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Abe Sano named as the new President of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Abe Sano _ Commercial Bank of Ethiopia president
Abe Sano, the new Commercial Bank of Ethiopia president. Souce : FBC

March 5, 2020

Abe Sano is named as the new president of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Thursday.

He is replacing Gina Bacha, who is appointed as an ambassador to an unspecified country.

The new president, Abe Sano, was serving as the president of Oromia International Bank. FBC reported that Abe has served in the past as president of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia for two years between 2006 and 2008.

“It is like a homecoming,” FBC cited him as saying.

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  1. Seew tira bilut….ለማኅበራዊ ፍትህ ale

    Can someone please catch the diplomats that are illegally financial outflawing .
    You know Abiy is worried about his financial future and his children’s financial future President Sahleworq too.

    Addis Standard
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    Ato Bacha Gina is suspected of stealing too much money too quickly from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia thus he made Commercial Bank of Ethiopia forced to ask emergency 50 billions loan from the National Bank of Ethiopia on top of the 100 billion birrs the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia borrowed from the National Bank of Ethiopia without returning it yet.

    Abit & Co. needs money to smuggle out of the country quick before the next “election” to have somewhere to run to depending on the outcome then who better to do the money smuggling than Bacha Gina , Berhanu Tsegaye and associates?

    Bacha Gina who robbed the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia making the Bank reach the verge of closing it’s doors , Berhanu Tsegaye who tortured and killed the whistleblowers. Now Abiy gave both Berhanu Tsegaye and Bacha Gina diplomatic immunity so they launder the money they stole using their newly gotten diplomatic immunity . › 2018/06 › loans-to-go…
    Web results
    Loans to govt projects by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia reaches 14.5B USD … › 2018/12 › ethiopia-los…
    Ethiopia lost $36B in illicit financial flows – The Ethiopian Satellite Television and …

    • ከንተ

      በክምር በቢሊዮንዎች ተበድረው ከአገር ተሸከመው የጠፉ የውጭ አገር ተበዳሪ ኩባንያዎችን የሚጠቁም ባለሙያ ያሳየና::

  2. Abay Tsehaye’s Bank files along with the sugar projects files, need to get audited extensively so P P can win votes in Tigray during the next election.

  3. The loss of revenue of hotels in Addis Ababa due to fear of CoronaVirus is being a huge concern for the bank since many hotels are showing signs of inability to pay back the loan they borrowed from the bank.

    The federal regulations commanding the Addis Ababa police department should let some of these hotels get converted into residential hotels the city showing flexibility by letting it’s rule governing the hotels ease up, given the current revenue loss of the hotels.

    Residential hotels are in high demand in Addis Ababa where residents people pay monthly modified rents and live in them as a transitional housing placements, until the deserving Addis Ababa residents get permanent housing.


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