coalition ahead of the upcoming Ethiopian General Election in August 2020.

All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP), one of the oldest opposition political party in the country initially founded by Professor Asrat Woldeyes as All Amhara People’s Organization (AAPO), and Balderas for Genuine Democracy, one of the youngest political party which the Election Board of Ethiopia recognized as a regional party, are ready to work together, they said.  

In terms of political programs, they announced that they will struggle peacefully for a new constitution,  a genuine federal system with a strong central government, and for Ethiopian Identity and cultural values.

A considerable number of opposition political parties and politicized Ethiopians criticize Ethiopia’s existing constitution has for overemphasizing the rights of ethnic groups at the expense of Ethiopian Identity.  

The devolution of power to ethnic-based regional governments did not come without unintended consequences that are detrimental to the existence of Ethiopia. Almost all regions have formed a fully armed special force, and there were cases where these forces demonstrated a sense of rivalry ( as in the case of the Oromo region and the Somali region, for example, or between the Amhara region and Tigray region).

As the ethnic-based regions became powerful, the power of the Federal government became weaker to the point where it was unable to enforce the rule of law and ensure the safety and security of citizens. Prime Minister Abiy government has been extensively criticized for that.   Ethnically based clashes became rampant in different regions and University grounds in most parts of the country.

The new coalition did not explicitly talk about it, but the reference “weak central”government relates to that.  It also said that it would struggle for Ethiopian Identity and Cultural values. Competing ethnic-based nationalism wrought much damage to the Ethiopian Identity. The matter is at the center of political conversation among those Ethiopians who tend to see radicalizing ethnic-based nationalism as a recipe for a possible incessant conflict.

On matters of Foreign Affairs, the Baladera-AEUP coalition condemned the Arab League resolution to support Egypt on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Eskinder Nega said, “This is the second time for the Arab League to demonstrate interventionist tendencies on Ethiopian Affair. It is not acceptable,”  as reported by VOA Amharic Service.

Asked why they needed to form a coalition, Mamushet Amare (was the leader of AEUP) said that the coalition is a response to “People’s demand” and that he believes that they can achieve better by working together.

Eskinder Nega, on his part, says they are ready to be an alternative party in the next general election. He also noted that the existence of his party had forced the government not to take Addis Ababa for granted.

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  1. We would let Baladera and AEUP get some seats in the parliament , that is if both can be trusted to continue to give to all EPRDF member parties (Prosperity Party and Tigray People Liberation Front ) the required hospice treatment for as long as it takes. If EPRDF gets it’s well deserved hospice treatment fully till the end, them these two Baladera and AEUP. can get their turn of holding the parliament by the themselves.

  2. Eligible Ethiopian diasporas can register to vote for the next election at the Ethiopian embassies or at the participating consulate office registration desks which are open during all working hours except when the embassies are closed for the public, the embassies are said to be more than ready to provide the atmost world-class services to the Ethiopians in the diaspora who decided to vote during the upcoming historic election period within the month of August 2020 . The election is scheduled to be held without postponing the dates all across Ethiopia at the designated voting polls stations and outside of Ethiopia at the designated voting polling stations which are expected to be the embassies, that way the brave Ethiopians in the diaspora feel appreciated for the selfless sacrifices they made for their country for way too long with pride while residing in foreign countries determined to pay many more selfless sacrifices in the future as well by living up to true Ethiopian standard regardless the many pressures they encounter to loose their identity by the cultural shock they encountered at first when they left their country to be a knight and shining armor for others. That’s why we should Encourage all Eligible diasporas to cast their votes with dignity and honor to the parties of their preferences by making it their first priority to cast a vote during the upcoming next election season at all Ethiopian embassies , so far all political parties are said to be counting on every diaspora’s vote making this upcoming election more vibrant than the previous elections , that’s why it is wise to keep an eye for details on how to cast a vote within the diaspora which will soon be released to the public by the Election Board of Ethiopia.
    Every vote counts so let us seize this moment by putting our prints at this much awaited historically decisive moment where our truly sincere concern for Ethiopia’s furure gets put to the test by us voting or not. Attending gatherings events is not the only tradition we should cultivate in the diaspora, cultivating the culture of voting is as important if not more important than other forms of ralliies or meetings, even if our past experience is not the best around elections we should not let that hold us back from being part of this truly breathtaking moment in history , Regardless what many said let’s go out on a limb and vote because those who do vote will not regret any outcome but those who didn’t vote got noonelse to blame but themselves for missing the chance they let skip them . To many this next election seems just a simple vote at another election which cannot be further from the truth , this election is not just another election with no real tangible outcome as always say many experts who followed the matter closely. so let’s all get our priorities straight and get the necessary documentations ready to be part of the process of casting a vote at this highly
    campaigned and debated election ,let’s be one of those proud diaspora Ethiopians who exercise the process of voting by knowing that now is the time more than ever when voting became their privilege , their right , their responsibility and their duty at the sametime,every seat at the parliament matters so let’s vote to contribute in the shapung of our country.

    Let’s start geting ready now to exercise our rights to vote , let’s make all our voices be counted as never before at this next election. It is being said the Diasporas vote is the key ingredient seasoning to what has been cooking to come out fully finished, that is why the process of voting for the diasporas at their embassies just got simplified for all diasporas so the diasporas can vote electronically with little to no husstle, that is only if they choose to cast their votes electronucally. So let’s make it a diaspora affair .
    Also it was recently announced that all inputs coming from the diasporas regarding this election are very much appreciated and welcomed by the embassies who are currently collecting suggestions on how to make this voting process as swift as possible for the diaspora’s fast paced lifestyle, plus it has been said there is an option of directly contacting the Electoral Board of Ethiopia or other agencies with any suggestions if any input providers find it more convenient for them to make suggestions by contacting the Ethiopian Electoral Board directly or other apropriate entities directly , regardless by whom the suggestiona were made even if they wereade annonymously or not everyone is fully prepared to give full attention and full value to each suggestion makers inputs so donot holdback , let your all your suggestions be heard before time runs out. No idea is too little or too big , so open up and help us the public servants to serve you better. Let us know all the concerns you have so you be part of the driving force behind the exciting future we are heading towards while lifting each others up from where we stayed dormant for quiet sometime.

  3. በየካ ተራራ የደን ጭፍጨፋ 40 ሺሕ ካሬ ሜትር ቦታ ለሪል ስቴት በመሰጠቱ የደን ጭፍጨፋ እንደተፈጸመ አቤቱታ ቀረበ::

  4. PP should teach us Afagn Oromo then, Afagn Oromo is made a working language in Ethiopia being a plus to get a Addis Ababa.

    P P is doing too much , Abiy needs to chill and check himself before he wrecks himself,, the least reckless Abiy should have done was to hold the population census count as scheduled especially if he intends to take such a huge step , doing his part to be free from discrimination and nepotism and demography change when he put this languages as working languages .
    In all fairness the one party dominated parliament is puttung our laws aside it is his veto power . It is known Guragigna is the second largest widely spoken language at work places all across Ethiopia whether reckless Abiy made it official working language or not..

    Postponing the scheduled population census count and coming up with such an announcement shows the immaturity of the
    maniacs in the Abiy’s administration. This will go for a revision as soon as Abiy & Co. are removed. Schools need to.have a say in it too . Now I might have to learn how to spell the Prime Minister’s name in Afagn Oromo ..

  5. The foreigners ( most likely the Shabiyas ) who in the last two years borrowed In billions from the Ethiopian Commercial and Ethiopian development banks and run out of the country without paying the money with no collateral found by the banks leaving without a trace must be a campaign issue in this next election .

    Let’s pressure the medias to release the identities of the International or national actors who brought the fall of the not too long ago a very strong Ethiopia’s economy .
    Just in the last two years the banks had lost too much by fake investments and foreigners from maybe from Eritrea borrowing money from the Ethiopian bank , then went in hiding to escape justice. the “professionals” need to get a clue to who these ተበዳሪ are that went in hiding right after wiping the Ethiopian banks clean, then to not payback the Ethiopian banks they run away. we need to know who to look for, regardless which part of the world the “ተበዳሪ ” are hiding in, they must be held and will be held accountable.

    It should be noted that a starved person is an angry person for life . A coverage of A Mother of two from Ethiopia who got shot and killed in San Francisco California USA by two males this year in January 2020 just three months after she gave birth to her second child is yet to be released , the story that the killers admitted to the killing of the 32 years old mother of two originally from the former state of Ethiopia , she left to USA before Eritrea got independent from Ethiopia, while Eritrea was under Ethiopia, until now no charges of murder are filed against the killers by the USA government authorities for her death only illegal gun possession charges were filed against her killers.

    The international communities should know that denying Ethiopians water and their chance of being self reliant with food got so many unforseen negative consequences not only to Ethiopia but to the whole world since Children who grow up malnourished witnessing starvation related disasters got less stamina throughout their lifetime .

    A former Ethiopian famine victim who as a little child witnessed the death loosing of her parents to the Ethiopian famine starvation in the state of Eritrea which is now an independent country , who later got adopted and moved to USA later ended up having two children of her own with the second child just three months old when the two males shot and killed bher in public outside on the street with many people watching while the two male individuals with no remorse killing her just a couple of months ago in January 2020 in public on the streets of the Metropolitan City of San Francisco , California USA , ingniteing one of the most controversial legal conflicts since the killers are not charged with murder but the admitting killers are charged with only gun charges since these Ethiopian lady was a former famine victim in the former Ethiopian State of Eritrea was said to have terrorized the two males that were charged with only gun charges even if they admitted to killing the 32 years Ethiopian who was born from Eritrean family , the two men claimed they feared for their life before they shot and killed Emma Hunt so no murder charge is being filed for this 32 years old Ethiopian mother of two despite the Ethiopian Eritrean Community continuous outcry to charge the killers with murder the prosecutor is inclined to not charge them with murder saying she acted threatening towards the two male individuals exhibiting her African sides of when she grew up fending for herself and her younger sister homeless in Ethiopia after her parents died of starvation famine .

    Ethiopian PM met commanders of Ethiopian Defense Force in the wake of dispute with Egypt

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    • To Daniel Zeru: Please stop saying that an outcry was made by Habeshas for this lady, because it didn’t happen, it remains to be seen if it ever will happen since there is still time to mobilize if there is the will amongst the Eritrea Ethiopia community to do so.

      Daniel Zeru

      According to the priest at the St. George Ethiopian Orthodox Church in San Francisco , CA. and the pictures at the events seen in the website links below not one Habesha showed up to voice their concerns at the Candle light vigil or the many other events held for Emma Hunt including her memorial , so please donot pretend the SF California Abesha Community fought for justice trying to pressure the District Attorney because the priest himself didn’t participate or no other Habesha participated in such activities. The San Francisco Habeshas got no unity , they are divided by ethnicity so much, the other races shit on habeshas regularly and get away with it, according to the SF priest and other individuals I spoken to.

      SFist › 2020/01/17 › no-murder-cha…
      No Murder Charges For Pair Implicated In January 5 Tenderloin Slaying – SFist

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      Police arrest two in fatal shooting of SF woman – The San Francisco Examiner

      San Francisco Chronicle
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      Family, friends mourn San Francisco woman slain in weekend shooting


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